An Easy Way To Marinate Smoked Turkey Breast

What's up guys it's Susie Bulloch from and if you're watching

this video that means we probably

already have something in common we both

love good barbecue and that is ideal

because at Hey Grill Hey our whole goal

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recipe we're making today will get you

there we are making my marinated and

smoked turkey breast let's do it

this recipe is gonna take five minutes to

prep eight hours to marinate and two

hours to cook you need about a five

pound turkey breast boneless skinless

most grocery stores have these back in

the butcher counter so just go ask even

if it's not around the holidays you can

usually find one for the marinade we

need two cups of lemon-lime soda a cup

of soy sauce 1/2 a cup of vegetable oil

two cloves of minced garlic and a

tablespoon of creamy prepared

horseradish first step is to make the

marinade you simply pour all the

ingredients in a gallon zip top bag and

then mix to combine

so this marinade is a Utah staple Todd

and I have been making this marinade

forever it's actually one of the first

things that we made to take on our first

ever camping trip right after we got

married it works great with Turkey the

first time we did it we used it with

chicken so both work put your turkey

breast in the marinade stick it in the

fridge and this will marinate for about

eight hours this marinades actually

considered a legend here in Utah there's

this tiny little town with some of the

largest turkey farms and they have a

festival every year and so local church

congregations and groups would buy these

turkey breasts from the turkey farms

whip up this marinade because it's super

simple it's really affordable and then

they would grill it for all the people

and tourists that came to the festival

every summer and I think growing up

every mom on my street had their own

version of the Manti turkey marinade

recipe this one's mine

after eight hours of marinating we're

ready for the second step it's time to

head out to the smoker alright we've got

our grill preheated to 225 degrees we're

using Applewood cherry would also be a

great option those fruit woods are

really nice because they have a mild

smoke flavor it's not going to compete

with the bold flavors we have in the

marinade just remove your turkey breast

from your marinade just shake off any

excess liquid because you don't really

want that dripping down into the bottom

of your smoker

all right we're gonna close the lid in

two hours our target temperature is

going to be about 150 degrees Fahrenheit

all right it's been nearly two hours

time to check on our turkey just use an

instant-read thermometer in the thickest

part of the turkey breast we're right at

145 so that means I have a couple

minutes to prep for the final step which

is a sear to caramelize all of those

flavors on the outside I'm gonna be

doing that with a propane gas grill

we're gonna preheat this to about 600

degrees if you don't have a gas grill

you can also do this step in a cast-iron

skillet our turkey breast is at 150 that

means it's time for the final step which

is a nice sear on the outside for color

and for flavor this is only gonna take

about three to four minutes per side we

just want to finish cooking this turkey

until the internal temperature is 160

degrees Fahrenheit you can start to see

the carmelization from this high

temperature grill just creating that

nice char and crisp and crunch on the

outside of the turkey breast oh it's

looking so good I'm gonna turn it just a

little bit so we get those nice hatch

grill marks on top we're almost there

our turkey is at 160 that means it's

time to come off the grill

oh my goodness look at all the juices on

there you have that beautiful golden

color from the marinade combined with

that applewood smoke set it on your

serving platter cover it lightly with

foil we want this to rest for just a

couple of minutes and the carry over

cooking is gonna bring the internal

finish temperature up to about 165

degrees and then we're ready to slice

and eat our turkeys been resting for

about 10 minutes that means it's time to

take a piece it looks beautiful it

smells even better and now I get to eat

it oh you always come in at the most

convenient time what did you make today

a marinated smoked turkey resident not

just any marinade smoked turkey breast

I made the Manti turkey marinade for

this one wanna try a bite drink that juice

oh so good really good all right you

guys I hope you give this turkey

marinade a try if you do try at home

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dance for you see ya