Let's Look The Fillings Of Sandwiches Around The World

sandwiches food asourian's believe this

portable meal was popularized in England

in 1762

by John Montagu the fourth Earl of

Sandwich apparently he ordered a cook to

prepare an easy to eat meal so he could

gamble freely it's unlikely he or its

cook were the first people to put food

between bread this concept existed way

before that and even a day variations to

be seen across the globe so let's take a

look at some of the sandwiches you

should try when travelling around the



the Vietnamese bánh me as a French

baguette filled with either roast

chicken or pork and fused with savory

ingredients like slices of cucumber

chili pepper cilantro sour pickled

daikon and carrot mayo and Maggi sauce

for many years the bond me has been a

staple Street food in Vietnam French

culture including the French baguette

has heavily influenced Vietnamese

culture because of the French occupation

and colonization of Vietnam between the

17th and 20th centuries the Vietnamese

version of the French baguette is

slightly fluffier similar to Vietnam

Vaughn me this Laotian sandwich also

uses the French baguette Cao Zhi can be

found on almost every street corner in

Laos it's filled with pork belly ham

tomato lettuce carrots cheese and chili

sauce the doner kebab is an essential

sandwich in Turkey pieces of seasoned

meat are steward onto a rotating spit

and grilled vertically traditionally

lamb is the meat of choice but nowadays

other meats such as beef are used the

meat is shaved from the spit and place

between bread topped with grilled

vegetables sauces cheese and a dash of

lemon juice you can find many variations

of the doner kebab all throughout Europe

especially in Germany Berlin is filled

with food stalls that sell the Turkish

sandwiches in the 1960s Turkish citizen

migrated to Germany as labourers turkish

immigrant Kadir nerman has been credited

with creating the sandwich during the

1970s in berlin though it's likely that

there was a similar concept that existed

in Turkey as well while its origins are

a bit unclear it's safe to say our love

for the doner kebab is very clear just

as a fact they're available worldwide

and since we're talking about love this

next sandwich is a personal favorite of

mine because I grew up eating it if you

enjoy roast pork you have to try it in

Cuban bread which is like a crispy

baguette it's layered with ham cheese

pickles mustard and a little bit of

garlic if you're up for it the Cuban

sandwich or Cubano is not actually even

from Cuba yep it was created in Tampa

Florida by Cuban immigrants but the

influence of Cuba's love for roast pork

shines through in this creation however

if you're looking for a sandwich that

actually originated in Cuba try a

medianoche it's almost identical to a

Cubano except the bread is a sweet egg

based bread


Japan's popular katsu Sando is a must

try this sandwich is typically made with

fried breaded pork cutlets a few shreds

of cabbage and tonkatsu sauce tucked

between two slices of Japanese milk

bread nowadays any type of protein can

be used such as Wagyu beef egg salad or

fish mr. katsu in southern california

serves a seventeen layer version of the

pork katsu Sando this popular omelet

sandwich has made its mark in Malaysia

Singapore and Indonesia you can find

moti John's soul the street stalls

throughout these three countries a

mixture of eggs minced meat onions and

cheese is spread onto a griddle an

open-faced baguette is placed on top and

toasted over the omelette until the

outside of the sandwich becomes crispy

garnish is like sambal sauce tomato

sauce and mayo can be added on top for

extra flavour 300-million sandwiches are

eaten by Americans each day and

according to a YouGov survey America's

favorite sandwich the grilled cheese now

I can honestly say I've traveled around

the world in search of great cheese so I

can appreciate a solid grilled cheese


we're here at Murray's cheese which was

voted the best place to get a grilled

cheese sandwich in New York City by my

friend and co-producer Karen roe grilled

cheese became an American classic

after the 1920s pre sliced white bread

and processed cheese became available

and soon American families were cooking

it up in their homes but this comfort

food went beyond the household it was

found in government-issued cookbooks

during World War two and diners also

began advertising it on menus so Murray

cheese have basically perfected the

grilled cheese sandwich by taking a

special blend of cheese and butter and

then sandwich it between crispy bread oh

my god


calling all cheese lovers this brazilian

sandwich is called butter slices of

roast beef and melted cheese are tucked

between a French roll along with

tomatoes and pickles


China's steamed core Bao is a

traditional favorite it originated in

foo Joe and became popular in Taiwan

when foo Jenice immigrants brought it

over a flat seamed bow is folded over

braised pork with sweet peanuts and

coriander leaves as you can see this is

much more than a sandwich

Portugal's Frances ena is typically

eaten with a knife and fork in the late

1950s a French resident in portugal

named daniel silva created the sandwich

Frances Xenia translates to little

French lady it's usually made with the

sack of ham steak sausage egg and cheese

and topped with a tangy sauce in guyana

this sandwich is a party and road trip

favorite the quick recipe is ideal for

any occasion really cheese paste is more

than just cheese between bread instead

sharp cheddar cheese is grated and mixed

with butter mayo pepper mustard garlic

and pepper sauce the creamy finish is

spread between two slices of white bread

and since we're talking about spreads

India has a similar take the chutney

sandwich is a striking green or red

spread laid between two slices of bread

for green chutney mix used fresh

cilantro and green chilies red chillies

are used for the red spread Uruguay is

said to have some of the world's best

beef chivito is a steak sandwich enjoyed

all throughout the South American

country it's also Uruguay's national

dish according to legend an Argentine

tourist walked into a restaurant asking

for a sandwich to be made with Chivo or

baby goat the chef didn't have any goat

meat and instead grilled a thin piece of

steak variations today include toppings

like cheese

eggs bacon pepper mayo lettuce and

tomatoes it's also popular in Argentina

where it's known as lomito Uruguay enjoy

steak sandwiches and sodas Chile this

sandwich is called the Chaka reto a roll

hold thin Tarasco steak with tomatoes

green beans peppers and mayo


Senegal's and Bombay is a spicy bean

sandwich black-eyed peas which are

really beans are seasoned along with

beef and spread between a baguette

lentils are sometimes used instead this

type of sandwich is typically eaten for

breakfast and it's sold by street

vendors all throughout Senegal sub each

from Israel as a pita bread stuffed with

fried eggplant boiled eggs salad

Amba and many other sauces the sub each

is actually an Iraqi Israeli hybrid when

Iraqi Jewish refugees settled in Israel

in the 1940s and 50s

they brought traditions like eating

hard-boiled eggs potatoes and eggplant

on Sabbath today the sub beach is the

popular street food sold by vendors in

Israel and is still eaten on the Sabbath

so that you can ease known for their

love of chips so why not make it a

sandwich a chip buddy is simply

thick-cut deep-fried chips

sandwiched between two buttered slices

of white bread sauce is like mayo and

ketchup are added for flavor you can

find the chip buddy in English fish and

chip shops South Africans enjoy hot

chips stuffed in footlongs

but this footlong is for sharing the

Gatsby sandwich is typically sliced into

four portions and served as a long lope

stuffed with slap chips Bologna and a

char today many variations of the GAVI

sandwich are available throughout Cape

Town this finished sandwich is called

poori line in a thick slice of pork

sausage is placed between two slices of

white bread the hamburger leg sandwich

includes onions pickles

garlic and your choice of condiment

Eitan in both venezuela and colombia the

arepa is a cornmeal pocket that is

grilled fried or baked and filled with

endless ingredients

traditionally arepas are cooked on flat

griddles they can be served with

shredded meat like chicken or beef or

with soft white cheese it's a popular

street food in both countries and can be

eaten during any time of day this Danish

sandwich comes in many many combinations

smourbiff is basically an open-faced

sandwich its main ingredients include

spreads like butter cold meats seafood

and scallions it's typically garnished

with lemon and herbs it can probably get

messy so feel free to eat it with a

knife and fork Trinidad and Tobago is

bacon shark is pretty iconic to the

sister islands baked or fried flatbread

is filled with the fusion of fried shark

lettuce tomatoes cucumber and cold slaw

sauces like garlic sauce mustard pepper

sauce and mango chutney add flavor this

spicy snack is salted stalls in Pakistan

night and day the bunk Bob resembles a

burger with the patty typically being

chicken beef or egg omelets the patty is

fried and served with onions and chutney

okay those were a lot of sandwiches but

that just goes to show how important

this portable meal is to so many

cultures around the world so which one

was your favorite and which other global

crews would you like to see let us know

in the comments below