Thai Glass Noodle Stir-fry, Hoisin Beef Noodles and Shanghai Hot Sauce Noodles Recipes

sweet beefy noodles this one looks

really simple but I've got a few little

techniques up my sleeve that make this

little dish even more amazing these are

my place and beef noodles all right so I

have a problem well I used to have a

problem with beef noodles whenever I use

beef mince for my noodles I found that

they got a little watery they were kind

of gray and just not all together really

special so I decided how can I make my

beef noodles more beefy well this is the

solution really simple but works so well

so first we're gonna start with the beef

in the wok and what I want to do here is

really kind of char the beef and

evaporate any of the juices you'll see

what I mean let's get going I want a

little bit of oil in here doesn't matter

whether you're doing this in a wok or a

pen the technique is still the same and

make sure this is like sizzling hot I

want to hear that beef as soon as it

hits the pan now one word on the beef I

do like these with a little bit of fat

and I think it actually works better

with flavor and texture so my beef is a

little fatty



I just said that and then I touch like


just listen don't do it okay do what I'm

doing just listen and do what I'm saying

let the beat sit there and we're gonna

notice and I'm starting to see it

already some of that liquid juiciness

coming out and it looks quite wet so

what I want to do is wait until that

liquid evaporates and that's when we're

going to start a bit a nice char eNOS

trying to touch it so it's really hard

not to touch things I'm gonna put this

spatula down so when anything starts to

smell kind of like it I see an hamburger

take a look at the pan and you can see

like all that liquid is gone is quite

dry and I can see some roses it is brown

bits starting to happen there so the

magic is happening in this gonna

restrain myself a little bit longer this

way just a little more tyrannous okay

now get in there I mean all the uniform

is brown the Third's Brown targets will

add so much more flavor and beefiness

to the rest of our native survive so now

I'm gonna go in with some onions

and the key here is not to dump

everything in here at once so what is it

my really since five

yeah I mean just a little soft starting

to char a little bit so I'm gonna add

some garlic

look I've done take a little bit

backward because I would usually add

garlic I'm here and it's the oil and

then my 13 pep rally

sir if I don't want the garlic to burn

I'm just gonna get that a couple of

tosses and now II made some napa cabbage

that I've got here

also known as Chinese cabbage or one box

depending on where you are and in

Australia we have the advance two things

one box it's such a weird one but one

buffers what we call it in Australia so

there's some information that you might

not have known pass that around


right now my shredded cabbage I just

added to the cabbage so now my shredded

carrots and at this point you should be

looking at a stir-fry that is

beautifully dry so I'm not watery I can

smell the beautiful like cherry berries

and my cabbage and carrot is still a

little tender but my onion is nice and

soft and sweet so we've kind of got all

these contrasting textures and flavors

and everything already I'm just gonna

pause there turn the heat off let's do

some noodle work now I've got some

beautiful fresh Chinese egg noodles here

you could use some prepackaged ramen

noodles if you've got them or even

thicker noodles like Hokkien noodles

that's fine as well the key here is that

I don't want to over cook the noodles

here because I want them to cook further

in the pan and soak up all that sauce

that we're gonna add later so just some

boiling water in the noodles go

and after just a few seconds I'm going

to take pan straight off over to my walk

turn that beef back on and get the

little straightener and now for the

saucy stuff I'm gonna add in some oyster

sauce some paste into it some dark sweet

soy sauce just for a little bit of color

if it just means regular Chinese dark

soy sauce as well doesn't have to be the

sweet kind and then my little secret

ingredient here is a dash of white

vinegar just to cut through the

sweetness and add a little bit of kind

of loped

to the whole flavor and add everything


a little bit of greenery here let's go

spring on them okay now that it's

looking really amazing I love that and

see it we've all concentrated in here

because we got rid of all the liquid

from the beef so that sauce is really

tasty really concentrated sticking to

every strand of noodle every little

morsel of beef

a little bit more spring onion here a

little sprinkling of sesame seeds and

that is one good-looking plate of

noodles and of course I'm gonna try it

just you know to be either just cruel to

you guys or just to let you know that

you know they are really good

you want your to straight away is that

kind of Chari intense sweetness of the

sauce and then you get the really beefy

flavor coming through hmm yeah beef

noodles actually taste beefy love it I

hope you guys love this one too hmm YUM

okay I made a huge plate just look at

that red peanutty porky sauce this is

definitely the noodle soup you guys need

to know how to make my version of

Shanghai hot sauce noodles okay so you

guys know me by now

I like all things noodle noodle soups

spicy porky all the good things this one

combines everything that's good about

the host thing into the one dish yeah

it's so exciting I love this one the

savory porky topping on this is like

nothing else let's get started on that

savory porky topping first of all now we

want to start off with a little bit of

tofu I put some firm tofu here and I

just want to cut that in half and so

much joy in slicing tofu I don't know

why it's just pleasurable now cross like

this I want a nice sort of small dice


now let's get into the block the

defining character of this dish to me is

the beautiful sheen of bright red chili

oil that magically appears in this sauce

and you need to start off with some oil

to make that happen

now some ginger some garlic just gonna

give it enough time for the garlic and

ginger to start become the fragrant and

now add the peanut



now I'm gonna add in the pork now here

in Thailand the fatty pulp or what I

call the good stuff comes standard now

if you're using only no packs here just

the way you won't get as much of that

beautiful sort of red sheen on the top

of the soup at the ends you might want

to add a little bit more oil now I want

to let this pork sizzle away - that will

render out some of that good fatty stuff

that has a little flavor now I need to

add in the Durban tiang so this is a

bean and chili paste that you're going

to need to search out at an Asian

grocery aisle have a look online but

this is what gives us the beautiful red

color and also characteristic savory

salty umami flavor in this dish now I

know not all of you're going to be able

to get a hold of this so what you can do

is use Korean gochujang paste at a pinch

it's going to be a slightly different

flavor it's going to give you a good

flavor nonetheless and that really

beautiful red color now a real secret to

cooking this dish I think is being a

little bit patient in between adding the

different ingredients I really want the

chili paste to kind of clean - and

really season that forth mix before I

add anything else so I'm gonna let that

simmer away just a couple of minutes

before I start adding extra bits and



okay so see how we've got that beautiful

red oil starting to collect in pins on

top of that yummy pork that's what we're

looking for now I'm gonna add some extra

seasoning here put some soy sauce some

sugar and then I want to deglaze that

pan with a little bit of Chinese

shouting wine you could leave the

cooking wine out if you want to but I

love the little bit of extra flavor it

gives now again allow that pulp to

really to take on all of those

seasonings and the flavor and you'll be

able to smell as it puts the cooking

wine a room of the start to dissipate

that's what I'm waiting for

so now I'm gonna add in some chicken

stock and just a little bit to start

with and again let's let this pork do

its thing

we're giving a lot of love to this sauce

guys it's gonna be totally worth it in

the end so let that simmer for another

three or four minutes until the liquid

has almost all but evaporated all right

so the one problem with this dish is

having to wait around for so long when

it smells so good

we're nearly there guys all right so

more chicken stock here get that color

so gorgeous now I want to let this

bubble away for 30 minutes to really

develop all those awesome flavors come

back soon so my pork is now a few

minutes away I'm gonna get my noodles

done now I'm using these Chinese wheat

noodles here basically you're looking

for a noodle that's about the sort of

thickness of angel hair pasta into some

boiling water now these don't take long

to cook and there is nothing worse than

an overcooked so here strand of noodle

so be vigilant


and we need to just tenda I'm gonna pull

them out


and when I don't always do this but I

quite like the flavor of sesame oil in

this dish so I'm gonna talk a little bit

of sesame oil in here mix those noodles

through and that's gonna stop them from

sticking together as well now these go

straight into my serving bowl and now

let's take a look at our beautiful

coffee sauce you can see the liquid here

has reduced by about 1/3 which means

we're getting some good concentration

there to flavor let me just try wow that

it's so good oh this is the kind of soup

you need to be eating regularly I think

truly will make you very happy now I'm

gonna pop in my cubes of tofu now I like

to listen at the end because I don't

want it to sort of boil and disintegrate

in this soup as it cooks


I'm gonna do a little bit of adjusting

here I'm gonna add a little bit more

chili powder for my liking and a pinch

of salt and then now we're ready to get

this good stuff into a bowl

a little sprinkling of spring onion just

to finish everything off

and there you go guys look at that

little of large in my case bowl of

heaven right there noodle soups make me

so happy

especially spicy ones that beautiful

chili pork flavor soup broth it's so


Wow it really hits you on the back of

the throat with some spice as well so

good and then the peanuts from the

peanuts really kind of make this dish so

good gosh you really need to make this



so this is not the most famous Thai

noodle dish but once you tried it you

will be wanting to come back for more

and more we're gonna make putt once in

all right let's start off with the

protein first cuz we're gonna do just a

really quick little marinade I'm using

chicken today chicken thigh but you

could use pork or prawns or even tofu as

well totally up to you but I just want

to season my chicken with a little bit

of fish sauce and a little bit of black

pepper give that a mix okay now just let

that sit for a little while while we

prepare our noodles the special part of

this dish is that we're using a

particular type of noodle

these are bean vermicelli also known as

been red vermicelli glass noodles

cellophane noodles mung bean noodles

they have a lot of nails but the great

thing about them is that when they

cooked they sort of have this

translucent color to them and they take

on a beautiful amount of flavor and

they're nice and chewy too I love these

so to prepare them though you want to do

it in a particular way so you don't get

clumpy gluggy noodles when you go to

stir-fry them so this is what they look

like and I'm gonna put them into a large

bowl and the mistake a lot of people

make with these noodles when they're

stir frying them is that they cook them

in boiling water they're just gonna turn

to watch if you do that so what you want

is just some warm water it's not boiling

it's just steaming a little bit and I'm

gonna cover the noodles with the water

just use a fork to sort of spread them

out a little and they will literally

need only five minutes don't be tempted

to leave them for longer as soon as

they're soft we want to get them out of

that water so while the noodles are

doing their thing we're going to do some

extra bits and pieces for the noodles

I'm gonna be using some spring onion

okay the slices and I want to keep the

spring onions into nice patterns so that

they're almost like a vegetable rather

than a sort of garnish in this dish okay

so that's right and then I've got this

really really large red chilies and

these are very mild so whatever mild

large chili you have in your

that's the one to use here or you could

even use cats to come as well I don't

even want the seeds in here because I

don't want any sort of spice at all I'm

just after that sort of color and that

sort of capsicum flavor okay now I also

want some eggs this dish and you just

want to whisk those till they come

together now stir-fry sauce so really

simple Ostra sauce and the thing that

this dish is that it shouldn't be really

saucy so we want just the barest whisper

of enough sauce to cover and coat each

of those noodle strands without it being

very soupy or saucy so a little bit of

oyster sauce a little bit of fish sauce

and then a little dash of sweets dark

soy sauce I like that one for color and

that a little bit of molasses flavor it

adds and then just a little dash of

sugar now my mom always added a little

dash of sugar just like a little pinch

of salt a little pinch of pepper to all

of her sources so I do it too but you

can leave it out if you like

okay now let's have a look at our

noodles I can tell that they're really

nice and soft but not overly sticky or

clumpy but they look perfect so I'm just

gonna drain them out into another bowl

and then to make stir frying even easier

I like to cut these into more manageable

lengths just with some scissors just cut

through as I find that's very

inconvenient to be picking up big strand

falls of noodle as you're trying to

stir-fry it so at this point we're ready

to do the sizzling we have all of our

ingredients ready to go I've got some

garlic onion and carrot to add to all

the other stuff that we've got prepared

and I'm gonna heat up my wok now if you

don't have a wok just a really large

frying pan is best for this what you

want is to have a really large surface

area for stir frying so it doesn't steam

this is not a dish where you want lots

of sauce as I said before okay now when

my wok is hot I'm gonna add in some oil

and my garlic and my sliced onion


so good just toss these around a little

bit it's the Minotaur surd okay

onions are just starting to color so I'm

going to add in my chicken so to pay

whenever you're adding proteins your wok

is spread it out so that it cooks as

quick as possible


okay now we're ready for the carrot okay

now to cook the egg I'm gonna push

everything to the side make some space

and I'm just gonna add a little bit more

oil into that space that I've created in

there and then in goes my eggs that use

our spatula to push the egg out and

around but which one of those create

like a scrambled egg situation

yeah but we still want chunks of eggs

don't want too much of Istanbul so I'm

just putting that egg set a little bit

and now toss everything together okay

now for the extra color that we made at

Chili's and a spring onion they go in

and we have done ready to eat

thank goodness it's not hungry ah look

at those noodles I love the texture and

look at that beautiful color

mmm hot way if you guys to try this rap