Why Teddy’s Red Juicy Tacos Are An LA Favorite?

Because it said "estilo Tijuana,"
and I wanted to see if it
was actually from Tijuana,
and, to be honest, it really is.
Teddy Vazquez: I don't
know how to explain it,
the flavor you get.
The meat is so, so juicy and tender.
I don't know. You just have
to try it for yourself.
Hi, guys, my name is Teddy Vazquez,
and I'm the owner of Teddy's Red Tacos.
This meat is all beef.
Shoulder cut from the beef part.
Everything gets cooked in a pot.
It boils for several hours.
We put tomatoes, spices,
and this is how it comes out
after a couple hours of getting,
getting cooked overnight.
This is all shredded beef.
So, we just chop it up,
and then we like to throw
in some of the juice.
This is what Teddy's
Red Tacos is all about.
We just get a tortilla, a plate,
throw a handful of meat
with onions, some cilantro,
some hot sauce,
and some juice.
Boom. And there you go.
Teddy's Red Tacos.
Customer: Double-dipping.
Teddy: We got Mario on the grill.
Mario, one of the best ones.
We have Delfino here.
Delfino: Hola.
Teddy: A great superstar here as well.
This is our famous deluxe plate.
It consists of four items.
This is a taco, tostada,
this round one, we call it a mulita
because it has meat and cheese inside,
onions, cilantro.
And my favorite one is the quesadilla.
Put some hot sauce,
squeeze a little bit of lime,
put in some broth.
This is the juice of the meat.
Like it like this. I like to do this.
You close it up, and you enjoy.
When we cook the meat,
it releases its fat,
and we wet the tortillas in the pot
and we throw it on the grill.
The tortillas are wet red.
That's why our tortillas come out
extra crispy and all that.
Customer: I've seen it on TV,
and my boyfriend's cousin
actually lives close by,
so we just wanted to stop by.
But we've seen it through TV, Instagram.
It's soft. It's very moist.
It kinda just sinks in.
It's good.
[laughs] It's good.
Customer: The tortilla's
red, and it's, like,
just, like, crispy, you
know, definitely different.
Teddy: It's just unbelievably amazing
because with this simple concept,
just four items on a
plate, one meat, simple,
people making lines.
People are excited to come check it out.
I'm just beyond blessed, beyond grateful.
Back in October 2016,
I started selling my tacos on the weekends
in a little old warehouse.
At first, in the beginning,
people didn't know me, and I didn't know,
I didn't have any customers whatsoever.
But when I was done cooking,
I would put everything
in the trunk of my car,
and during the week I was
driving for Uber and for Lyft,
and I would get a ride,
and people would be like:
"Hey, what's that smell? Why
does it smell like food?"
And I'm like, "Hey, I'm glad you asked,
because I actually, like, sell tacos."
And, like: "What do you
mean? Like, tacos?" "Yeah."
And within nine months, I was
able to get my first truck.
I had the vision to park somewhere where,
I wanted to put tents and tables,
so I saw this spot here on Slauson,
the railroads, and I said to myself,
"Wow, this is a pretty cool spot."
And I just had the vision. Like,
what if you're able to park here,
put tents and tables,
put some music in the background,
you're having some tacos.
That'd be pretty cool.
For me, opening the
restaurant was more simple
because I have a partner over there.
I don't have to worry
as much as over there.
I was kinda hesitant.
I'm like, "What if people doesn't respond
to our food, to our concept?"
But then the same thing kicked in.
Yes, it's possible.
Yes, yes, yes, yes.
Customer: I sampled everything,
and everything was really delicious.
Customer: These are
definitely up in the top,
they're delicious.
Customer: Best birria ever.
The meat, the soup, everything.
Teddy: The best thing
that I love about my job
is people's reaction.
And people react to me excited,
and they're willing to wait in line
for 30, 40, one hour, two hours.
I'm beyond grateful for that.
Customer: Regardless if
it's, like, the quesadillas,
the tacos, the lemons,
everything is so good here.
Customer: It's good, it's got
a little bit of kick to it,
but with the onions and everything,
it's a good taco.
It definitely lives up to the ratings.