How To Make Sichuan-Style Shepherd's Pie

ultra comforting baked shepherd's pie

just check out that spoonful of

deliciousness right there

my version obviously a little bit Asian

we're going with a spicy Sichuan style

meat sauce and fluffy cheesy buttery

potato this is my Szechuan style

shepherd's pie shepherd's pie what is it

well if you grew up in Australia or the

UK you would know that shepherd's pie is

like this awesome comforting meaty kind

of pie with a potato baked potato

topping and the secret here is that the

shepherd's pie made with lamb mince now

I've seen a couple of youtubers I'm

looking at knew Matty Matheson making

shepherd's pie with beef not technically

correct but I still love you that's okay

but lamb is the technical one that we

want to use here and let's just get

going on this Asian style version

because of course I'm me and I'm making

an Asian salad and there you go let's do

the meat sauce first of all hey mom can

you get some gas you had one job one job

gas I'll quit go but get get on the bike

you're a bicycle okay okay after you go

thanks ma'am no no it's cooking I'm

gonna start off with a bit of oil in


and some garlic put a bit of garlic I

really want this made supposed to be

like punchy and garlicky and spicy and

some onion


atoms can get straight in here with some

ginger just grate that in


and here's where we get all funky and

very unconventional with our shepherd's

pie sauce but I'm gonna use some

Szechuan chili bean paste and this one

is called Derbent young so worthwhile

getting a hold of guys see if you can

get online if it's not at your agent

grocer and it just adds all for tomorrow

spicy goodness to this and a beautiful

red color as well and you know if you

can't get a hold of that you could use

some Korean gochujang chili paste

different flavor but you'd still get

that beautiful color and that's with

extra fit the flavor oh that is smelling

all kinds of spicy and delicious already

I'm gonna add my lamb mince in here and

then just get that minced kind of

searing off and cooking down a little

shepherd's pie was one of those dishes

that I loved when I was little it's been

mainly eight Asian or Thai food because

my mother is Thai and you guys were

saving her my channel for you know for

me something like a shepherd's pie which

to other kids was really boring to me it

was really exciting so I have very fond

memory of eating this as a child

obviously my childhood version was not

this spicy Asian version I've come full

circle now I want everything to be agent

lookbook I'm going to add some tomato in

here as well


and now let's continue on with the funky

Asian ingredients I'm gonna add some soy

sauce and some dark soy sauce now this

one here is mainly for color so whether

you're using a sweet thick soy sauce

like this one or just a regular Chinese

dark soy sauce doesn't matter too much

and some chicken or beef stock either is

fine so two dash of sugar


so now we want this little cauldron of

deliciousness to kind of infuse itself

that all of its flavors get a little bit

more intense so I want to send this for

about 20 minutes nice gentle simmer okay

so while our lamb is doing its thing

let's do our fluffy cheesy buttery

potato topping so I just want to cook

some potato here I always like to add a

little bit of salt to my water here just

layering up the seasoning and flavors is

always a good idea and then just cook

these until they're super soft and

tender and then we're going to mash them


all right potatoes are looking good

let's drain them off and for me the best

part about mashed potatoes is the butter

so I'm not gonna be skimpy with the

butter we're gonna go in with a whole

lotta butter a little dash of salt here

and then let's get in here and get these

nice and creamy

now I'm gonna add some grated Swiss

cheese here you could use your glue yeah

you could use a cheddar cheese you're an

adventurer when it comes to the cheese

and now like any good fluffy mashed

potato you're really just kind of gonna

get in there give it some muscle whip it

around get that cheese melting all right

- that is looking like so joyful right

now I'm gonna try some obviously that

ball needs to go like far away from me

or I will continue eating all of it mmm

YUM now let's come back and see how a

little red meat sauce is going here and

that is truly smelling really divine

guys I wish you could smell it I'm gonna

add in a little bit of corn flour here

that I've mixed with some water just

because I want things to be all thick

and glistening and sticky and shiny but

that is what we're after oh that is just

looking luscious YUM now you could go a

couple of ways here you could make a

large baking dish full of this pile of

meat and put the potatoes on top I'm

gonna go a little fancy make little mugs

and now for the fluffy mashed potato

topping and I am all about that creamy

mashed potato my friends so we're gonna

go large with the potato


and now to really make these guys rubus

stunning I'm gonna add a little bit of

an egg yolk wash to the tops and make

everything smooth shiny yellow and

beautiful and now into a hot oven until

those tops are beautifully deeply golden

Wow you know the smell of these guys

you're kind of getting this like baked

cheesy potatoes now and then that

beautiful spicy lamb sauce well I can't

wait to do in here right pop these out

of a serving plate all right nothing

else to do here except to try this

concoction I guess I can call it a

concoction but Wow oh look at that

potato and that sauce and I'm really

gonna enjoy this

holy smokes that is so good

I mean you get this huge flavor with the

lamb and the spicy and the that chili


hmm and then you get this really

beautiful creamy cheesy potato layer I

mean come on things just don't get any

better than this

whoa sanely good and you know what not

obviously a traditional shepherd's pie

but I know I think it beats my childhood

version yeah

totally does my mom oh good

testy okay why already harp not fool hi

what flat would you like this for very


little bit more