Tips On How To Make Japanese Tantanmen Ramen

this is one Pocky spicy and creamy this

is one ramen noodle soup version you

guys I couldn't want to make it's full

of spicy pork chewy noodles and of

course the most amazing broth this is my

version of Japanese tan tan men all

right so this one is like this awesome

combination of ramen noodles with like a

creamy spicy broth spicy pork I mean you

know all the things that I love and it

happens to be very very easy to make it


everyone's winning with this one all

right let's do our spicy pork topping

first of all it's need a little bit of

oil garlic

it's important gonna grate some ginger

straight in there


and now here comes the spicy so 10 10

men is basically like a mash up of

Sichuan Dandan noodles and Japanese

ramen noodles so of course we're using a

fish one chili bean paste and this one

is what kind of gives us the heat and

like a bit of umami savoriness look if

you can't get a hold of this one then go

ahead and use a little bit of Korean

gochujang I won't tell anyone you'll get

to get a real beautiful color and a

little bit of umami

it'll be a slightly different flavors

it's still delicious

that's that I'm gonna add a little dash

of socket

and some soy sauce now what we want to

do here is let that pork absorb all of

that tasty goodness in that sauce so I'm

just going to turn the heat down and let

that simmer away until almost all of the

liquid has been soaked up so in the

meantime I'm gonna mix up a little paste

which is going to turn everything

beautifully kind of nutty and creamy and

just a little spicy as well so to start

off with we need some sesame paste now

this is a Japanese sesame paste and it's

made from roasted sesame seeds so it has

a really beautiful almost bitter kind of

flavor and a very intense flavor a lot

of people say to substitute tahini for

this one but I actually think the flavor

is a little bit more like peanut butter

so if I couldn't get a hold of the

japanese-style sesame paste I would just

use some peanut butter and that's that

I'm gonna add some soy sauce some white

vinegar and a nice little hit of chili

oil here just give that a mix and I also

want some spring onion here and I just

want the pale part I'm going to finely

slice that


like that through until it's got a

rather thick paste okay now to set those

side and let's make Jeff Walker okay so

take a look at this port you can see all

that juiciness has now been absorbed and

we're looking really good I'm going to

pop that to the side and we're gonna get

on to doing out breath so unlike your

usual ramen broth this one is pretty

much gonna take the same amount of time

that it will to boil your noodles we

just need to heat everything through

it's got some chicken stock


and some unsweetened soy milk so this is

also going to add to the creaminess in

the finished soup and just while that's

heating our I need to do to prepare my

bowl is just add in sort of like a

heaped tablespoon of that pace that we

made earlier and now that that soup is

piping hot pull that over the top charge

everything in there to make friends now

I've got some ramen noodles here that

just going to tip straight in there



and now we want some pork a little bit

of greenery here I've got some bok choy

that I've just briefly put into some hot

water and of course because for me a

ramen bowl needs an egg I need a little

egg there and then just a little

sprinkling of spring onions and there

you go guys

Wow if that is not one joyful looking

ball I don't know what is look at that

look at this look at the little bit of

spicy red oil they're coming off the

pork and seeping into that creamy broth

ah tell you what this is just like the

ultimate man so he's so quick to put

together I mean you know so many ramen

bowls take a long time and this one is

just super quick I mean let's try some

of that broth first of all hmm Wow

I mean it tastes so complex it really

does taste like you've been simmering

that thing for like days honestly ah

it's like magic it really is mmm -

noodles and Paul

hmm Wow now that is one really good bowl

love it