What Makes Butterfinger A Butterfinger? |The Secret To The Creamy Center

welcome to the home about a thing to

deliciously creative words come to mind

when workers describe the Butterfinger

bars and crotchety crotchety

Butterfinger is all about krispity

krunch the chocolaty experience at the

Nestle Factory in Franklin Park Illinois

they make more than 10 million

butterfingers butterfingers have been

around since the late 1920 then a candy

company went to the public for help with

an aide the Curtis candy company held a

public contest and the winning name was

Butterfinger at the time it was a name

that referred to an athlete a sports

player who could not keep his hand on a

ball all these years later many calls

come in to Nestle about the mystery

orange Center primarily what is it the

center of a Butterfinger candy bar is

really what makes Butterfinger

Butterfinger it's rich it's flaky it's

made with a creamy peanut butter and

from peanuts that we actually roast at

the factory

more than 100,000 pounds of peanut

butter mix in giant vats along with

another ingredient that just might

surprise you we use a Butterfinger is

cornflakes you heard right

cornflakes as you can see these

cornflakes are much different than what

you have for breakfast at home we have

these in their lot lighter and texture

and they add the depth of its and the

peanut butter to give the crispity

crunchity texture from a Butterfinger

you would expect meanwhile in another

kettle they work on a mixture of

molasses corn syrup sugar and water then

the mix gushes through pipes to a

cooking chamber below check this out the

hot sugary mix pours onto a cooling

wheel then spreads out crystallization

process the better we manage that under

certain time and temperature this is

what gives us that unique texture that

we need next a ripping of peanut butter

lines the middle and the whole thing

takes on a taffy like consistency then

it gently needs and folds on a slow

moving conveyors the way it comes

together is top secret that we cannot

show today we got to keep it under wraps


the Butterfinger flattens and forms into

long ropes then cuts down to individual

sizes next the bars take a ride through

a series of cooling tunnels that are a

quarter mile long back to the cooling

tunnels those bars have been going

through a process where they go through

a waterfall of coating chocolaty coating

to give us that unique flavor that we

need out of a Butterfinger

after a good chocolaty shower the bars

cool then March like a small army off

the packaging the entire process from

start to finish takes about one hour

Butterfinger is very popular not just

today but it has been for years people

have really enjoyed the unique

one-of-a-kind taste of Butterfinger

they've shared it with their friends

with their children through the