What Is Cumin Potatoes | Cooking Recipe

hey you guys it's the JI back at you

with another video and today we are

going to be making one of my mom's

recipes I know how much you guys love my

mom I feel like I need to bring her on

the channel very soon I know a lot of

you guys out there like yeah yeah do it

so maybe we're gonna do a mom recipe

soon but for now it is me flying solo

and she has been kind enough to share

with me her recipe for jeera aloo now

jeera aloo is a stewed potato curry it

goes amazingly well with poor ease if

you want the recipe for poor ease it's

like a deep-fried flatbread go search

through my channel it is there I have an

incredible recipe that puffs up every

single time and this curry is amazing

because it's Tomatoes it's potatoes it's

peas and they're all stood together with

a bunch of spices and it's really really

simple to make but before we make this

to y'all

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you need is there let's make a potato

curry together alright so there's only

one thing that you guys need to chop up

this entire recipe and that is a tomato

actually two tomatoes which makes it two

things but one type of thing if that

makes any sense and we're gonna chop

this up nice and fine alright so you

want to choose tomatoes that are nice

and ripe and juicy because you want them

to break down quickly as they cook up

and to facilitate that even further I

like to chop them up nice and fine just

like that and a sharp knife obviously

helps with that a time and this is what

my tomatoes look like when they're

chopped up in addition to my chopped

tomatoes I also have a couple of large

potatoes that I boiled with their skins

on once they were fork tender and tender

right through the middle you want to

test that with a little knife a paring

knife I just peeled them and this is

what they look like when they're done

and now we're ready to hit the stove

so I have a big pot here and I've added

a little bit of ghee it's melted down

and it's nice and warm and to that I'm

going to add some cumin seeds and we're

gonna toast these off for about 10 to 15

seconds they're gonna crackle and

release all their flavor into the

now we're gonna go in with a few ground

spices so I have some asafoetida which

is also known as hing it's an important

Indian spice some turmeric for a

gorgeous golden hue as well a little bit

of chili for heat and again we're gonna

stir this around it's gonna perfume the

ghee and look at that color already

sensational and this takes only about 10

to 15 seconds now I'm gonna add in my

tomatoes OOP hear that sizzle I'm gonna

crank the heat up to about medium we're

gonna coat them in this spice geez and

cook them out until they're nice and

jammy and soft


all right so my tomatoes have cooked

down nicely they're nice and jammy and

there are a few chunks here and there

which is okay for me because that adds

texture now I'm gonna go in with a

little bit of water and we're gonna

season this mixture up with some salt

I'm just gonna take my boiled potato and

start to break it up and crumble it in

to this pot with my hands and the reason

I do this instead of chopping it up is

because you're gonna get nice creamy

bits nice chunky bits and it's just

gonna make the texture of the jira all

do all that more interesting so in with

the first and then in with the second

perfect and now we're gonna cook this

mixture until it thickens slightly so

the potato's gonna give up a little bit

of its starch and just make this entire

Curry's come together so we have some

beautiful green peas here and to tell

you the truth they are frozen I just ran

them under a little bit of cold water to

bring them back to life I'm gonna add

this into the curry and they're only

gonna take about 20 seconds to keep

through and then they go so pretty I

love the green against that beautiful

orange hue and we're just gonna stir and

look at that how gorgeous and about 30

seconds from now these peas are gonna be

perfect I want you guys to take a look

at the texture so we have bits of potato

that are chunky the broth that sort of

accumulated around it is now thickened

from the starch of the potato so so

beautiful the last thing to do is to

garnish so I'm just gonna turn the heat

off and a nice little sprinkling fresh

chopped coriander over the top and

that's it you guys an amazing jeera aloo

ready in 15 minutes and perfectly paired

with some hot pour ease

all right it's time for the taste I'm

gonna get a little bit of everything on

my spoon I hope this isn't too hot mmm

it is just perfect mmm I love my mom's

recipes because they're so simple and

recreating this just like takes me back

to my childhood it is nice and creamy

and delicate you have that little pop of

acidity from the tomatoes but the

richness of the ghee really comes

through and I love the simplicity of the

spices in this one it's just cumin seed

which gives you a little bit of crunch

in those three spices the heat from the

chili that golden turmeric and the

asafoetida that gives you a little bit

of an onion vibe this is one of my

favorite vegetarian curries so so good

and get ready to scoop it up with some

hot pour ease again that recipe is on my

channel jeera aloo it's a winner I hope

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