What's The Difference Between India And South Korea Dumplings| Dumplings Around The World

we're here at Food Network studios and

today we are trying dumplings from

around the world

Bobby what are your thoughts on

dumplings I'm general I love dumplings

Sara what's your take on dumplings I'm a

little biased to like Asian dumplings

how do you think the dumplings might

vary from country to country you know I

don't know I think I've only really had

traditional Asian dumplings before I'm

ready to broaden my dumpling right yeah

yeah but before we get started don't

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post new videos oh these are I think

these might be the biggest up like

everything they look like little tanks

these are called in collie from Georgia

loving everything that's going on here

so far I think that there might be juice

inside or soup inside which I'm hoping

for this feels like summer no ground

beef ground meat very good the outside

is super soft the inside has a lot of

flavor so these are definitely like

bigger oh so much better what I would

yeah picture definitely good bu the

texture and the feeling of it is much

lighter than the way it looks great job


these are fufu they're West African Oh

kind of consistently of that is not what

I expected

Oh Oh what what it's just all the way

through there's no filling in these this

is not what I think of as adopted

dumpling at all this is like not what I

would I don't like you I feel like the

texture is a lot different than I

thought it was me this is delicious

I'm pretty sure you sure plantains and I

am into it what is the definition of a

dumpling to me I'm gonna be honest this

is not a dumpling to me this is like a

dumpling like you get would find in like

American chicken soup with dumpling I

give them my fou endorsement

this is what you think of when you think

of a dumpling I wonder if it's in be

sweet it looks like it might be see

these are mo duck from hmm that's

saffron you think these are sweet oh my

God look at that my mouth started

watering like a crispy rice pudding

inside it tastes um kind of nutty

I definitely like savory more this is

delicious but I'm just gonna say it I'm

not here for a sweet dumpling that was

our mushrooms and a pile of noodles

these are pom money I think I'm saying

that right from Russia so do you look a

lot more like the first ones it almost

looks like there's cheese in here I

think these are gonna have like a

stroganoff kind of a thing what I think

this is beef tell me what you're


tell me everything you're feeling I love

these oh great or use your favorite so


mm-hmm I've ever had anything like this

before hmm these aren't my favorite I

don't think they have a lot of flavor

I'm more into the mushrooms than I am

the dumplings of what being honest

not a fan I don't ya know I really like


they're my favorite because of all of

that like I could just I would just eat

and eat and eat these all day long

mon Dieu from Korea and

great this is a textbook dumpling I

think I think the dumpling on itself is

good it has flavor and then you dip it

into that sauce and it's game over so I

honestly don't know if I'm loving this

meat on the inside company the last one

we just had this one as far as the

dumpling mm-hmm the robe as its called

I don't think it's I really don't think

that is like a thing on its own when I

get a dumpling I personally prefer a

steamed dumpling this is exactly what I


Momo's from Nepal have you ever had

these before I have yeah from like a

food truck oh yeah oh my god that smells

good these are delicious mmm these are

my favorite

once again the robe is meaningful

classic pork savory sadly definitely a

pork dumpling there's salty as a Momo

for savory they're very cool mommy yes

hmm and the pork is super tender but it

just like punches you in the face with

flavor I think my favorite was

definitely the one from Nepal I do my

favorite was the Korean one okay that

one was good too

yeah there's just something about it

classic crazy or something all the way

could not have been better the best

beyond that I would say for me was the

fufu I didn't expect it to come I

thought it was delicious I thought that

sauce was delicious I would definitely

try the one that was more of a sweet

dumpling again I wasn't expecting a

Russian dumpling say no he's not good is

that your second favorite dumpling

that's definitely my second favorite

really yeah I mean the fufu definitely

gets sort of a boost because it was

totally unexpected it tastes really good

yeah I had no idea that something like

that existed but as far as flavor I love

the I can't remember what it was called

but it was awesome the Russian dumpling

do you have a favorite dumpling lettuce

in the comments below until next time