Best Dumplings, Bao, Pho & BBQ Pork Recipes in IsolationTime



the most amazing balls of I've ever had

always have the most brilliant beautiful

crystal-clear beefy fragrant just

amazing broth it's all about the broth

so making that brought at home and

getting it really super super super

charged with a whole lot of flavor it

does take a little bit of effort it's

not difficult a little bit of effort a

little bit of time but we're gonna go

through it step by step and you guys

gonna have the most amazing bowl of at

the end all right let's get on to the

beef first of all so you wanna head to

your supermarket or your butcher and

it'll depend on where you are and what

you can get ahold of it basically we

want some beef bones now I like to go

with some bones with a bit of meat on


so I'm using some short ribs here and

I'm also using some oxtail now oxtail is

the important one here because the

oxtail also has some really good like

gelatinous stuff inside those bony bits

so if you can't get ox I'll try and get

beef knuckle it's kind of the knuckle

joint parts of the beef bones that have

the gelatin so you want to mix bones

gelatin meat and you should be good to

go right so many all that into my part

the biggest part you've got at home

would be great I'm gonna do about five

liters of water here so mine's about a 6

liter stockpot and now in order to get

that really beautiful crystal-clear

color what we need to do is kind of

blanch these bones first and get rid of

a whole lot of gunk that's going to come

out of them first up so pour the water

in just so that they're covered and then

bring this up to a boil and just cook it

for like two or three minutes or until

you see a whole bunch of gross stuff on


you'll know trust me all right while

that's happening we're gonna char some

vegetables so yes even the vegetables

get the special treatment for this one

now I really want to char the outside of

these vegetables so I'm going to use an

open gas flame here you've got a gas

stove top that's great if you put a gas

BBQ you could do that outside otherwise

just roast these in the oven till

they're really nice and black first up I

want an onion whole onion pop it on the

flame and then a whole piece of ginger

as well and what we're looking for here

is kind of really burning the outside of

these and then the inside would be nice

and sweet and soft just keep rotating

both of these can turn the heat down to

about medium I don't want to set the

fire alarm off but I do want as I said

to get a really nice char on the outside

here it's gonna take like 10-15 minutes

so be a little patient

okay so I really did mean burn the

outside and whose vegetables you can see

how cherry cherry they are so just take

the onion off first and then what you

want to do is actually take off most of

that burnt stuff so just kind of get

your knife in here and just peel that

off and then get that a little bit of a

rinse as well all right now just slice

the onion up


now same thing for the ginger so just

take off that burnt skin I can tell that

ginger Louie nice and soft inside so

this is going to take away kind of that

harsh onion or harsh heat from the

ginger so that our broth ends up being

infused with a real sweet onion flavor

and a sweet ginger flavor here is method

to the madness don't worry let's watch

that ginger off as well and then see

that a slice but I like to do here to

get even more flavor out of my ginger

it's just to kind of break it down with

a pestle or a rolling pin all right so I

did warn you about the horror show that

was going to be at the top of that

liquid there so just what we want to end

up see this is what we don't want in our

broth and we're getting rid of it so

let's take out those pieces of beef

let's get them into some water or just

rinse them under attack and then let's

clean up that pot and start over again

so clean these bones they're back in the



and now for all the beautiful aromatics

that makes a fur bra so special if you

have a look at the spices here what I've

got is some Stanley's a cinnamon stick

and some whole cloves so they go in and

then I've always got spring onions

kicking around the bottom of my fridge

they just almost seem to appear there

uh-hum so doesn't matter if they're a

little bit over the hill don't worry

about that pop those in and now our

softened onion and ginger and now some

fresh water now bring this up to a

gentle simmer and then let it cook for

about two hours and the secret here my

friends is keep it gentle keep it nice

any kind of hard boiling here is going

to make our stock really cloudy and I

want a really nice beautiful color

crystal clear so just let it do its

thing nicely

okay so this is smelling truly amazing

my friends ah I just you know it's

incredible how much of the fragrance of

the spices and the aromatics you get I

mean you know the smell of the beautiful

fur breath is truly a joy now I did sort

of scoop off used a ladle and scooped

off some of that scum and stuff that

rose up to the top just throughout the

two hours of cooking so this is what

we're left with and let's keep going

because I really need to eat some fur no

I can tell you that now I just like to

get some of these big bits and pieces

out of the way first because I do want

to strain this but makes less of a mess

if you kind of get these bits out first

now I am gonna keep that bowl of chunky

stuff because I'm gonna use some of that

beef a little later on the meantime

let's take a look at our broth strain

that out


and just look at that beautiful golden

color section and now we're in the final

stages that's making our perfect ball of

fur now I want to get this beautiful

broth back into a clean pot and from now

on it's all about the setup so the

important part of our broth still to

come and that is the seasoning so what I

want to do is try this and see where

we're at you know that stir nice

fragrance is so beautiful and then

you've got like the background beefiness

and then all those other little

aromatics in there so good now I do want

to season with some fish sauce and look

I find that you really need to

aggressively season the broth itself

because we're gonna be adding noodles

which are unseasoned we're gonna be

adding more beef which is unseasoned so

you really want this broth to be the

star of the show here a little bit of

sugar as well I'm going to fairly decent

amount of salt here

we're getting there

a little bit more salt for my liking and

it just has that beautiful magic which I

mean not like thirds and fairy animals

it but you know what I mean the fur is

amazing that's what I'm trying to say

all right so now let's get midi bits and

pieces already and because i use beef

short rib it means i've got a good

opportunity here to use up some of this

lovely slow braised beef now you won't

always get good chunks of meat here like

so say for example with using mainly

knuckle bones or marrow bones you won't

get that but if you've used some short

rib you will and i am all about the fat

and gristle i have to say it's not

everyone's cup of tea but it certainly

is mine and you can see because we've

simmered that broth so slowly and gently

we've still got like a nice pink tinge

to the meat here and it's not bone dry

it's good now don't worry if you don't

have any meat that you can salvage from

your bones because we're also going to

use some extra beef on top so this is

just a piece of round steak that i've

had in the freezer for about 15 minutes

putting in freezer

means that we can slice it really thin

far easier than if it was just it we're

in temperature now you could use i feel

it here as well i find the main thing

you're going for for this cut of beef is

you don't want too much fat or

connective tissue and i hardly ever seen

it because i am such a fat girl when it

comes to beef but if you've got big

hunks of fat running through this piece

of beef the hot suit won't be enough to

kind of dissolve it and make it really

yummy so just go for one that is all

beef and you want some really thin

slices here

so if you pick that up should look like

stained-glass window should be able to

see the light see the light you should

be able to see the light through the

beef all right so we're finally at the

Assembly stage which means we and nearly

there my friends we can merely indulge

in our beautiful peppy ball of fur now

what I want you to do here is pretend

that you're like Gordon Ramsay and get

all really pedantic about this setup

because the setup is everything here

setup and timing all right so what I've

got here are my noodles I've had them

soaking these are some rice stick

noodles and I've soaked them in just

some room-temperature water because I

want them to soften up and for some of

that starchiness to kind of escape out

of the noodles that way we're going to

have a really clean bouncy snappy noodle

in our bowl and not kind of like a soggy

noodle all right and then we've got

everything else here our beef I've got

together a little seasoning plate here

with some fish sauce and chili and lime

and some Thai basil into spring onion

our sliced beef we're ready to go so

grab yourself a handful I like to do

this bowl by Bowl just because I get the

right amount open it all and everything

so noodles go into my rapidly boiling

water here you want to be quick about

this you want to keep the noodles moving

and literally that was like I don't know

10 seconds pull them out straight into

your bowl being shoots grab a bunch of

those into the water again few seconds

only pull them out

I just want a little bit of thinly

sliced onion here and I were a nice

little bundle of some of this braised

beef for me I took a little fatty bits

but that's just me and some of those

strips wafer thin strips of Stape wrap

and spring onion on top your broth

should be bubbling away I want lots of

steam here should be like sort of like

facial time and your kitchen pour that

on top pull that over the beef and you

can see the beef changes colors straight

away so it's cooking through there and

that is it my friends one legit bowl of

Vietnamese four right there and look if

you are so when I am eating fur in

Australia a lot of the time the

restaurants will have questing' sauce

and sriracha sauce to add into this

that's great and I grew up kind of

eating fur that way but when I went to

the north of Vietnam in Hanoi they would

eat therefore completely unadorned just

like this with a little bit of fish

sauce and lime and the herbs which I

think if you're gonna go to the trouble

of you know making your first soup from

scratch why not really be able to taste

it so I'm gonna leave mine like this but

feel free to ask question and sriracha

if you like I'm gonna add in a couple of


little squeeze of lime a little extra

fish sauce because I don't know here in

Asia you always add a little bit of

extra fish sauce we do in Thailand now

after waiting half a day let's make sure

that it's all worthwhile huh


um it looks like such a simple dish but

as we know because we've just walked

through the whole process not so simple

does take some time but Wow is that

worth it and that's your broth pure

beefiness saltiness herbaceousness all

the things all the nurses mmm it's

really one of those beautiful pleasures

in life a good bowl of I hope you guys

love this one as much as I do

mmm YUM


some people take great joy in making

bread dough at home or pizza dough for

me this steamed bun dough is one of

those truly joyous things to make at

home really good and easy so we're gonna

start off with some flour I am using

what's called cake flour it's not as

bleached white as your what we would

call like Hong Kong flour or Bao flour

you can find that in an Asian grocery

store and feel free to use that one if

you if you want to but cake flour is

very easy to find in a mainstream

supermarket so I've got that one it

means though that your buns might not be

as bright white as a restaurant style

one but they'll have a bit more flavor

and some sugar some baking powder and

some instant yeast so just careful when

you're buying yeast that you're buying

the instant version this version doesn't

need to be bloomed in hot water it can

be thrown straight into the mix here

it's also called fast action yeast as

well so that's the one you're looking

for just give this a mix and make a well

in the center now pour in some water


some vegetable oh and then start mixing

that from the center slowly working in

that flower and then once your dough

doesn't seem to be heating your wooden

spoon anymore get in there with your

hands now I want to take this and pop it

onto my workbench a little bit of flour

on here to stop sticking and then here's

where you want to just relax into this

kneading process you wanna give this for

10 minutes so that the dough becomes

really beautifully smooth okay so that

dough has come together beautifully and

that's what I love about this dough it

has a really lovely soft pliable texture

which makes it a real joy to work with

so I'm gonna put that into a bowl now

just cover that with a lid and let it

rest for 20 minutes so in the meantime

let's do our filling I just need a

little bit of oil in my pan here and

some garlic and some onion




now to help those onions break down and

become nice and sweet I'm gonna add a

little bit of salt that'll help to draw

out some of the moisture there's

anything that a couple minutes they're

beautifully soft now I'm gonna add in

some Chinese barbecue pork so you can

buy this from like a Chinese restaurant

is BBQ restaurant I actually am using my

homemade version and there's a video on

how to make this on my website if you

would like to give it a try now add that

in and some cha steel sauce so trust

your sauce is Chinese barbecue sauce you

can buy in the Asian aisle of my

supermarket and that's in seasoning some

soy sauce and sugar okay now I'm gonna

add some water




and I want to let this pork simmer in

that beautiful sweet sauce for about

three or four minutes just to let those

flavors intensify

that's his porcupine so amazing I'm

always so tempted to start digging in

right now before I make the buns but I

will refrain from doing that and add in

a little bit of corn flour mixed with

some water what we want to do here is

create almost like a pork jelly that

will sit inside of our buns now you can

see just how thick that's become almost

instantly now to get this out to cool

before I make my buns so just add on to

a tray and then I'm gonna put this in

the freezer and by the time my dough is

ready to roll out this should be nice

and cool time to have a look at our

dough I want to get a little bit of

flour out onto my surface here take my

dough and then roll it out we're gonna

do a couple of rolls and folds here


fold that door over and roll again fold

it over one more roll out here now roll

that dough up to form a cylinder now I

want to cut this into 16 even pieces


just place those pieces out you can see

we've got a lovely spiral shape there

with our dough that's going to give us a

little bit more air and some fluff now

I'm going to cover these up while I roll

them out so they don't dry out


take one of your dough pieces sprinkle

with a little bit of flour and in the

first instance roll out into a circle

and then just like you would with a

dumpling wrapper I want you to take your

rolling pin and just pin out the edges

of that circle leaving the center a

little bit more mass than the outside

this way we're going to get a more even

spread about dough around that filling




my pork is nice and cool now and now

here comes the fun part

folding and wrapping our little buns so

follow my lead

take a piece of your wrapper now put a

generous helping of pork in the middle

there I don't like to be too stingy with

my sticky pork

okay now this goes sort of like a soup

dumpling fold but it's a lot bigger so

it's easier so take your right hand and

use your left index finger to push a

little pleat into your right hand and

then push again into your right hand and

you're basically using both hands to

kind of wrap and pleat around the top of

the filling and then you'll get to the

point where everything wants to close up

your thumb should still be in the middle

there and start twisting and then

squeeze and there you go beautiful

little steamed buns shape


now just tuck in those beautiful little

buns with a slightly damp tea towels to

keep the air up and then let these guys

rest for half an hour okay so now we are

ready to steam our little guys let's get

them out into a bamboo steamer just with

some baking paper on the bottom so we

don't get any sticking to the bottom now

put some boiling water here and these

just need about 12 minutes until they're

beautifully fluffy so let's have a look

at our bun so good there you go moment

of truth Oh is opening these guys up and

having a look wow look at how light and

fluffy that bun is just the way it

should be I just can't wait that

combination of that super fluffy bun and

then that really savory sweet salty pop

one of life's true pleasures




so you guys know by now dumplings are

literally like my favorite food group

these dumplings are really classic

really beautiful elegant Chinese flavors

with a big not so elegant big punchy

kind of chili oil bass at the end and it

all works together beautifully alright

let's get started on the filling part

first of all now for me this dumpling

really depends on two things one is the

beautiful pure flavor of the prawns and

the other thing is the kind of crunchy

element we're going to add and that is

with the water chestnuts so you can find

water chestnuts in a can they're

perfectly fine to use canned I'm lucky

here in Thailand I can find them fresh

now you just want to fine dice on these


and now we want some really nice

beautiful herbs here so I'm going to use

some coriander and some spring onion now

for me texture and chopping here is

really important so if your spring onion

is really quite large you're gonna want

to thin it out through the stem here

mine's not too bad but I know you can

get some through the big ones that are

almost like good leeks

make sure you get a really nice fine

chop and now some really simple

aromatics here I just want some ginger


and some garlic and now come the prawns

now you don't need a big cleaver here

like I have it is more fun with a

cleaver but a regular knife is just fine

just make sure you're chopping into nice

fine pieces so you could totally do this

in a food processor

what I find though is that when you hand

chop your prawns and I know it's a

little bit of extra work but it's really

worth it because you get just the right

amount of pop and bounce and texture and

you get some nice little chunks of corn

in there as well

but who am I to judge guys if you want

to do the food processor way totally go

ahead and do it now the key to getting a

really fine chop here is to kind of go

ahead and do some chopping and then fold

the prawn meat over and then go back in

the opposite direction I can say this is

the kind of texture that you're looking

for and pop that into your bowl


not to find all of this together I'm

gonna add an egg white and the egg white

only here because I don't want to add

any extra flavoring with the yolk I want

to keep this as cleanly chrony and a

little bit heavy as possible

I'm sure Pirani is a word maybe now good

pinch of salt here and then just a

little dash of white pepper white pepper

because it has a more milder kind of

flavour than a very harsh in your face

black pepper and now just give

everything a mix and you want to give

this a really good kind of beating

almost and you'll notice that everything

starts become a bit stickier as you're

going and that means that that egg white

is binding everything together and

firming up all the proteins in there and

we're gonna get a nice bouncy dumpling


so with the rapping I'm gonna keep it

really simple see added us too much a

lot of chopping but simple rapping there

you go

okay so grab yourself a rapper I'm using

some gyoza wrappers today and you just

want some filling in the middle and now

here is one super important tip for when

you're using store-bought wrappers

they're often quite dry and they need

way more water than you think to get

everything to stick together so get a

lot of water on that edge there and now

I like to just do two pleats on one side

at the top here push that together and

then use your fingers to kind of seal

that edge so we've got a couple of

pleats on one side and then smooth on

the other side and to be honest this is

going to all wrinkled up once we get it

into the water anyway so now you don't

have to be too pedantic here




I'm just waiting for my water to come up

to a boil so I can cook my dumplings so

in the meantime let's make a dipping

sauce very simple I just need some soy

sauce and then for me what sets apart a

really good dumpling dipping sauce is

dumpling dipping sauce it's a mouthful

um what's it's a bit apart from a good

and a bad one to me is the addition of

vinegar so if you can get a hold of this

Chinese black vinegar that is gonna give

you the most beautiful it's almost like

a red wine vinegar sort of flavor so if

you can't get the black vinegar feel

free to add a little bit of red wine

vinegar instead and I just want a good

about equal amount soy sauce and vinegar

for my liking and then for me it's got

to be red oil dipping sauce red oil

meaning chili oil and so many of you

guys have made my search one chili oil I

know you all love it if you haven't

given it a try check out my video on

YouTube on how to make it this is what

it looks like it has loads of different

spices in there and you can use a

store-bought chili oh of course so make

sure you're getting a mixture of chili

flakes and the chili oil in there and

it's kind of round out the flavors you

really want a little dash of sugar here

you won't notice the sweetness but it

will give the dipping sauce a really

beautiful balanced kind of flavor and

then a little smattering of grated

garlic person

extra kick at the end now my water's

ready to go it's simmering but you don't

want it really rapidly boiling too much

because you can rather ask of your

dumplings breaking apart so I just want

a nice gentle bath for my dumplings here

and you want to cook these for about

five or six minutes or until the

dumpling wrapper becomes nice and freely

and you can just see a little bit of

that pink prawn kind of popping through

the wrapper right now these are looking

ready to go which is good news because

that means I get to try them soon

alright just give them a drain pop them

into a bowl I like to go kind of elegant

a little bit fancy schmancy with these

ones so I just put a little serving of

dumplings in here so that dipping sauce

drizzled on top kind of want to make

sure your gonna get a really good

mouthful of that dipping sauce so be



and then just a little smattering of

spring onion and there you go I mean

balls of dumplings don't get much better

than that ah look at how pretty that is

let's just make sure that I've done a

good job for you guys

if you have a look at that filling in

there it's just beautifully simple prawn

just flex of those herbs but the texture

that you get so you get that crunch from

the water chestnut and there's little

hits of flavor from the spring onions

from the curry and ER and the garlic and

ginger and then you get the vinegar and

a chili oil and the soy sauce and it

really is quite the symphony beautiful I

mean we make a lot of dumplings it's

really simple version sweet sticky

Chinese barbecue pork and the homemade

version is so much better first up let's

talk about the pork so I'm using pork

neck basically a sort of pretty large

chunk hefty chunk of pork and it's got

quite a lot of fat running through it

and we like that because that's gonna

keep our chance your fork nice and juicy

I find that the pork fill it or the

Tenderloin which you can use that that

one tends to dry out a little more in

the oven now what we want to do is turn

this big hunk into three smaller ones so

I'm just gonna slice through so that I

get three nice long strips

and now for the all-important marinade

so hoisin first this really is the

backbone flavor of this pork and then

we've got some shouting Chinese wine if

you can't find the Chinese wine you

could use dry sherry as well or if you

wanted to leave alcohol out just use a

little bit of chicken stock and then we

want some honey basically like the

Chinese version of it barbecue marinade

it's sweet and then with that beautiful

Chinese five-spice flavor and we've got

some brown sugar as well place to sauce

and some finely grated garlic and some

Chinese five-spice for that beautiful

spice aroma and some soy sauce good

teaspoon of salt as well and now to get

that restaurant style classic red color

for our pork without using any nasty

attitudes so I'm gonna use beetroot

powder and you can find that in a lot of

health food stores these days and that's

gonna give us a really beautiful natural

red color okay so give that a good mix

now we take a resealable bag and pop out

pieces of pork into that it's so much

easier than cleaning up a bowl also with

that red food coloring you want to make

sure that you're not staining any of

your utensils or cookware

okay so that's why I'm also gonna do

this on a tray I'm gonna put a tray

underneath your marinade and that bag of

pork barbecue pork is delicious but not

worth ruining your bench tops over

okay so pour that carefully into the bag

now just close that up nice and tight

and then give that bag as good shake and

really massage that marinade into the

pork now you want to get that into the

fridge overnight a few hours will do it

a pinch but I really want that pork to

soak up all of the flavor and all of the

color as well and I can really see it

that pork soaked up a lot of that flavor

so I'm gonna take that out I want to put

that onto a baking tray now my baking

tray I've just set up here with some

foil underneath and then a rack on top

now that's gonna

washing up because this sticky marinade

tends to burn on the bottom of trays and

no one wants to deal with that and I'm

just gonna pour a little bit of water

just to cover the bottom of the tray I

don't want to come up above that rack

that water's gonna help to steam the

pork keep it nice and juicy and also

help to keep that marinade from burning

on the bottom and then that just needs

20 minutes in the oven now we're left

with all these beautiful juices in the

bottom of this bag so I'm just gonna

pour that out into a sauce bin and I'm

going to use this as a basting sauce but

I can also use it as a side sauce for

serving the pork so we want to bring

this up to a boil and once you can see

that it's boiling just turn the heat

down and let that gently bubble and

simmer away until it's nice and thick

and glossy I tell you my kitchen is

smelling amazing at the moment garlic

five-spice are all my favorites okay I'm

just gonna spoon out about half of that

sauce into a bowl when you use that to

baste our pork

now we're really saying to get somewhere

that pork is starting to look really

good okay now I want some of this

gorgeous sauce I'm gonna brush that on

the top and serve glossy and then just

turn that pork over and then brush the

other side now back in the oven for 20

minutes just to cook that pork through

yes where is that drool emoji when you

need one ah pork what's amazing now just

let that pork rest for 10 minutes and

now the moment of truth and now we get

to slice and eat my favorite time of the

day oh there's nothing like making this

homemade version of Chinese barbecue

pork oh look at that so juicy through

the center because we've used that

particular cut of pork rather than the

pork filling and then that glossy sweet

sticky outside is just looking and

there are so many recipes you can make

at this port you can serve it with some

steamed rice some cucumber and a little

bit of that leftover sauce that we made

or you can use it for noodle soups stir

fries a whole bunch of things I'll be

posting heaps of awesome things you can

do with this Chinese barbecue pork over

on my You Tube channel

so head there and don't forget to