Chocolate Pecan Scone Recipe

I'm starting with four cups of flour and

I'm gonna make chocolate pecan scoffs

nothing worrying about that one more

four cups so just scoop it and level it

off okay a little bit of sugar two

tablespoons not too sweet just a little

two tablespoons of baking powder which

is why they're so light and flaky four

teaspoons of salt okay so I'm just going

to mix this together and now I've got

really cold butter it's three sticks of

butter it's three-quarters of a pound

I'm gonna put it in and just let the

mixer do its thing until the butter is

about the size of peas so next I need

four eggs and a cup of heavy cream I

didn't say they were low-calorie I just

said they were delicious I'm just gonna

whisk the eggs and the cream together so

as soon as the flour is just the right

consistency where you can see the butter

is just new little bits then I'm gonna

add the wet ingredients just means

slowly it's gonna be really wet but

that's what makes really good scones

okay next little chocolate and pecans so

I've got one and a half cups of medium

dice bittersweet chocolate and one cup

of chopped pecans just gonna toss them

together and to make sure they get well

distributed I'm gonna put in three

tablespoons of flour just to coat them a

little bit make sure they get

distributed in the dough okay here goes

so we turn this on low and then just

slowly add it in

okay now comes the fun part I'll dump

out the dough onto a very well floured

board and needed a few times to be sure

that chocolate and pecans are well

distributed adding a little flour so the

dough doesn't stick to the board then

I'll roll out the dough one inch thick

with a floured rolling pin dip a 3-inch

cutter and flour cut out the scones and

place them on to parchment lined sheet

pans okay I'm just gonna egg wash the

scones now so I've mixed one egg with

two tablespoons of water so that's the

egg wash

and then just a little bit of sugar on

the top just give it a little sweet

crunch as though they're not sweet

enough well baking stones at 400 degrees

for 10 minutes then switch the pants

around so they cook evenly and bake them

for another 10 minutes when the tops are

lightly browned and the insides are

fully baked I'll take them out and put

them on a platter tada

gorgeous scones these look amazing