How To Make Chinese Honey Chicken And Beggars Chicken

a whole secret behind this no butter

honey chicken lies in the marinade so

I've got some chicken breasts here and

I'm gonna add some soy sauce and also

some Chinese chancing wine and I really

love the aroma and the flavor that it's

add so this dish it kind of elevates it

above that Chinese takeout kind of style

but if you would like to you could just

use some extra chicken stock the whole

point of this marinade is that we want a

lot of liquid because the liquid binding

with the flour a little bit later on is

what's going to give us the crunchy

coating on the chicken rather than that

heavy butter and then also just an egg

white now just give this a really good

mix through that egg white just needs to

be broken up a little bit now this

doesn't need long to marinate just a few

minutes while we get our stir-fry sauce

made okay to start off with some chicken

stock and some honey

some white vinegar some soy sauce just

get that honey in a little bit and then

even though I've got some honey in there

I'm gonna add some sugar as well because

it's not just for sweetness but the

sugar is gonna help us create like a

sticky caramel for our sauce so now I

need to do is get our chicken ready for

frying now all of the chicken and all of

that marinade and yes that's a little

liquid all of that goes into the flour

now here's the part where we create all

the crispy crackly bits that are gonna

be on the outside of our chicken so you

want to mix the chicken and the marinade

through that flour and use your fingers

to really get that flour stuck to the

outside of the chicken so what I want to

see are all these little bits of sticky

flour and Marron

it stuck to the outside of that chicken

and now what you can see on the outside

of that chicken are all those little

crevices and cracks of flour and

marinade and that it's where the magic

will happen now these pieces need to be

fried in hot oil until lightly golden

and crispy how's that chicken it's

looking delightful okay we've got a

lovely golden brown color I'm gonna take

those out just drain them on some

kitchen paper and now take a look at

that crispy frankly goodness be criminal

not to drive okay now before I ate that

whole tray of chicken let's get our

sauce going so I just want a clean pan

got a little bit of oil and put some

garlic as soon as you can start to smell

that beautiful fried garlic over we're

gonna add in that stir-fry sauce that we

made make sure you get all of that sugar

and honey out of the bottom of the bowl

now just simmer for a couple of minutes

I want to start to see that sugar really

bubbling up and and that source getting

nice and thick okay here we go this is

what I call a fluffy sugar bubble that's

how I know that was saying to get some

action here time to add in just a little

bit of corn flour mixed with some water

uh and now this is where the magic is

look at that beautiful glossy thick

sauce okay now time for the


look at that shine so beautiful yeah and

you can see that beautiful light coating

on that chicken it's not soaking up all

that delicious honey sticky sauce stuff

on a drizzle of sauce and then I like a

little sprinkling of sesame seeds you

could use black or white but I'm using

black today and there it is guys the

ultimate honey chicken no heavy sticky

stodgy batter's just beautiful crisp

this plus some sweet and glossy goodness

let's see


mmm you guys have gotta try this


mm-hmm traitor Kenda thanks mom

or the Vice nod he's as good as yours

little bit I didn't mind

no you're just saying that because

everyone's watching okay good that's

nice thanks mom so I'm not sure why is

this cold biggest chicken my mom calls

it biggest chicken but there are lots of

other recipes that look nothing like

this one that are called biggest chicken

anyway whatever it's cool we call it the

most amazing chicken in the world in my

house it's a firm favorite and it's

super easy to make so the first thing we

need to do is make a really lovely

garlicky coriander and pepper paste so

I'm gonna start off with some garlic


I just want to bruise those so I can get

the skins off and to that I want to add

some coriander root so you will have

noticed that in a lot of my mom and my

two high res we start out a lot of the

time with this coriander garlic and

pepper paste it's a very traditional old

school tie paste and it's the basis for

a lot of recipes so you just want the

root part that's got all the flavor that

we want save those leaves for later and

then a little bit of salt the salt helps

to break down the fibers when we're

using the mortar and pestle and then a

little bit of white pepper as well I've

also done this with black peppercorns so

you could totally substitute that and

then just pound this to a rough pace


okay so this is the kind of texture that

you're looking for and then into a stock

part or something that's large enough to

hold the whole chicken I'm gonna add a

little bit of oil and the whole point of

this is that we're going to layer some

really beautiful flavors starting off

with the paste

I love that smell it's such a comforting

smell it reminds me so much of my mom's

kitchen and then add your chicken in now

just give this guy a couple of swirls in

here just make sure that garlic paste

isn't burning at the bottom this must

start to kind of get some of those

chickeny flavors going in here and now

I'm gonna start adding all the aromatics

so I've got some star anis and cinnamon

stick and some soy sauce so first of all

I need some light soy sauce and that's

just a regular Chinese soy sauce it's

called white but that's merely just to

differentiate it from the dark soy sauce

so that's going to go in

and then now here I have some sweet dark

soy sauce this is a little thicker than

regular dark soy sauce it has a bit more

of a molasses kind of flavor if you're

in Australia or you're near an Asian

grocer you can also use what's called

ketchup manners which is the Indonesian

version anyway what you're looking for

is a sweet dark soy sauce so that's what

you want this is gonna give us a

beautiful color and a little bit of

sweetness and now I add in some water

you want enough so that about 3/4 of the

chicken is covered now just make sure

those spices are in the broth sit around

release some of that paste from the

bottoms with a little burn and then the

lid goes on and you want to gently

simmer this for about 90 minutes

halfway through I like to kind of give

the chicken a flip over just so I get a

nice even color and everything what

you're looking for is for that chicken

to really start to almost fall off the

bone it should be that tender so this

chicken recipe has quite the reputation

in my family my dad reckons that when my

mom first made it for him that's when he

knew that he was gonna ask her to marry

him so there you go the marriage

proposal chicken and here are some

photos of my mom and dad before they got

married that's my dad he's Australian

and there's my mum being all fancy and

how fun she looks so styling Wow so this

chicken is really smelling so amazing

it's one of the things that I love about

this dish it's like when it's cooking it

just fills your whole house with

happiness I love it okay let's have a

look at how I go ah look at that

beautiful color mmm okay it's so time to

get this guy out onto a serving dish now

be gentle here because that chicken will

be a little delicate

and then one last thing to do is check

the broth for seasoning

complex flavor is so delicious just a

little background note of the star anis

and the cinnamon and then the beautiful

saltiness from the soy sauce so good

does need a little bit of salt which you

might be surprised about because of the

amount of dark soy sauce we added but

dark soy sauce is actually less salty

than regular soy sauce it's just got a

little bit more sweetness so I do need

to add a little bit of salt here and

then at my house we serve this family

style so we serve the chicken out on the

table some of this broth goes over the


and I like to have some rice with some

noodles nearby to really soak up let you

me sauce and just a little bit of

coriander on the top as well so there

you go guys my mum's family recipe for

beggar's chicken a favorite at my house

I hope your family loves it too you

can't wait to dig in here YUM so good I

love this one and it's very unique

because it has a very different flavor

profile to most Thai dishes this one has

lots of rich dried spice flavors and

curry powder flavors it's really awesome

alright let's get going on the marinade

paste first so we start off with quite

classical Thai ingredients first of all

we want some garlic and some coriander

root and now some ginger it's a little

dash of salt here and you just want to

pound this to a smooth paste

okay so this is the kind of situation

that you're looking for here I'm gonna

get that straight out into a big bowl

and now comes some of the ingredients

that you don't usually find in Thai

cooking so this dish has its origins in

the Muslim community here in Thailand

and so some of the ingredients are not

as familiar to our Thai everyday cooking

I'm gonna add in some yogurt and some

curry powder again I think a lot of

people think of Thailand they think of

curries but we don't often use curry

powder as an ingredient we generally

rely on fresh ingredients like

lemongrass and galangal and Chile's for

our curry pastes there are some dishes

with curry powder obviously this is one

of them and I want some fish sauce and

some turmeric the turmeric here really

is one of the defining flavors and

colors of this dish so it's really

important I just be go to mix


now I'm gonna add in my chicken pieces

here and for me guys it's got to be dark

meats for this one it's got to be

drumsticks and chicken thighs because

they tend to remain juicier while

they're cooking in your big pot now just

give that a mix now if you're really

organized it would be great if you could

leave this to marinate overnight but I

generally tend to not be that organized

or have that much time so I'm gonna

pretty much use mine straight away now

the traditional thing to do here would

be to deep-fry that chicken I'm gonna do

it in a little bit more of a convenient

way today I'm just gonna shallow fry it

and a little bit of oil now take your

chicken pieces now the only way to do

this really is with your hands so I'm

gonna have to get a little dirty here

just scoop off most of that marinade

because I'm gonna use that marinade a

bit later and get your chicken straight

into the pen now the idea here is that

we want to get a really beautiful deep

dark color on our chicken pieces one it

just looks great too it starts to

develop a really beautiful play we're

gonna get that caramelization you see it

now remember don't throw that marinade

away we need that for later okay so a

couple of minutes and let's turn these

guys over perfect look at that beautiful


now couple more minutes on this second


and that is transcribed that chicken out

of the pan it doesn't need to be cooked

through it'll finish cooking a bit later

on now would you take a look at that

gloriousness happening in the bottom of

that pan there that is some good chicken

fat only I'm not going to waste it so I

just want a good few spoonfuls of that

and then I just got this pan cleaned up

so we can continue on okay so I've got

my clean pan and pull that chicken fat

back into there and now let's go in with

some onion and always when I'm sweating

down onions like this I add a little

dash of salt and you'll notice it

throughout a lot of the dishes that I

cook there's some seasoning that happens

every step of the way we seasoned our

paste at the beginning we added fish

sauce into the chicken a little bit of

salt here and that really helps to

develop the flavors in the finished dish

now once these onions have had a few

minutes to soften up in here now these

onions are soft a little sweet now I'm

gonna add in some tomatoes and I want to

give this tomato a little bit of time to

kind of get all mushy make friends with

that onion okay so see how that tomatoes

a little bit pulpy now we want to add in

the rice this is a Thai jasmine rice any

long grain rice will do


now I'm gonna sprinkle in some crispy

fried shallots

now that chicken marinade we saved

earlier that goes in here this dish

reminds me so much of an Indian biryani

in fact a lot of people call this

highlight virginity Rihanna announcing


want a cinnamon stick some green

cardamom pods and a couple of bay leaves

and some chicken stock

already those beautiful spices are

really making my kitchen smell delicious

now we Nestle those chicken pieces back

into the pan nice and snug in there now

put the lid on turn the heat down a

smidge they just want a gentle bubble on

that liquid so in the meantime we're

going to make a little minty sauce to go

on at the end now you would have heard

me say this before but it's often the

condiments that make the dish here in

Thailand so don't skip this one what you

want is a big old a lot of mint here and

some coriander a little spicy kick I

want a green chili yeah this one's

fairly fiery and now some white vinegar

dash of sugar and a little pinch of salt

and blend that till it's really nice and


okay so this is what you're after and

you know that beautiful fresh mint smell

is so lovely and that color so joyful I

love that so much it is just like an

instant brighten up that beautiful tangy

vinegar infused with all those herbs and

separative touch of sweetness all that

other type of spice perfect right so the

only part about this dish that sucks is

waiting while the smell in your kitchen

is so delicious

I wish you guys could smell this let's

take a look beautiful that rice has

soaked up all of that flavor that

chicken is cooked through now my little

trick here is to just fish out the

chicken and pile it up in a corner over

here and that gives us a little bit of

space to fluff up our rice before I get

to that boat I'm just going to pull out

some of these spices that I can see the

cardamom pods bay leaves cinnamon stick

and then using a fork just get in there

and laugh that rice now start off by

scooping the rice on the top and then

have a look down the bottom there you

can see we've got some really dark

crusty bits of rice that's my favorite

bit I just like to kind of scoop that up

and mix it through any really dark bits

take those out and leave those on the

side I kind of sneaked them and eat them


that's looking good and we are ready to

go my friends so pile up a nice bit of

that gorgeous sunshine yellow rice a

couple of pieces of chicken and the

finishing touches a little sprinkling of

coriander some more crispy fried

shallots and that epic green sauce we

made earlier and then a little dash of

sweet chili sauce and that my friends is

one homemade chicken rice dish that is

so confident even just the smell of it

cooking it's ridiculously comforting for

me look I like to get the perfect

mouthful or where is a little bit of

chicken some rice don't forget those


holy smokes that whole combination of

flavors is just insane oh that beautiful

rice and spices the chicken but then

that real pop of vinegar herbiness at

the end just like seriously amazing that

one is kind of fun cooking simple

the secret to this amazing dish is that

we're going to use our braising liquid

for the chicken to make like this

awesome sauce for the noodles so we kind

of get a two to one bang for your buck

food our braising liquid here so let's

start off with that liquid and I've got

some dried shitake mushrooms here that

I've had soaking in some warm water it's

gonna pull the mushrooms out just give

them a light squeeze great thing about

using dried shitake mushrooms is that we

get some extra flavor from this soaking

liquid so don't waste that strain or

liquid just because sometimes you can

get a bit of sediment dirt from the

mushrooms keep that for when we do our

chicken later

now the mushrooms themselves one thing

that really irks me in restaurants is

when they don't take the stem off the

dried shitake mushrooms because the

thing is inedible it's really chewy it's

not tasty and it only takes two seconds

to take it off and now all the aromatics

that we want to use to infuse the liquid

and the chicken so I'm gonna start off

with some ginger I don't want a really

decent handful of garlic cloves here

just want to crush these and some spring

onion as well I just want the kind of

firm kale part of the spring onion here

and the slice goes save the green tips

for later now into a hot sauce pan add

some oil and I don't want my saucepan to

be too big here because I want the

chicken to fit nice and snug so I don't

have to add in the extra water to cover

the chicken you'll see what I mean later

in go the aromatics and just give those

time to have a little bit of a sizzle in

there that really smells amazing already

comforting that ginger and the garlic


and now for the soy sauce so we're gonna

use two types both Chinese one is

Chinese light soy sauce and the other

one is dark soy sauce so you might get a

bit confused where the light soy sauce

doesn't refer to light in salt or light

and calories or anything like that it's

just light in color

in fact the light soy sauce is saltier

than this dark soy sauce which is

actually sweeter

and then I want some Chinese cooking

wine also known as shower scene wine as

well you can leave that out if you want

to keep this alcohol-free and then I've

got that mushroom soaking liquid and

some sugar I'm going to add my mushrooms

back in here and just wait this to start

bubbling away again


and now for the chicken so I'm using

chicken thighs I find they take juicier

and I love the flavor you can totally

use chicken breasts as well they're up

to you now the important thing here is I

want to get the chicken skin side down

if indeed your chicken does have skin

which I like also because I want the

skin to take on all of that beautiful

soy sauce color and then you'll see here

because my sauce pan is quite small I've

got a really nice snug fit in the

chicken and it's almost completely

covered with the liquid if it's not you

need to add a little bit of water here

just so the chicken is covered and you

might need to add a bit of salt there at

the end now here comes a little bit of

technique that is going to keep our

chicken really nice and tender and juicy

and still flavor that broth so I want

you to simmer this gently for ten

minutes and then take it off the heat

put the lid on and let it sit for thirty


and that slow residual cooking is going

to allow the chicken time to kind of

soak up all those flavors in the

braising liquid and give it time to

culture it so at this point you've been

very patient your kitchen is smelling

beautiful let's have a check on our

chicken okay so this chicken is looking

really nice and firm I can tell it's

cooked through if you find that it's not

just put it back on a stove top for a

little bit and gently simmer it till

it's cooked through I'm going to take

these pieces out first of all

and don't forget those beautiful

mushrooms and then strain out that sauce


now I'm just gonna bring this sauce back

up to a simmer in the meantime I'm going

to check it for some seasoning oh wow

you will not believe the amount of

flavor in there I can taste the ginger

and that beautiful soy flavor is rounded

out by that little hint of sweetness

with the sugar and the ginger everything

it's just so good I will add a little

bit of salt though you can just add that

to taste and just remember we're gonna

be using only a little bit of this sauce

with quite a lot of noodles so make it a

little saltier than you think so now

let's talk about the noodles and I've

got these beautiful Chinese dried egg

noodles you could use fresh egg noodles

I do prefer egg noodles for this one I

finally have a bit of body and a bit of

richness that really goes well with this

sauce pop your noodles into some boiling

water loosen them up a little bit and

what if you do don't overcook them

there's nothing worse than soggy noodles

just like soggy pasta so go for al dente

here while the noodles are going I'm

just gonna take a little bit of that

beautiful braising liquid pour that into

my bowl you want a little bit in each

bowl and now the noodles thank into that

sauce and I've got some green vegetables

here I'm just going to quickly blanch

them in the water they literally only

take a couple of seconds and then one of

those beautiful mushrooms and the

chicken cooking chicken this way really

does keep it so juicy I really hate

those dried tough pieces of chicken you

can get on noodles so unnecessary

finally a little drizzle of sesame oil

the devil is always in the details my

friends and some sambal Olek or just

some spicy chili paste whatever you've

got around and a little sprinkling of

spring onion and now the real joy here

comes with mixing those noodles

that sauce with the chili paste so good

now let's see if I can eat these lady

life without getting anything on my top

that flavor I mean you would swear

you've been simmering that liquid or

that sauce for hours hmm so good

chicken is so tender we put infused with

all those beautiful aromatics

this is such a complete and happy meal

for me mmm gets me every time