How To Cook Texas Chili | Online Cooking Shcool

so what we're gonna do first is we're

gonna make a chili powder from scratch

right okay we got a flame here right now

Pam heights we're gonna start off first

with some ancho chilies and these are

dried smoked poblano chiles I want to

take the seeds out okay so I just want

the flavor from the pulp right now I'm

gonna add these sort of saute Pink's I

want to warm up the flavors a little bit

all right they're kind of sleeping right

now the bin cut dry it out for a while

I'm also gonna add some cumin to this

I'm also gonna add some coriander seeds

like I'm also gonna add a little bit of

dried oregano to this starting to get a

little smoky already this is it good

fast I want to kind of wake everything

up right some paprika I'm also gonna add

some chili powder to this that's

starting to smell good on ya so I

started smell good in a couple minutes

when the Maestri buddy all right so I'll

put the stuff into my Cuisinart so that

was just like a minute or a minute this

you can see the smoke oh it doesn't take


okay so lock the stuff like that

what I want to do is on a break up the

dancer Chili's and everything else and

basically I'm gonna make my own spice

mix it smells delicious

all right so I'm gonna take this it's

kind of decant it okay

can't put this away from right now okay

and then we're chop up some beef

shoulder which i think is a really kind

of important part of the recipe

scale it's down the pieces have to be

kind of consistence kind of coordinates

point I think like that yeah an inch and

a half inch 3/4 cup of onion you've got

one I've got one all right so it's like

onions and garlic chop the whole thing

up so we got garlic and onions I'm start

cooking this stuff all right cook this

down so it starts to caramelize a little

bit right because I really want to start

the flavor of the beef and this is um

it's when we start layering our flavors

together right right but miss probably

take back down in like 12 minutes or so

all right stand check this out okay

onions are starting to caramelize

download that right all right this point

where I take the meat right with those


yeah okay cool so what I'm gonna do is

toss all this deliciously happy garlic

and the onion flavor off us and make it

a brown so we start off with two

tablespoons maybe yeah

so I'm gonna take one chip kool-aid just

one okay I'm gonna throw it in there on

top of that all right let me take like

Oh what jalapeno but half hope you know

a pan you baby okay I'm we have the

season two everything's about okay so so

probably having to 28-ounce cans of hand

crushed Tomatoes supposed to get stir

right little cinnamon stick in there

okay pull the salt

a little bit of sugar gonna make it

taste well-rounded and on the capital at

the water alright I'm just gonna let

this stew okay so I'm gonna give this a

good stir okay let this cook down for

about like an hour I don't happen to

believe you starts to fall apart and

then I can said before where you tighten

up a little Moss arena and then also we

get some like good little kind of my

little secret flavors let's talk about

this chili per second alright this is an

authentic Mexican chocolate kind of

break it up into the chili okay no we're

gonna do is we're gonna add some masa

harina alright it's gonna thicken up

it's gonna cream it out at the same time

so put it back on the stove I'm a stir

in the masa harina alright and this is

gonna take just a little time to cook

the finish up this is kind of like a

great little touch and it smells so

incredibly good guys you don't really

see the chunks so much should we do it

today I just try to try that because

this is like one of the purest flavors

right let's try that traditional

authentic American cooking Texas chili

once you taste it and nothing else in

the world compares well mine