An Easy Buffalo Chicken Totchos Recipe| Cooking Skills

buffalo chicken nachos I've just got
frozen tots and I'm sprinkling on some
chili powder and some cumin sprinkle
that over and then I'll give these a
frozen tots are pretty darn good as they
are but adding the chili powder and
cumin really kind of elevates them okay
they are all coated so I'm gonna bake
these in the oven they're gonna go on to
a rimmed sheet pan now I'm gonna bake
these in a 450 degree oven for about 35
minutes so I'm gonna move forward with
the buffalo chicken mixture I just added
some chicken breasts that I cut into
chunks and I'm adding plenty of salt and
pepper I just had a little butter in the
skillet and I'm gonna start browning
this before I move forward with the
sauce this kind of recipe is so much fun
because you can serve it to teenagers
after school if they have friends over
after a football game perfect for that
okay the chicken is starting to brown so
I have some more things to add to the
skillet I've got some finely minced
garlic and some sliced celery which kind
of ties into the buffalo chicken theme
and some sliced scallions okay when Alex
and Paige left for college
I swore things would never feel normal
again but we've kind of gotten a little
rhythm when the girls come home to visit
it's absolutely wonderful and then when
they go back we settle right back into
the mancave routine so now for the
Buffalo angle I've got Louisiana Hot
Sauce and I'm gonna pour in a whole
bottle this is a great quick way to make
buffalo chicken of course the classic is
buffalo chicken wings that takes a
little more time you have just fry the
wings and then simmer them in the sauce
okay I think that chicken is just about
done and I think the tops are ready to
come out of the oven they should be
golden and crisp and yes they are while
I'm here I'm gonna turn the broiler on
so that'll be ready
so now I'm gonna assemble the tacho ''s
but I want to get the tots into sort of
a group in the middle you basically want
to make a pile so first I'm gonna put on
just a little bit of cheese I'm using
pepper jack which you can use plain jack
sharp cheddar a mix of Colby jack and
then this very saucy spicy tasty chicken
goes on I'm gonna grab a bigger spoon
okay now you want to get a bunch of
chicken on top but you also want to get
sauce all over the mix it'll kind of
seep down into those crevices and then
the rest of the cheese goes on and this
is going to be such a scrumptious pile
of food right here okay now the pan goes
under the broiler just for two or three
minutes until the cheese is melted and
bubbly this is not a dish you want to
make ahead of time you make it right
before you serve it now I'm gonna make a
blue cheese ranch dressing to go with
the tacos you won't believe how easy
this is I've just got some prepared
ranch and I'm spiking it with just a
little bit of blue cheese
I'll give it a stir and add a little
pepper and a little bit of salt ranch is
basically a way of life with my
teenagers they eat ranch with pizza
chicken nuggets french fries I like to
spike it with just a little bit of blue
cheese to keep it consistent with
buffalo chicken okay that's the dressing
pretty sure that cheese is melted by now
we take a look oh yes it all makes sense
now doesn't it oh what a fun dish I love
it now of course you can serve little
ramekins with the ranch in it but I kind
of like to just go for it and drizzle it
on all over it kind of makes a mess but
that never bothers me now to garnish I
like to sprinkle on some celery leaves
so pretty and keeps driving home that
buffalo chicken point and then a whole
bunch of green onions well if you've
never seen buffalo chicken nachos before
in your life that just changed here they