Best Double Smoked Ham with a Brown Sugar Glaze Recipes

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I'm teaching you how to make a twice

smoked ham with a brown sugar honey

glaze this is called a twice smoked ham

because when you buy these pre sliced

hams from the grocery store

they've already been smoked once so what

we're doing is adding another layer of


we're braising it for tenderness and

then we're pouring over this beautiful

brown sugar or honey glaze you need

about four hours and ten minutes for

this recipe ten minutes to prep and four

hours to cook the ham you need a cup of

chicken stock for the braising step and

for your glaze you're going to need a

cup of brown sugar 1/4 cup of honey a

tablespoon of Dijon mustard 2 teaspoons

of Worcestershire sauce a teaspoon of

ground cinnamon a teaspoon of ground

ginger an eighth of a teaspoon of ground

cloves and a tablespoon of your favorite

barbecue seasoning we're using my sweet

rub smoking this ham is a three step

process first you need a low temperature

smoke to really infuse your ham with

that smoky flavor second is a higher

temperature braise with chicken stock

and third is basting with that beautiful

brown sugar honey glaze let's take this

ham outside and do our first step a low

temperature smoke we've got our smoker

preheated to 225 degrees Fahrenheit I'm

using hickory wood because hickory and

ham is a total classic you can use any

wood you like fruit woods are tend to be

more mild something like oak and

Mesquite will give you a stronger smoke


you just want to place your ham directly

on the grill grates cut side down we're

gonna let this smoke for about an hour

and a half until we're ready for our

second step the braise. hams been on for

an hour and a half we're ready for our

braising step take a look at this

beautiful ham you can already see how

the smoke has really impacted the

outside color that means the flavors in

there too just take a 12-inch cast-iron

skillet move your ham from the grates to

the skillet

pour over a cup of chicken stock we're

gonna cover the whole thing with foil

and this is going to keep all of that

moisture right up against the ham while

it cooks for the next step close the lid

increase the heat on your smoker to 300

degrees we're gonna leave this to braise

for the next two hours or until the

internal temperature of the ham reads

140 degrees Fahrenheit alright our ham

is about ready to come off the smoker

that means it's time to prepare our

glaze to a medium saucepan you're gonna

add your brown sugar honey dijon mustard

Worcestershire sauce cinnamon ground

ginger ground cloves and of course a

tablespoon of our sweet rub all right

we're just gonna pop this on the stove

over medium heat whisking constantly we

really want to melt those sugars and

make this a sticky sticky glaze it

starts out clumpy but as it heats that

brown sugar starts to melt and liquify

it becomes a really thick glaze now we

always have hams at our family holiday

celebration and the tradition was that I

was the one that made the ham and when I

was a kid it was just making it from the

ham seasoning packet that came in the

package but as I grew older I started

coming up with my own recipes for the

ham glaze and this is the one that's


it's just come up to a boil you can see

that it's turned into this nice thick

glaze consistency no more lumps and it

smells delicious you're really getting

the ginger and the clove which are just

those nice warming holiday spices it's

perfect our glaze is ready just turn off

the heat leave it on the stove we're

gonna head outside get our ham and bring

it in here to glaze

our hams been on for about two hours in

the braise it's time to check our

temperature remember we're looking for

an internal temperature of 140 degrees

Fahrenheit this is absolutely perfect

time to get it inside for our last and

final step the glaze there's going to be

quite a bit of liquid in the bottom of

this from the brazing step so be careful

getting it off the smoker so my favorite

step its glazing time we're gonna take

the foil off of our hands it looks so

tender and so amazing we're going to

carefully transfer it to a plate now we

don't want to lose these delicious

juices you can actually use them to pour

back over your ham right before serving

it'll keep it nice and moist so we're

just gonna pour the liquid from the

skillet into a large measuring cup

now our ham goes back in the skillet but

this time instead of putting it cut side

down lay it on its side you can see how

the smoke has really impacted this ham

we get those nice lines from the grill

and it smells amazing our glaze is still

warm and it's the perfect consistency to

pour over our ham almost like a caramel


kind of like you're pouring ganache over

a cake you can really smell the cloves

and the ginger and the honey the sweet

glaze is gonna be the perfect complement

to the super salty ham you can see this

blaze is starting to thicken as it hits

the outside of our ham it's exactly what

we want to see you want a nice thick

layer of that brown sugar honey glaze

oh not just Todd it's my people oh look

what I mean yeah hey hammy do you want

to taste it um

okay sit right here I'll get you a piece

what piece do you want this one oh

that's your piece bud

all right there what do you think it

says mmm

all right you guys we're to enjoy our

ham I hope you guys make this recipe and

it makes an appearance on your holiday

tables because that's what this is all

about sharing good food with the people

that you love the most

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