Tips On How To Make Vietnamese Caramel Chicken

sweet sticky pan sauce beautifully

cooked chicken and this one so super

easy my friends this is my Vietnamese

style caramel chicken

alright so typically when you're

thinking of pan sauce and pan searing

chicken you're generally kind of

thinking of European foods maybe a

French style kind of dish well the

French are the only ones that have

amazing pan sauces we're gonna make a

really beautiful Vietnamese style

caramel sweet tangy gonna keep every

kind of thing here I get so excited just

thinking about it and it's really easy

so let's get going on the chicken part

first of all I'm using some phone and

chicken thigh pieces with the skin on

because you don't know by now I am a

legs and thigh ago when it comes to

chicken but you know you can totally do

chicken breast as well I do find you

know the darker meats tend to retain the

juices stay you know a little bit more

moist in the pan which I like but the

main thing here is let's season this

properly so a little bit of salt and

we're gonna sear the chicken first of

all so for me like the success of any

kind of pencils whether you are doing a

European style or this Asian style is

layering the flavor so it's seasoning

the chicken getting a beautiful golden

crust on the chicken which in turn

imparts a beautiful amount of flavor

into the pan it's all about just the

little steps building up to something

really good so my pan is hot I'm going

to add in a little bit of oil

alright let's get everything in there


and now you'll need to exercise a little

bit of patience here just give these

guys like five or six minutes to really

develop a nice color on that first side


alright it's looking pretty good I'm

going to turn them over you see that

some nice color that we've got there now

just a couple of minutes on this side

and I'm gonna pull that ticket out

alright chicken pieces are coming out

they're not cooked through yet we're

gonna do that later on don't worry be

patient and we've got quite a lot of fat

and liquid sizzling away in the bottom

of this pan here so I don't need all of

that I'm gonna take some of it out but

don't be throwing that good chicken fat

away make sure you keep it for the next

time you're going to roast up some

potatoes throw it in there and make your

potatoes extra-special now I've left a

tablespoon or so of fat in the bottom of

that pan and now let's make our pan

sauce okay so I'm gonna start off with

some garlic now don't want that guy like

to color too much so I'm gonna get some

sugar pretty much straight in there some

brown sugar some fish sauce and we're

kind of building like a caramel kind of

situation here smell of that garlic and

fish sauce is such a wonderful Southeast

Asian smell that's so comforting for me

alright that's bubbling away so now I'm

going to get in some coconut water and

just any coconut water from your

supermarket is fine I'm here in Bangkok

sir I get fresh coconut juice which is

great but store-bought is fine too

and I also just want a little dash of

black pepper here and when that starts

bubbling again I'm gonna put my chickens

back in to finish cooking and that

really does give it a really beautiful

Vietnamese style character with the

pepper and the garlic and the fish sauce

ah alright so I'm gonna turn this down a

little I kind of want that sauce I do

want that sauce bubbling away a little

because it's gonna thicken up and reduce

and get really nice and concentrated but

I don't want that to happen too quickly

so just a couple minutes on this first

side now I'm going to turn the chicken

over so that I'm gonna get a lot of that

sticky sauce all over that chicken and

get a really nice color so turn that

over and just let that bubble away for

ten minutes or so just keep an eye on it

make sure it's not burning if it does

seem to get too thick just add a little

bit more coconut water a little bit more

water all right well this is smelling

amazing let's take a look and see what

we've got here

look at that color look at how sticky

that sauce is simple ingredients and a

little bit of thyme magic all right I'm

gonna turn these over and then just to

make sure they're cooked through I'm

gonna put the lid on turn that heat

right down to low and let them go for

another ten minutes okay they gives me

plenty of time to get some finer little

bits and pieces ready for the end of our

dish some cucumber here this one kind of

gives us a really fresh crunchy cut

through for that sticky tangy sauce and

some coriander spring onion is just as

good here if you're one of those that

doesn't happen to like coriander and

then a final a little bit of color here

with some fresh red chilli now let's

take a look at our chicken your magic

and here my friends your joyful magic

look at that

sauce I just like to drizzle some of

that chicken and make sure everything is

beautifully coated in that sauce

let's get this onto a plate this is a

great one to serve family style


now just go ahead and drizzle that epic

sauce all over the top a little

sprinkling of cran to hear some chili

pop that cucumber out into a bowl serve

this with some steamed rice as well or

even just like a nice salad is good and

there you go guys

chicken dinners don't get much better

than this my friends let's just see how

we've gone here take one of those pieces

that sauce is like beautiful balance of

salty tangy a little sweet and then that

chicken is so tender and so beautiful