5-Star Pasta, Pesto and Peas Recipe

then we're gonna make my pasta pesto and

pea salad

for my picnic so I cooked the pasta

already I actually made two different

kinds bow ties a little bow ties and

fusilli these but you can use any kind

of dried pasta so the first thing I'm

going to do is make pesto just wonderful

it's this basil and garlic really

old-fashioned Italian thing I need a

little bit of walnuts and the food

processor at a quarter of a cup

tablespoon of pignoli so it's your pine

nuts pesto is usually made with one of

the other but I like the flavor when you

make make it with both next ingredient

is garlic like three big pieces of

garlic and salt and pepper salt lots of

pepper I like it really spicy lots of

pepper and then one and a half cups of

basil just dump it right in then I'm

gonna puree this and then while that's

going on a pour in about a third of a

cup of olive oil

so that's basic pesto and then I'm gonna

add a few more ingredients to make a

sauce for some Parmesan cheese I

actually add spinach it's frozen chopped

spinach that's been defrosted about a

half a package and about 3/4 of a cup of

mayonnaise and just a squeeze of fresh

lemon this is a really great sauce on


cuz it's spicy and it's flavorful

nice lemon the lemon and the spinach are

gonna keep the pesto from turning brown

so that's the pasta and the pesto we've

toasted this together so you can really

smell the garlic and you see the spinach

has kept the pesto really green so now

we have pasta pesto we need Peas so I

have the frozen peas that I've defrosted

I'm just gonna add some maybe half a

package and for lots of flavor

I'm gonna add more Parmesan cheese it's

a little more salt and pepper and the

last ingredient is pignoli nuts

I think these really add just a great

flavor to the salad and they look great

so it's green and white so let's make

sure this tastes right oh it's so much

flavor Parmesan and basil and garlic

we love that garlic so that's all ready