Which Boxed Mac And Cheese Are The Best Of The Best?

we're here at Food Network and today we

are trying some macaroni and cheese from

a bucks we're trying 5 different brands

Jeremy did you grow up on macaroni and

cheese I did breakfast lunch and dinner

I'm excited in college I probably had it

more often than not Victoria do you

think you know which one is your

favorite before we even taste them the

so far Annie's is my favorite my

favorite is all of them and I love them

and I would marry them as I quit it's

not the right answer but before we get

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videos for you all right so let's get

started our first one here is Velveeta

cheer oh oh very creamy mmm this is the

late-night no is it real cheese no this

is the showstopper this is late night

you're craving mac and cheese you want

the gooeyness you want the texture it's

two shells no cheese don't really mix it

that's the worst take your hat off the

shell shape hmm and go with it I don't

have too much of a preference but it is

like chewy which I like very good right

you can use that for yourself and then

oh my god oh you don't want my spoon of

touches I mean I don't want your spoon

to touch my food okay it kind of looks

like your typical box mac and cheese

though the little two V's do you

remember a couple years ago there was

that like listicle about different

products to show up at different places

and they're called different things but

they're really the same thing but if

it's the same factory that makes the

noodles let's see if we can tell now

when I think we try to do is I think of

like it should be healthy or something

or like less expensive

all right I like it more doing this one

more greeting someone more cheese

I need more cheese this is just like

pasta whew it's doing something else

taste-wise it has that after you kateri

I don't have to ask whether this one is

cheese I know it's not oh gee I need to

know it's Kraft the original please tell

us in the comments I'm interested to see

the taste differently cream Trader Joe's

and this one they like stick together

more would you rather have Kraft Mac and

Cheese as is or say mac and cheese but

in shapes as is shapes dilute the actual

like cheese - pasta ratio and would

taste more like the Trader Joe's one oh

I almost say it has a little less of the

cheddar e flavor than the Trader Joe's

one mm-hmm but this is like tried and

true yeah I'll always eat this that's

great Oh God did you ever try to stack

up each little tube on the ends of the

fork oh yes yeah I don't even eat it

with a spoon

does this is any different from the

krafla Emily this one has more of a bite

to it which I like I also want to say

Inez is organic pudding mark Inez I feel

like you honestly could swap these out

and not now are they the right ones for

me it still goes

Velveeta Kraft Annie's Trader Joe's you

could have swapped in my winded note me


I think Annie's and Kraft kind of like

taste the same so similar I don't know

I've kind of been a nanny is Loyalists

over the past few ways but the other

visit my cheddar white cheddar with a

black pepper real good

Jeremy says adding ingredients that are

not in the box


this one's gonna be good look at those

ridges plus when you're done eating it

you can buy a rocking chair I've never

heard of Cracker Barrel you've never

heard of like the restaurants Cracker

Barrel I've never been so Cracker Barrel

so just what are you doing after work

that's almost like a Appleby is kind of

like change yeah this looks the most

like it would come out of like a

fast-food in like a little black carton

or something yep hmm do this one and

Velveeta taste very similar to me that's

why I like that but I guess is because

it's it has that creaminess to it I

think that this is the most cheesiest

that we've had so far like that cheese

Tang and that like is definitely powder

a nice Gouda

oh no if not the distinction between

making a mac and cheese with a packet of

liquid cheese versus a packet of

powdered cheese is important to me which

is also the case with Velveeta which is

why they're my favorite so now that

we've tasted them all we're gonna rank

them down the line Jeremy do you want to

go first sure I feel you're gonna be mad

at me when I talk

no no I do now Vitas one and he's - Wow


Kraft oh bronze metal then is it craker

or cracker cracker pie for barrel and

I'm sorry I love Trader Joe's odd to

Trader Joe's but I'm gonna put changes

last what do you think was your least

favorite an acidic Cracker Barrel is my

least favorite my least favorite is

Trader Joe's and I think it comes down

to the powder which I appreciate on the

intellectual level but I want it to be

creamy which is surprising does I shop

at Trader Joe's almost exclusively and I

guess I need to be shopping at Velveeta

if only they had a store my favorite out

of these five is actually Trader Joe's

my absolute favorite as predicted is

alveta close behind this Cracker Barrel

worst to best

I think Velveeta is definitely number

five number four for three I'm gonna say

Annie's just because it's very similar

to craft but I'm gonna say to four

cracker Belle and number one for craft I

don't know I'm going with the classics I

don't love it you don't love with my

decision I didn't judge your decision

you did you're right okay totally do

well I hope this hasn't been too cheesy

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