7 Day Waist Trainer Challenge

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sit on up it's over it's over for you

hoes I can done with that you can I can

still got home on movies but hey yo my

back my back today I am going to do a

three day waist trainer challenge y'all

see the difference like this fat flap

here is definitely gone it really

doesn't bother me I just feel like I got

a little arch in my back but you know

how Ciara be like that's how I feel

no one in my back would you know about

it okay do it for your man one time for

the one time so since this is the end of

day five we're gonna go ahead and

continue on this challenge with another

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there grand rising everybody

sorry I'm whispering Islands asleep so

today is the sixth day this is the new

video so welcome to my channel you know

should never grow bags you know yada

yada just don't call me Becky PO and

we're good okay yeah I'm not a deal I'm

going to show you guys what I look like

I do want to give you guys a disclaimer

about day five right on day five at

night after I took the waist trainer on

I probably say maybe like two hours

after or three hours I don't know what

it was my lower stomach was like I know

it was the trainer just be I was feeling

it wasn't anything I ate it wasn't food

or nothing but it was just like hurting

like it was being pushed and then my

back like the middle of my back the

middle of my back is actually hurting

right now but like I'm starting to feel

the pain and like the negative effects

of this waist trainer like when I'm not

even wearing it and this is what I was

telling you guys about and why I don't

recommend that you guys wear that all

the time or wear like you know because

you do feel these effects and they can

it they can you know it can harm you in

the long run but today I have an

appointment like I had to do a test with

this specialist so I have no idea how

this is gonna work out but I'm gonna do

it anyway you know I'm gonna try at

least you know that's the best that

aren't you - I'm gonna go ahead and just

try and wear it because the appointments

at 3:00 I think it's like 12 now like it

just hit 12 literally just hit 12 so I'm

just gonna wear the thing like you know

if I have to take it off or he tells me

to take it off then I have to like you

know this it's medical purposes I can't

owe you sorry guys I broke the challenge

you know I'm not gonna

this isn't Jay Paul shadow okay we don't

we don't do that crazy stuff here if it

gets in the way or if it's a problem I'm

gonna remove it at the doctor's office

but when I come back I will let you guys

know and then I'll put it back on if I

if I need to I would assume today I'm

not gonna feel the best oh and don't

worry baby cuz I'm I'm Gucci we're Gucci

here period okay we're good she okay so

anybody wishing it will bear will

oh yes you know I don't see sick I know

how that people be doing you need to

check on you you might want to make

yourself a doctor's appointment in these

next few weeks get people who wish here

are other people that should turn right

back around like I say you never know

how much Capricorn somebody has in a


daddy Saturn with that that is anyway

I'm gonna show you guys my stomach and

how that look so this is what I look

like on day six in the rising like my

stomach is getting hella flat like I

really just have this section now but

stomachs tight neat like I can't even

pinch it anymore it's really tight up

here like especially in my waist area

this skin here it's really like

constricted so I can't like I can't pull

it but as I get lower there's more fat

that I can pull up here I can but I

don't really wear my waist training up

here on my ribs because that area is

pretty like good I don't really see a

problem with it you know like I tell you

guys the arch is where it's bothers you

but I mean even from the side zhanka see

like my back is arching in like I don't

know how to do it but like here you can

see the arch here if coming in a lot

like like my cake look big bang my cake

look big a-any my cake look big so y'all

can see how much backside I have now and

here is the size profile this side is

what really bit bother me which I'm

surprised there's so much fat here I

mean I still can't I can't grab the fat

here but I can still grab

a good amount of it I mean we still have

the love handles but they're going away

like up in the front here they're not

there anymore no the love handle is now

like in towards the back instead of like

the whole thing like this is party's

gone you know I never doubted whether

Lewis trainer actually works or not I

know it works okay I know that for sure

this thing works but what I'm saying is

it's not the best thing for you the pain

comes in you know it moves your organs

the main issue that I have and I know

that I've had this in the past is it's

hard to drink a lot of water while

you're wearing these things okay

especially when you're fool like

normally I drink a fool like my 32 ounce

mug of water but I I just like came out

drinking it with that I don't know what

it is but like I just I can't

it kind of is what it is right now like

what am I gonna do but it's really hard

to get the water in alright guys I will

see you guys later okay guys

so I'm back I'm freshly showered okay um

it is 12:55 I've had my waist trainer

off for about two minutes now on all

that is still fucking sleep

but people be calling me lazy I'm gonna

go ahead and continue to get ready I'm

gonna go wake up Alden and we're gonna

start our day and we're just gonna get

it going so I'll check in with you guys

when I come back from my appointment

okay so it is 3:00 I should be in my

appointment right now but I missed it

because kind of some information about

my kit so you know how that is we were

there for like a good hour instead of

five minutes like the normal time the

way strainers actually not bothering me

today I guess drinking that tea that I

drink last night helped I'll go ahead

and leave that down below

they moved my appointment up time I will

see you guys when I come back from that

I don't know I can't give you guys a

time maybe six cuz we're gonna hit

traffic for sure I'll see you guys later

so it is 534 we just got literally in

the door I took off the waist trainer at

4:00 pretty much that was like my

appointment which I really didn't need

to turns out but I was just like

thinking I'm like you know if I'm gonna

have this test today like something

happens I can't breathe so just to avoid

that I took it off so it's been off for

about an hour and a half

I'm actually gonna put it back on so it

might not be the full eight hours I'm

gonna try and wear it as long as I can

since I've taken a break hey guys so it

is 7/5 oh dang my case that was the

government rising video thing yeah okay

that was the government right there

so as you guys can see it is 751 okay

for I think two hours since I came back

or an hour roughly it's not really

bothering me that much I'm still gonna

leave it on I'm gonna try and leave it

offer an extra hour and a half because

you know ice and I took it off early so

that's gonna be my goal we'll see if I

can or not I will see you guys again in

a few hours probably like 9 or 10 or

something like that just to catch up and

let you guys know how I'm feeling how's

everything going oh my god I got a

headache for less be laughing with this

big life ok so I wear this day okay so I

have Ollie gave me whiplash in the car

alright cuz he be like you like this

video I'm crying okay good luck I'm just

be stupid Carly look kid like so that's

why I have to wear this thing sometimes

because can be giving me like minor

whiplash those kind of like after its

healed it comes back so I got this

little thing it's a little inflatable so

it really gets your tight you know do

you know that me but I'm gonna twist it

okay Naomi Campbell

time to take the waist trainer off 11:43

it's 1143 I purposely waited because I

felt bad and I wanted to make up that

time you know of course I took it off

like I said for medical purposes just in

case you know I'm like you know I got a

make up this time I know I said it was

supposed to be continuous wear but I

don't want me dead cuz y'all wouldn't

see the results then do you wanna fight

okay anyway I'm gonna take this off

don't want to know where I got my shirt

tarjay okay it's this it's this place

right here right it's very elegant like

whatever and it's red like blood okay so

you got a little circle oh okay i'm

playing for real i'ma show y'all I'm you

taking it off oh when I'm in a goofy

mode and goofy Moody's alignment

it's everywhere all right

oh I hang on let me get to stuff because

we know how y'all be doing okay wishing

evil on happy yeah how to make sure them

things are straight this is what my

stomach looks like

let me back y'all up okay back that

thing up so this is what fill away the

arch is crazy baby you can see the arch

from the side quit playing with me

play with me quit playing with me yah

yah yah wah wait up for this bathroom

okay it was good playing I'm saying that

thing look like it's poking young feet

up see y'all don't have to workout to

get a bigger booty baby you just gotta

you just gotta wear a waist trainer

that's how you do it we're waist trainer

and get a bigger booty cuz look at that

that thing look like okay I mean it's

always been poking but it's really

poking pumpkin so here is my back the

fat on the back has gone down so freakin

much here

okay the side here like I said the front

part of the left handle is going down so

the front part of it is going down and

just means the back part hey what you

know about it okay with your Pretty

Ricky Elena's V I ignored it likes okay

we had a little vibe seems going on it

way or whatever sometimes gotta get away

in your own space maybe if you can do

what you gotta do buy some little like


Amazon I'll link them down below it

wasn't six dollars but y'all get my

point anyway and the remote control

maybe you got a whole party in this bi

way we're gonna show them a shot okay

yeah I see the light okay then changed

then change the steady and watch this

watch this bitch now when we start

seeing a power line in this mothafucka

anyway so we're end of day six today and

we're gonna head on today 7:00 tomorrow

this will probably be the funniest of

the entire video that chocolatine the

most entertaining because I'm just in

that goofy ass mood right now if you

came here for laughs then just leave now

I'm kidding

but I hope you cash out me that dollar

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okay around here get more content okay

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I will see you guys tomorrow in the

rising whenever I decide to get up girl

rising everybody what is up anyway today

is the last day that we have this

challenge going on I'm so excited I'm

excited not only because the results I'm

finna show you but I'm excited because

this thing is over okay I'm really sick

of this okay I'm really


this challenge has just been interesting

I'm really excited or whatever so you

guys can see these results like seven

days my stomach feels so flat my arms I

could just feel it while I'm sitting

down I'm putting my arms down it's a

huge difference okay I forgot how much

this day worked it worked right all

right hey guys so waist trainer is on it

is 148 145 whatever so I will check back

in later with you guys right now feels

pretty good like it's definitely fitting

to the curvature of my body let me tell

you all this do not let your friends

borrow a waist trainer I did that one

time and it fuck my shit up okay because

then the waist trainer moves it's

supposed to morph to your body okay so

don't let nobody borrow it don't end up

none that don't let nobody else weary or

anything like that but anyway I'll check

in with y'all later

hey guys so I just wanted to do a quick

check-in wow y'all are loving this

recent video that I just put out mm-hmm

exactly what I thought it is 618 TLC 618

so I've had this on for quite some time

now so what I'm doing fine you know

there's no like nothing's really

bothering me

am i talking on why I got the TV on like

this dude y'all see how big my titty

look compared to my arm now don't like a

bag in a bag yo head that showed City I

mean they're perky dolly going okay

anyway I'm doing great I don't have any

issues there's no problems or anything

thank you to everybody who is supporting

me thank you for everybody who did cash

out seriously on my next video after

this I'm gonna shush you guys now if you

guys really sent money to my cash up I

really appreciate you guys but I just

want to say thank you guys so much for

your support you love your views your

comments I love seriously I read

everybody's comment you know sometimes I

might take me a while to get to your

comments but I really appreciate your

comments and I read them all the time

and I just want to give you guys a big

hug and say thank you for your support

we're good today seven day seven is

pretty good I feel like at this point I

would have to

which the waist trainer if I did it for

another Mike another week I will put the

waist trainer on the next setting

because at this point it's still tight

but like it could get tighter you know

what I mean like now it's like it could

it could be tighter so maybe we'll no I

don't think I could do this again we

might have to try it another time

when I went back it loses more weight ok

we'll revisit this subject all right

again if you guys want to follow my

health journey I'm gonna post my channel

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subscribe and follow I talked about womb

health I talked about all kinds of stuff

I'm gonna be talking about my weight

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so make sure that make sure you guys

follow that page because we're gonna be

uploading a lot more okay guys so I'm

back that hasn't been too long so it 650

my back is starting to hurt like right

in the crease of my back so not like the

top you know where the arch where the

the waist is you know where it's inches

mostly but just like straight across

from my back so nothing else hurts

there's no other pressure it's just like

literally a straight line from the like

the middle of my back it's not that bad

but it just kind of feels like

somebody's like like it feels like a

little elbow of my back like somebody

shot and put their elbow but not like

really a prank applying pressure just

kind of like you you know you know what

I mean like if your mom was like stop

but like didn't hit you with the elbow

she just kind of laid it down kind of

like that kind of like that was that

only me who had that abusive ass

childhood oh okay and he's checking yeah

she wasn't that bad

I'll see you guys later hey guys what's

up so you guys already know about this

thing if you've been watching okay if

you didn't you need to go back because

that was funny as hell yesterday or last

night I should say I just ate I barely

ate anything any like a little bit of

beans and some Spanish rice that I made

yes it was vegan okay and I had a couple

of like just regular tortilla chips with

in a little bit of hot sauce and I'm

having like reflux

I'm trying to drink my water so this is

what I was telling you guys about

getting in your water intake sometimes

it's gonna be very hard if you guys

decide to to wear this trainer you

no I really recommend if you I don't

recommend you guys worried at all like

I've told you guys all the time but I

really recommend you guys wear it like

six hours okay like six hours and then

cut take it off okay or wear overnight

because you know reflux and things like

that like that's not good for you to

just be getting nauseous that's not good

for you not to be drinking your water

and stuff like that I just want to keep

that in mind for you guys to like let

you guys know so you guys are like right

here you know what I mean I'm doing

homework right now it's a 914 it's not

that bad you know about to take it off

soon anyway you know this is why I have

my sparkling wine my sparkling waters

help with my nausea and you know if I'm

nauseous like what am I gonna do I kind

of have to I'll see you guys in a couple

hours alright guys so it is I went on

over a little bit of my time I'm so

happy because this is the end over for

you bitches it's over for me bitch okay

I'm done I have to do this challenge see

how they had my bags have been getting

because I've been doing this anyway I'm

gonna take this off show you guys my

stomach and then tomorrow on the rising

we'll see what it look like

oh yeah yes so this is what month honey

looks like that's our for you

the arch him up right woody just look at


what do you poke it what do you fuck it

hey look jiggle of it oh I'm not trying

to show you my crack the back fat I can

like barely crap no okay guys

sorry I think my homework but this is a

beautiful transition I'll see you on the

horizon and we'll talk about the result

grab rising everybody yes okay so it is

the last day I've been doing some things

but you know nonetheless you guys will

see that outcome are you all ready yeah

I don't think y'all ready I'll to get

ready I don't think about to let I'm

ain't gonna do it I'm gonna do it I'm

gonna show you guys what my stomach

looks like and then at the end I'm going

to put a before and after

okay oh hi I wish I could continue on

this challenge below it's just so

unreasonable to wear this thing every

day I'm gonna show you guys my stomach

looks like on day at seven okay da

seven of this challenge the morning

y'all do y'all see this transformation

Shh I always lose no more weight I'm

skipping it

hey yeah they'd help you didn't hey hey

hey hey hey hey y'all probably like

Daniels you sick no this happens every

rising whatever I ate that was mucousy

comes up not like throw-up ha ha because

so yeah anyway let's get into this okay

now look like re ish

I can't tell me Oliver can't nobody tell

me toke down the comments I look like


okay tell me gonna come in son was like



tell me that day okay

it's big huh hey know what stomach what

stomach though baby won't you stay young

money okay get some Sean Paul on that

shit start isolating mush like Beyonce

was in the video y'all so we did the

challenge its poppet okay it worked it

worked okay I can't lie and say I'm not

happy with the results okay even though

I said don't recommend a child wear

these I think humanity like I'm not mad

at what it looks like okay I mean who'd

be mad that that I look like this okay

my whole body looking like re ish okay

except for I'm a little taller just a

little bit just a little taller I mean

it worked if you guys are interested in

the waist trainer of course I have a

link down below you know click it cuz

yeah I know y'all didn't cash add me

shit help me make some money damn it

okay cuz it's a shinobi Technic a lot

people think that youtubers make a shit

ton of money but unless you like team 10

no I'm joking there's information down

below so if you guys click the link for

the waist trainer you guys can read the

reviews and you guys can go ahead and

and look at what other people say about

it and how other people feel like it

works so you're not just taking my word

for it you know you're looking at

everything else so it's down below it's

really not expensive it's under $40 you

know I think I bought mine for 36 it's

it's been a long time but it's pretty

cheap it definitely works too did a good

job here is my before and after


and as you can see that's crazy - crazy


crazy out here these creeps are poking

on a bigot in the barbary oh yeah you

guys do this send me somebody results on

on Instagram okay I like talking to you

guys but you know sometimes I'll be

talking to me so thank you guys so much

for watching this challenge hopefully we

can do something else you have any

suggestions go ahead and leave them down

right there in the comment section and I

will get back to you all right okay