Do You Know All 21 Flavors of Chef Boyardee Flavors?

Chef Boyardee oh boy oh boy oh boy
today on taste test we are trying all 21
flavors of Chef Boyardee Zac did you
grow up eating Shepherd sure did
little Bowl and the smell of it which
I'm already smelling here I didn't
really grow up eating this as much
because my father was very restricted of
what I should be eating my mom didn't
let us have it
at our house because we're Italian and
she doesn't even believe in canned sauce
but my aunt spoiled me a lot and she
always had the little microwavable cups
of the ravioli and I had like a very
methodical way of eating them and I
cherished every single one I'm really
excited to eat these I'm not even
kidding but before we get started don't
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when we put out a new episode this is
the classic one this is definitely a
classic one I used to lick all the sauce
off and then peel the top layer of the
ravioli off oh yeah Ethan me and then
eat the bottom oh I feel like everyone
knows how this one tastes I don't know
how much we can really go into it they
haven't changed it it's obviously over
stuff and it's ready for me to peel back
the top layer no no there's definitely
more meat in that one that's great
more of the thing more of the same but
less I feel like I'd have to be like a
young child to eat this
hmm I'm a young child it's gonna sound
weird but these are better well I think
there's more sauce like they're just
covered in their sauce see the other two
are just bigger and they're not catching
as much of the sauce I feel like you
couldn't really do a bigger meatball in
this that tastes different to me than
the filling you think the sauce is
sweeter that sauce is unbeatable
the sauce is the same all of them so far
it's still bright
I wonder if Al's a bitch yeah that mean
balls good mmm this is not my favorite I
like I feel like I'm looking for the
traditional beef flavor w had alibis for
mmm nope
not a big fan of that I have had these
as a kid
uh-huh and um it's not the flavor of
cheese that you want oh yeah I see what
you're saying I like this one I feel
like this was Chef Boyardee trying to do
something for vegetarian family and not
succeeding do you want this one to be
spicy or not to be spicy you know what I
don't mind that one yeah that's
definitely little spicy the sausage is
actually kinda nice this is one of my
favorite flavors I love this noodle
shape and if they sold this in a box I
would make it all the time I don't love
it I know I'm going for a second bite
but it's more it's more of curiosity
than anything else that was good
that's good it's so interestingly this
sauce actually is the first one that
feels a little different maybe because
there's so much of it but I also think
the pasta tastes different because
there's nothing in it
big Beefaroni is technically rigatoni
that's just like that tastes like the
artificial color that it is I kind of
like the smaller one
really hmm all right you can have that
one I'll have this one let's see if this
sustains a twirl orchid I was gonna say
no it doesn't look like a good sense
ain't it well yeah but this meatball is
a nice size oh yeah bellissimo
this one feels like we left them in the
microwave for 10 more seconds it would
be better if this was just an entire
thing of Meatballs
I like the the confidence to call it a
wait just one meatball there really is
just my meat Vanya you know before I
said that I wanted an entire can of the
meatballs I don't want the Jumbo
meatball I don't want them to be the big
one this is definitely saucy err though
yeah many meatballs great next this is C
you know what a lot of kids grow up
thinking that this is lasagna I think
I'm gonna like this a lot it gives it
some texture the shape gives it an
interesting new texture whoa it smells
straight-up like taco seasoning does it
taste like tacos it tastes just like
taco seasoning okay this is the most
different tasting one so far the flavor
kind of like disappears after like one
bite though if you're gonna say
cheeseburger or cheesy burger it's gotta
have like a little bit of light gotta
have either of those flavor that's what
that is my happy place now I'm like a
traditional mac and cheese in a box
person I actually really like that oh
you do yeah it tastes like it tastes
like other boxed mac and cheese this is
the pasta texture I've come to expect
and I'm not mad at it no me neither I
love the cheese taste what is so hard
about just boiling some noodles and
putting him in butter that you would do
this okay I was thinking this water
looks so crazy this looks like cheese oh
no it tastes like sweat I love that I
will ask if I can take this I do love
that it's a penne noodle that's fun I
love it the texture of the pasta is
actually okay it's actually very silky
it's nice and salty I'm doing weird
after - yeah that's the best yeah again
love the meatball I'm a big meatball
family different tastes very sweet did
you do the thing where you just try to
get like the mic on the fourth time
that's how y'all got it this doesn't
have the sweetness of the alphabets and
I'm grateful I do like shells puka
shells space to him all the time as a
it's so cool I like that the shells have
the little space for sauce here kind of
just playing the hits with this one just
a different different pasta I think this
was great
it's I'm very happy now what was your
favorite I mean the cheese monah was
surprisingly good
I definitely liked a good classic the
mac and cheese were like an overstuffed
meat and I really liked the hamburger
mac and cheese
honestly I my favorite is still like the
classic meatball spaghetti and meatball
I think the Jumbo spaghetti and meatball
was my favorite because it's just more
of the meatball my favorite was still
the the classic beef ravioli claw but I
liked the addition in the mini one of
the meatballs and I think that I might
put on rotation the sauce a little
sweeter but I like the meatball moment
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