How To Make The Best Manchurian Chicken

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are making muncher e'en chicken so if

you are a Hakka Chinese food lover this

is for you if you grew up in Scarborough

like I did you know Frederick's you know

Lynn garden you know tangerine and this

is one of their signature dishes

Monterey and chicken in this amazing

chili sauce it is so so good and you

think that the only way that you can

ever eat it is if you go out but today

I'm gonna give you all the secrets

that's alright so that you can make it

at home

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let's make some latarian chicken

Manchurian chicken is such a flavorful

dish they're more cells of chicken that

are coated in this amazing fiery red

sauce and we want to build layers of

flavor and we're going to start by

marinating our chicken I'm using chicken

thighs for this recipe and trust me you

guys I've made this recipe with chicken

breasts and thighs are so much better

because they're flavorful they're more

juicy and tender I'm gonna first start

by grating in a little bit of garlic

followed by some ginger and I'm gonna

see some things up with some salt and

black pepper

I'm gonna crack in a large egg and

sprinkle in some cornstarch and we're

gonna give that a nice mix until it's

nice and coated and now we're gonna work

on our sauce for the Megerian chicken so

in this measuring cup I have a little

bit of chicken broth and to that I'm

gonna add our thickening agent

cornstarch now it's really important to

dissolve the cornstarch fully so that we

have a nice smooth sauce at the end now

to that I'm going to add a little bit of

soy sauce and you can add your favorite

hot sauce at this point I like using a

vinegar-based hot sauce and I'm using

Mexican variety which sounds so strange

for an indo-chinese recipe but trust me

it works a little bit of strained tomato

sauce which is gonna add some richness

salt to taste in a tiny pinch of red

food coloring which is going to give us

that nice vibrant red color and we're

going to mix everything together until

it's nice and incorporated and now I'm

gonna mince up a little bit of onion and

grate some fresh ginger and garlic so

all our components are ready our onion

ginger and garlic marinated chicken our

sauce now let's hit the stove and put

this together so I have a little bit of

canola oil in my pan it's on medium-high

heat and I'm gonna add my chicken in

batches and we're gonna cook it until

it's cooked through





so I've added just a tablespoon more oil

because most of it was used to cook up

the chicken and now in go my aromatics

my onion ginger and garlic and we're

gonna saute them off until they're nice

and fragrant and translucent so our

onions are smelling nice and fragrant

and now is the time to add the sauce now

I want to give it a nice mix again just

to make sure that cornstarch is well

distributed and into the pan it goes and

look at that color

the key to any sauce that thickens the

cornstarch is that you wanted to come to

a rolling boil see it's full thickening

potential our sauce is gonna get nice

and glossy and thick oh my goodness and

look at that it looks amazing and now

I'm just gonna tumble in my chicken and

we're gonna give it a nice toss to coat

it and all this thick glossy sauce now

we got some coriander in there that's

why Frederick's does so that's what I'm

doing too and it smells incredible

and now it's time to give it a taste I

have been waiting for this moment for

quite some time I'm such a big fan of

Hakka Chinese food mmm this looks like a

moist morsel with tons of coriander

let's give it a taste

it tastes identical to Friedrich that's

okay there's not much more that I can

say than that but the chicken is so

moist and tender and then covered in

that sauce that's full of onions ginger

garlic and the secret ingredient tomato

sauce Frederick's will never tell you

that there's tomato sauce in there but

there is and it gives such a great

richness to the entire flavor profile of

this dish this is a mature Ian chicken

if you are a haka lover you've got to

try it I hope you guys enjoyed this

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