Tips On How to Make Stuffed Peppers | Cooking Skills

well I am making a meaty and cheesy
stuffed pepper here on the coupon might
closely resemble Geoffrey more than any
other name is dollar bill I like dollar
okay so I've started by browning a pound
of ground beef I know son you're over
there doing your math cause I can today
is that 8020 are you doing 85 15 I did
to higher fat higher fat is actually
note is is more affordable than the like
that so this is onions and garlic that
I'm cooking in the same skillet where I
cooked the ground beef part of budget
cooking to me is don't make a lot of
dishes don't make a big mess you don't
you know need any cleaning products for
example notice how I'm doing a real
thick 360 thank God is is you're using
there that's chili powder chili powder
and ground cumin one of the things about
a budget meals I don't want to feel like
it's a budget meal that's what I wanted
to feel delicious and hearty and I want
it to feed a lot of people and I want to
have leftovers okay I want to get more
than one meal out of it more bang for
your buck exactly so this is the onions
the garlic the chili powder the cumin
filling your kitchen and then just a can
of whole tomatoes I like to buy them
whole annexed I crush them up and that
way you get that kind of meaty texture
from the tomatoes I think we definitely
want to use less meat here but create
the feeling of me eat a bunch of meal
and say well that was budget cuz I'm
hungry yeah yeah you don't want to be
searching for the meat though you have
to be falling satiated at the end of
this you're such a tough crowd we got a
good we just got a spider it's friendly
I love it what's this cooks for a while
what you're also doing at the same time
is jeff has been delicately hollowing
out these peppers just taking the seeds
a little bit of the rib out season them
with salt and pepper on the inside I
think it's really important we make
stuffed peppers nobody sees in the
pepper because the stuffing goes in
there and just kind of why friend Alex I
know alright I knew this was coming I
mean correct right they go in the oven
hundred for about 15 minutes or so just
to soften up a little bit before we
stuff them
I know green peppers are cheaper I think
you really need the taste of the red
pepper sweetness and you can find them
on sale and if you bulk buy them
sometimes you can get that bag of
peppers it's cheaper when they're cooked
they look a little bit like this they
already have that roasted quality and
they have a lot of taste yeah peppers
that aren't perfect looking sometimes
they have like totally yeah and then I'm
adding back the cooked beef and a can of
black beans that have just been drained
and rinsed and actually before you get
at me about the bag of dried black beans
as opposed to the can they're often on
sale the canned you can often bulk buy
them and they actually end up being
sometimes cheaper then that bag of dried
so once this kind of comes all together
I mean it just really smells so good I
think the beans add more protein the
tomatoes are gonna kind of link up with
the peppers and make them really sweet
okay so the last-minute thing is just a
touch of apple cider vinegar for
brightness and acidity I always do that
and I think we forget acid with things
like this because I feel like when we
get into these kind of chili or stuffing
type of dishes you forget hey you know
what just a little spark of vinegar you
can really change things up and then
Jeff will you add a little bit of
couscous in the bottom of these that's
what you're putting on the rinse Alex I
know I went so cooked couscous here I
don't want it so little just a little
bit in the bottom there so we later yeah
we're doing the padding right now this
is the but the plastic wrap and the
bubble wrap around the actual Christmas
present and then we just drop this
stuffing right on top and I mean this
goes a really long way this is only one
pound of meat and we're stuffing all
these peppers and then these go back in
the oven would you top with some cheese
for me just a little cheddar part of
budget is really making it gusting it up
a little bit and I love the way it looks
I love the presentation I love that it's
got built-in portion control I think you
know that one pepper is gonna really go
the distance with you and I love that
you can charge more in a restaurant for
that yeah so we're gonna put this back
in the oven for about 20 25 minutes
until they get hot in the cheese melts
and then we eat and I love that it has
that apple cider in there the treat oh
that story this beauty black beans so
I'm gonna grab this for you here or
would you pull that out for me how does
that look
oh come on
thank you yeah and then just what I love
is this is kind of like right ooh these
are hot right on the table and they just
kind of I don't know they very
I like the stem in very festive I love
the horizontal cut to oppose from like
the cup you know a better ratio don't
you think it's very farm-to-table
is what we do here all right so I had he
just a few for you serve yourselves
thank you
they're so hot this is delicious the red
bell pepper it just gives it so nice and
tender and I gotta be honest I've never
precooked my bell pepper before i stuff
it I just don't idea with him yeah very
good idea and seasoning it is so smart
yeah he eats it yeah it gets it nice and
tender for you but the the chili with
the black beans I'm not missing anything
this is delicious and I can't believe it
was just 1539 for a family of four