How to Make UN-Stuffed Shells Without Actually Having To Stuff Them

Italian unhhhh stuffed shells and stuff
right and some sausage which I got
started with browning right here we
crumbled it up nice and fine so every
bite you get a bit of sausage in there
we're gonna work on a classic stuffing
for the shells that were again not
stuffing just mixing in there so some
whole milk ricotta a little nutmeg right
over that bechamel vibe kernelization a
little garlic salt pepper a little a
little bit of mozzarella cheese to help
kind of give it a little stringiness is
that low-fat or regular everything's a
high fat here okay you wanna make sure I
mean the spinach is actually low-fat
spinach egg egg and then we got some
frozen spinach squeeze all the water out
I can't stress that enough you go grab
the only filling right it is you can you
can use this for anything man man ago
this stuff shells that cannelloni
whatever you want and then of course
some Parmesan cheese all right except
altogether seasoned salt and pepper yes
sir I got some sausage here that I
browned earlier but we want to do is
take a slotted spoon make sure you kind
of drain that on a paper towel you don't
want too much of that fat in there you
want the essence of the fat but we're
also gonna kind of remove some of that
gorgeous fat that we did render out of
there we just want to keep a little bit
so it depends on how fatty your sausage
is you know that sweet sausage or hot
sauce is this hot hot hot good
now if the kids are involved they like
spice the kids don't know that's how you
got to introduce it early now look at
all those beautiful bits in there now
this is a little bit of a little too
much fat for me so I'm just gonna take a
paper towel because we are gonna one pan
planning this we are going to are put
this directly in there just kind of a
light nonstick coating of that delicious
sausage fat that is perfect you see what
we're left with here now if you don't
mind a free please mix that pasta with
in their super al dente all right
beautiful so you just gonna mix that
right it's all gonna come together still
a little moisture in that spinach where
it's gonna help move things along
but the goal is to try to get that
cheese to creep inside those shells so
so you can reuse in a small one today
but traditionally its large right all
right now sitting there you're literally
you're piping or spoon on into the
shells and baking it all and then you
its sister kind of omitting that stuff
here I have some beautiful crushed San
Marzano tomatoes man
okay get the whole just hand clock
listen to that I'm just gonna fortify
again almost deglaze the pan all that
delicious find on there and create a
bottom kind of nonstick layer for the
rest of our shells okay nice to use like
the juicier bits on the bottom Jeffrey
great job I'm gonna actually shut off
the heat on this but you could see we're
kind of intensifying the tomato flavor
right sucking up all that beautiful fat
and now we can add our sauce in the
pasta station come on look at that right
in the trash yeah mix it well so we got
that layer a beautiful san marzano and
now we can are you put in what that's it
gosh you're gonna see so we are going to
put this I got my oven at 375 this is
just gonna like don't disturb this no
need to mix I again I want that layer of
tomato on the bottom to help kind of get
a little more scoopable give it another
beautiful layer of flavor looks like
resembles my mom's dish the shepherd's
pie but it's like Italian version right
isn't it like comfort food right it's
all I kind of these one pot cheesy pork
and then obviously feeds a crowd right
so we're gonna kind of scoop those baby
beautiful San Marzano tomatoes right on
top of their ads that look good again
mine spin which we didn't use a lot
growing up we didn't see us a lot the
fresh mozzarella no right it was always
shredded mozzarella used in the inside
of the stuffing but I just love the look
of this right it's got that I don't know
just modern look to it and it melts so
nice so we're gonna throw it in the oven
for about 10-15 minutes just to kind of
it all comes together that I got one
ready to go here jazz for us Jeffrey are
you ready
I am ready hahaha look at this double up
and close unbelievable and there you go
and now we're just going to dot it with
look at this flare right you so we love
just a little baby basil I love on top
of there he will olive oil you put some
more parmesan if you want to jump in go
ahead of town with this right
all right let's taste mom you ready a
nice piece that crusty crab do you want
you want crusty piece oh yeah that you
know went from Worcester we like burnt
stuff oh yeah Oh
make sure you gets oh I blue but look at
that you see it smells I swear it smells
like every graduation party I've ever
gone in my family that's a good one Jeff
Pizza mini sandwiches and little shells
are it's not stuffed and it's not
unstuff that comes together so
beautifully that fresh to me you know
it's great that tomato it's just it's
not cooked a lot so it's refresh the
acid great everything in that everything
is in balance