Do You Love A One-Pot Meal | One-Pot Pot Roast Receipe

so I have my one pot now use a Dutch

oven here because it has a lid if you

don't have a Dutch oven you know what

you can certainly use a gross ting pan

or something you can cover it with foil

that works the same as well I lit up I

have my big meat right here my chuck

roast chuck roast is the shoulder of a

cow it is a tough piece of meat but that

means eventually it's going to be

extremely flavorful hey baby you're hot

yeah so important to brown the meat here

this is where we start to develop those

big huge rich brown food flavors oh yeah

that's what I'm talking about that's

brass here and then I take it out kind

of ditch the fat thank you for coming

and add a little bit more olive oil and

then I add my aromatics couple of onions

a couple ribs of celery garlic salt like

this salt makes everything taste

delicious a little pinch of crushed red

lets thicken this up a little we're

gonna have a little tomato paste we

Brown that as well and then toss some

little vinegar in there this is one of

our super secret flavor weapon to really

excite the flavour add in a little thyme

bundle some bay leaves and a couple of

star anise you know those things that

look like stars got a really interesting

flavor bump alright so I'm gonna add in

some water I'm gonna put my meat back in

the pan and then I cover it about half

to two-thirds of the way I'm gonna add

in another super secret flavor weapon a

couple strips of orange zest nice put a

lid on it we're gonna put this guy in

the oven braising is about low and slow

in liquid it's like kind of cooking

things in like a meat jacuzzi

in an hour I take out my big brown

delicious beautiful sexy pot roast mmm

that smells good okay let's turn this

baby over I put the lid back on and toss

it in the oven for another hour all

right my big meats been in the oven for

two hours let's add some veggies so I

have some butternut squash that I've

peeled and diced I have some Jerusalem

artichokes that are going in there and

for a little sweetness we put some dried

figs in there and that gives like a

chewy almost like runi raisin you kind

of feel to this awesome gonna stir these

guys in we're gonna toss this back in

the oven for about half an hour and then

oh let's come down the homestretch I

take the lid off I'm gonna toss this

back in the oven for 20 more minutes

with no lid on what happens is the

liquid cooks down and it all becomes a

party my house is smelling delicious and

it is on

we have a big fat pot roast

Jinjin and let's dig it it's warm it's

brown it's delicious but then it has all

these interesting flavor points in there

so young and all of these delicious

things and it's like exciting and

refreshing and my mouth is excited to

take another bite

pot roast one pot meal yeah