You Should Cook Okra This Way|Tender and Delicate, and Flavoured

hey you guys it's vijaya back at you

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we're gonna be making bindi FRA bindi is

okra and it's a vegetable that is

beloved in the cuisines of so many

cultures around the world including

India and today I'm going to show you

how to simply prepare it in this fry a

lot of people think that they don't like

bindi or okra because it has this weird

slimy texture but I'm gonna give you a

secret tip to get rid of it in this

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everything you need is there let's make

some bindi I've got a bowl full of okra

look at them they're also affectionately

known as ladyfingers because they

resemble a lady's finger and there are

two different varieties that you can buy

at the grocery store you can buy Indian

okra which is a lot thinner and it's

firmer or you can buy these fat chunky

guys which I personally prefer and now

what we're gonna do is we're gonna top

and tail these guys and slice them into


all right so my Oprah is all sliced up

and there's only one more ingredient

that we need to take care of and that's

an onion we're gonna finely dice this

guy and then we're gonna hit the stove


I have a little bit of canola oil in my

pot and it's on medium heat and see that

I'm gonna add my chopped up onions and

we're gonna saute these until they

become nice and soft

my onions are getting nice and soft and

to them I'm going to add a few spices I

have some beautiful yellow turmeric some

red chilli powder for heat and my

homemade blend of garam masala and in

they go and we're gonna saute the spices

off for about ten to fifteen seconds and

that gives them enough time to release

their essential oils and get nice and

toasty now in goes my okra

I'm gonna increase my heat to high and

season generously with salt and we're

gonna mix this and stir it for a good 5

to 7 minutes until my okra get nice and

tender so what you will notice with the

okra is that as you start to cook it its

stickiness gets released so you'll see

these long weird strands and you'll be

wondering well Virginia you said that

stickiness is going to go away and it

will continue stirring on high heat and

after a few minutes all that stickiness

will go away

and you'll be left with tender crisp

beautiful okra it's been a good seven

minutes let's give this another mix and

look like magic all that stickiness is

gone it takes a little bit of muscle a

lot of stirring but trust me it results

in the most perfectly cooked

bhindi this is ready let's give it a

taste oh my gosh I love bindi so much I

can't wait to dig in it's so vibrant and

green mm-hmm

okra is such a humble vegetable it moves

paired simply it just shines those three

spices will really come to life and the

thing that I love about this dish most

is the contrast between those sweet

caramelized onions and the tender crisp

okra so so good and my favorite way to

eat okra like this the bhindi fry is

with chapatis which I also have a recipe

for on my channel I hope you guys

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