Traditional Thai Fried Chicken Recipes | Thai Food

hi everyone

no ice here come to you upon the jungle

judge yogi this one respondent Lee

lookout beautiful we'll show you how we

make this a lighter

I gotta make special fandom chicken be

this enough silly now


okay ready now time home cooking with

mom and all and then chicken very

special is not something we make every

day this one for dinner party or

something special look very fancy that's

very easy now I show you how the way


first we're gonna make man I the chicken

let's call it to straighten it

part a little bit to get the skin now


sit like this now you can take the skin

off now the white pepper

are you the white peppercorn you can use

black peppercorn - white peppercorn have

a mild flavor put it in either and

powder these are the power look like

this and you put into the chicken we're

using chicken size and you can use

breast own I like the size make nice and

juicy look I smell the garlic and fiber

I smell good now I wanted a bit oyster

sauce and mix it around this is a favor

dish I did make for my family or my my

friend for my party coming everyone like

no I planned I'm chicken get laid with

my knife a little while

I gotta make a dipping sauce dipping

sauce okay and very simple by some sugar


in some water now the soy sauce just no

more soy sauce I won't relax with soy

sauce this one will give an eye color

let's make it hot and make it to Camille

so they smell good you have to stick it

now look at Milton now little bit thick

but in a little bit thicker when they

cool down


now okay time for the chicken inside we

call Kai home like the Panda and

chickens back there I mean pandan leaves

are your foundation cross this shop

usually fresh I never see any frosting

this one has beautiful flavor look make

a chicken look special give a nice

flavor to you just trim it up it just

look like this if you can't find pendant

you can use banana leaf but I not leave

won't be easy to find

okay let's wrap it up you fall annoying

to show you the way I like to leave my

hand little bit of water don't get too

sticky be the chicken you start from the

bottom one see it lift like this

chicken like this okay we should drop

that the chicken wrap up like this to

cover the chicken

you see nice and kids and you get to

speak it's a secured it you can make and

you can freeze them you want to cook it

your coach cook when they froze thing

you fry when they froze just like that

you see what I did there

let me show you again go do it slow






oh I forgot

now that's cooking but then I say that

earlier too many things were notable a

busy lady you know

now we're gonna fry the chicken I just

filled up the oil we just paste the oil

when they they start to bubble just

being that ready

despite not quiet I love to ask what

kind of oil we use I wish you can use

vegetable oil peanut oil I like to use

vegetable oil this battle bub oh now

stop bubbling mm-hmm

now the oil ready we put out a chicken

oh look at that see the bubbling that's

what you want let the crowd the pan the

burner oil was soaked up too much you

see the colic just give it up the wise

we burned

we don't want it burned you can smell

the pungent already so I like a really

laughs smell ok ready now


rhaenyra paper towel and look at chicken

nice and golden it smells so good now

okay to cook another one



okay now we're ready put the chicken out

a nice place in a dipping sauce


look at that another wheel of road noise

and when you ate that you have to take

out a chicken you take that to speak out

you don't eat the pond down this it's

just just like that

can eat with rice or it might himself

like that like a snack like a title and

utensils dip on on the chicken place

beautiful chicken beautiful you can

taste the pandan flavor and the garlic

with the paper chicken very juicy the

league gotta keep the juicy always good

of course because mama know I make you

trust know


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