How To Make Spicy Kung Pao Noodles|Spicy Noodle Lovers

all right these are my super deluxe

spicy Pony chewy noodles this one my

friends is such a keeper we're gonna

make my version of spicy Kung Pao prawn


ah noodles thank you for me such great

joy in life and I know a lot of you love

a noodle recipes as well this one is a

little different we're going to combine

the noodles with one of my other

favorite dishes Kung Pao prawns well

it's usually kung pao chicken isn't it

but some parents just as awesome let's

get into it guys we're gonna start off

with this spicy spices first I see

spices I don't know where I get these

things from um anyway Szechuan

peppercorns that's what I'm talking

about here these guys have like a

numbing tingly sensation as well as they

bringing like some of the heat I love

using them in my cooking so I'm just

gonna put a few in a pan here I like to

toast them and grind them fresh you get

the best flavor then now there is gonna

be quite a bit of heat from the dried

chilies I'm gonna add later so if you

don't have such firm peppercorns leave

them out don't miss out on this awesome

little dish just because you can't get a

hold of these hate for you to miss out

all right so these are smelling

beautiful I'm gonna get them into my

mortar okay so that's the situation

you're after here and it's gonna put

them in the bowl

later on so for the Kung Pao sauce I

like to get everything mixed up before

we get into the pan and stir-fry so I'm

gonna start with some chicken stock some

soy sauce and some dark sweet soy sauce

this one is mainly for a little bit of

color just a regular dark soy sauce

would be fine as well you don't have to

use the thickest sweeter kind that I've

got here some sesame oil and then here's

a little special ingredient another kind

of pantry staple that I love to have and

it's Chinese Chen king vinegar or

Chinese black vinegar so this has kind

of like a floral kind of fragrance as

well as that top vinegar flavor look if

you can't get ahold of it regular white

vinegar or even like a dash of red wine


good as well a little bit of sugar to

balance everything out and then to give

us all the glossy thickness and that

lush kind of texture we're gonna add

some corn flour as well all right I just

want a little bit of oil to get started

and some garlic some ginger and some

onion gets these are like the Holy

Trinity of you know Asian stir frying

ingredients garlic ginger onion I just

want to give this on in a few seconds

here to kind of soften up a little bit

but watch that garlic I don't want it to

burn and now I'm gonna go straight in

with some dried chilies I'm using like

about 8 here cuz you know me I love

things spicy but you guys can totally

use less if you could be fair Oh more

perfect luck to you and I also leave the

seeds in that's why I'm just chopping

them straight in here but if you wanted

the color without the heat you could

always slice them open and take their

deceives out it'll reduce the heat a

little bit oh I can smell the spicy

already YUM

okay so some caps comes in here as well

and now check out these epic prongs I've

got some really nice big banana frontier

but whatever you know strengthes local

pawn is local in their area is great you

could even do chicken here as well or

you know totally fit as well

definitely like a

choose-your-own-adventure dish this one

so it's not like these prawns are almost

cooks because I'm going to be cooking my

noodles at the same time and I put these

really beautiful fresh ramen noodles

here that I'm using any kind of noodle

you've got at home is great but timing

wise I want to get the noodles cooked

just at the last minute and add them

into the prawns and that just saves me

having to drain the noodles and wash up

a colander and you know I kind of stuff

it it's good at straightening


but cones are almost there let's get the

noodles in and because these are fresh

they'll take no time at all just like

fresh pasta we are just about good to go

now these prawns are looking great

they've got some nice color on them all

righty you ready let's do the hot noodle

into the hot pan awesome close up shop I

love this



so it's gonna look quite saucy to start

with but that cornflour will soon start

to work its magic and everything will

thicken up and get all fancy and delish

see what I mean that magic is happening

as we speak

okay time to get those Szechuan

peppercorns in there and a little

smattering of spring onion and that is

it my friends let's get this out onto a

plate a little bit more greenery to

finish off now we just need to add a

little sprinkling of crushed peanuts and

we set to go and there you go

noodles deluxe in my book anyway let's

see how we've gone here oh wow these

ponds are really big this is like a

really big mouthful excuse me it gets


mmm-hmm huge mouthful but hmm that

flavor that little that Szechuan

peppercorn pop is so it's so fun with a

little tingling and then you get the

spice of chili this one's a keeper guys