How To Cook Shrimp and Grits | Cooking Skills

shrimp and grits is a staple item in the

Lowcountry especially at brunch you eat

a brunch breakfast dinner whatever we

eat shrimp and grits all day long while

my bacon is frying I'm gonna get started

on my grits I'm using old-fashioned


two cups old-fashioned grits are less

processed than quick grits so it takes a

little longer to cook these are the

grits that my grandmother grew up on she

still uses old-fashioned grits

I like quick grits to me of course

because if you're in a rush quick grits

and cooked within like five minutes but

old-fashioned grits take about 20

minutes to cook and the reason I whisk

the grits as I pour it in because grits

lump up very quickly if you serve a

lumpy grit to anybody in the south your

name will be the talk of the town once

it starts to boil you'll bring it down

to a simmer and if you don't sauce your

water now you'll have some really bland

grits at the end well you see me over

here get started this shrimp and grits

yes and each other okay okay just watch

you got my help you smell all the way

down the street right I know

uh-huh can you help me with my hands

teamwork makes the dream that's right it

smells so good in here cardio this girl

is making my favorite you know I was


it's where destroyed my grits come from

definitely Charleston but you know

everybody makes shrimp and grits so

different you know I think we all just

add our own flavor you have to have

fresh shrimp how can you eat shrimp and

grits without Charlson right girl I

don't care if you got to go out in the

creek all day long I'm telling you you

need fresh shrimp and gravy

yeah people actually want to take the

quick way out but because I love cooking

I like to take the great way out oh all

right yes yes slow way is the great way

I think we got enough onion before I

stopped moving in here okay that's


yes sand is nice and ground so that's

one give me a good dark gravy you put

that in there go ahead and add that in

for you

oh yeah that's gonna make a really good

gravy right there that's actually the

biggest key to making it as well

you gotta get that nice and dirty yes

and I need a little bit of flour can you

stir around the grits for me too I sure

can thank you

Courtney what kind of crystal you use

I'm using old fashioned grist today oh


use the old fashioned grits it just

holds up a lot better you know it's nice

and thick if the Christmas thicker then

I won't need extra I wanted a second

he'll run out cuz I stick to your bones


that's right oh yeah this is coming

along really good it's coming together

okay look at you I learned a thing or

two y'all taught me well you did and I'm

telling you it looks really good just

gonna cook this down to the onions get a

little translucent huh and while I do

that can you put a little flour and the

shrimp and some salt pepper and garlic


we like to add flour to our shrimp just

to get a little crispy I love brunch I

eat brunch every single day and you make

a good hat too much yes I do

you have some left over for dinner okay


sometimes the oil will cook out of the

onions and a skillet it's okay to add a

little bit more I'm using canola oil I'm

gonna round the shrimp and that's where

you get the distinguished color of

Gullah shrimp did you remember to freeze

the ice cubes - yeah what are we doing

with that don't worry about that make

sure that you did it okay I did it start

the grits are you guys okay great that's

right add some water to this pot now

that's when the gravy begins


with Gullah food and Lowcountry we'd

like to build layers of flavor so you

know a lot of our food and so it's a

process you want to take your time on

something like this you know I've always

just known how to make shrimp and grits

Gullah style but what do you think makes

it Gullah the brown gravy mm-hmm yes try

to make sure that that brown gravy is

right I love the onion flavor the garlic

in there I love it mm-hmm now what's

gonna really set it off is when you add

the bacon yeah yes take the same bacon

that I use to get that bacon grease in

the beginning all those flavors the

bacon the shrimp the gravy is gonna

really boost that team hmm everything's

ready oh that looks so good I'm ready to

eat can you cut up some green onions oh

sure can I came hungry

okay very hungry I'll give you a good

servant please look how thick and creamy

slides right off the spoon

oh yes that plate is too cute

you'd be hungry do you really have to

ask that let's go

can't wait to try this

it's nice and creamy the seasoning is

just perfect and you love it