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Jack challenges Julia to a tasting of

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the practice of deviling that is

flavoring food with mustard pepper and

sometimes vinegar it dates back to

before the 18th century now back in the

1950s it really came into its stride and

everything was doubled you had deviled

eggs you had deviled ham and even

deviled pork chops I've eaten a few of

those and they're not really that good

but we've got someone here he's gonna

solve all of our deviling problems it's

our angel L and she's gonna show us how

to make the perfect double pork chops

well this recipe is a throwback classic

and it's one of my favorites so there

are three components to this dish and

the first is gonna be the crust okay

okay we're starting with half a cup of

panko because it has a nice craggy

texture so I'm gonna Brown the pinko in

two tablespoons of unsalted butter for

about three to five minutes over medium

heat well that makes sense you're not

starting off with just raw breadcrumbs

and hoping that they get crisp in the

oven starting off with something that's

already crisp right those look great

it's beautiful nice and brown you can

hear the crunch super crispy I'm just

gonna transfer her to a ball and so what

I'm gonna add a teaspoon of salt

this first one flavor okay so I'm just

gonna set that aside for now all right

so the second component of our dish is

our paste right so this is the part that

makes the bread crumb stick it's the

part that actually gives the whole chop

its flavor

it's the deviling and it's the glue yep

and guess what this is where the Devils

in the details so our charge here is to

create a bold flavor that has a balance

between spiciness and acidity okay right

okay super important here so I'm gonna

start with a quarter cup of Dijon

mustard we're starting off pretty

intense here also 2 teaspoons of packed

brown sugar one and a half teaspoons of

dried mustard two kinds of

Sturridge 1/2 teaspoon of garlic that's

been minced into a pace 1/4 teaspoon of

cayenne pepper there's the heat oh yeah

one teaspoon each of pepper and salt you

see where we're going here I do and I

see that use two different kinds of

pepper you're bringing the Hades to the

set here oh yeah oh yeah there's levels

to this we have a great combination of

spiciness acidity so I'm just gonna set

this aside and we're gonna start working

on our chops sounds good okay Bridget we

have our main component pork chops and

they're on a wire rack set into a baking

sheet that we've sprayed with nonstick

cooking spray okay and there's a reason

for that we'll get there so I'm just

gonna Pat these dry it's gonna help our

mustard paste stick properly and these

aren't those paper thin pork chops that

I've seen done before these are what

like an inch thicker yep every quarter

to an inch thick and never use bone-in

pork chops for total right jobs cuz that

breading coats everything I've made that

mistake once all right I'm gonna start

putting the paste on and you only need

about a tablespoon per shock I'm gonna

paste them all and you can brush it on

good idea divvy it up first that way you

know that you haven't run out by the

time you get to the last one so I'm

gonna brush the tops and the sides and

there's no need to brush the bottom

because it'll just stick to the pan and

we want to savor all the flavor we don't

wanna waste anything and all that would

just strip down and be gone am I gone so

each chop gets two tablespoons of Kenko

okay that's quite a bit too yes good

you're not skimping on anything no this

is how we get the crunch factor no

skimping here uh-huh and I'm just

spreading it out with the tablespoon you

can use your hands if you like and these

are natural pork chops too right yes so

it's a good idea to use natural here

especially because we're breading them

if you use enhanced pork chops that's

pork chops that have been soaked or

injected with a saline solution well

they can actually start to weep a little

bit and you might get kind of a soggy

crust plus natural port just tastes

better these look amazing and they're

ready for the other they're gorgeous

they actually look like they're already

cooked well no they're not they're not

they're not and one of the most common

mistakes in cooking these double pork

chops is that they get dried out from

the broiling method that we use and

they're cooking from the outside in

right what we want to do

is cook it low and slow at 275 degrees

for 40 to 50 minutes so they can cook

evenly so the whole method to me makes

so much sense you pre brown the red

comes because a 275 they're not really

gonna brown that much in the oven right

for that length of time and there was no

searing on the stovetop because you're

coating it with beautiful breadcrumbs

don't need to do it we don't need to do

it all right we're going to cook it for

250 minutes or until the internal

temperature is 140 degrees oh my

goodness gorgeous I'm so ready babies

look what we did it looks amazing

all right so I'm just gonna attempt

these going into the center make sure

it's at 140 degrees yeah we're there oh

so good I know and then you want to eat

these right away but we have to let them

rest for about 10 minutes

all right so they'll cool down but also

they're gonna rise in temperature just a

little bit just a little bit all right

don't let that little devil on your

shoulder tempt you to touch these child

yeah well Georgia that guy guess what

time it is

I hope it's eating time it is definitely

eating time as a chop for you orgeous

and you know a crunchy bread crumb

coating you know sometimes used to hide

some mistakes with them but I doubt it

with you it's only one way to find out

look at that meat it's so moist and

juicy that is beautiful its evenly

cooked as well oh yeah I'm going in

you're going in yeah getting the whole

package here that fiery spicy balance is

there it is fiery there's some kick

there but it's also tangy mm-hmm I like

that a little bit of sweet from the

brown sugar

yeah and that Tang eNOS from the Dijon

mustard it's crunchy super crunchy to a

complexity of the flavor of that paste

yeah it's perfection thank you for

bringing us these amazing double pork

chops my pleasure

well if you want to make these at home

and I'm telling you you do want to make

them at home it all starts with a great

crust and you start by toasting panko

but err make a sweet and spicy paste

with brown sugar cayenne and both Dijon

and dry mustard cut the tops of 1-inch

pork chops with the paste and crumbs and

slow roast them until just cook through

of course you have to rest them and then

you get to devour so from our Test

Kitchen to your kitchen juicy crunchy

and a little spicy like us jobs so good

let's check back in


a few years ago chocolate bars got fancy

with cacao percentages and origin

stories and today chocolate chips are

experiencing a very similar Renaissance

along with bigger price tags so Jax here

to tell us if any of these fancy chips

are worth it do you want the good news

first always always good news first

these are so much better than the last

time we did a taste test in 2009 but on

average the prices doubled Wow double

yeah basically these are the same

quality as now eating chocolate oh

that's good news so start eating

alright we did the taste test the exact

way that you were doing it right from

the package we also baked with the

cookies can you guess what we made with

them chip cookies yeah and we found very

similar characteristics the only thing

that really changed were there were a

couple of brands that were rectangular

chunks hmmm that we really love straight

from the package but caused all kinds of

problems in the oven blobs too much not

enough chocolate they didn't spread

properly basically those big chunks were

causing irregularities in the cookies

and so although we like the way they

tasted they ended up at the bottom of

the rankings I didn't bring any of those

here because you were gonna like them

they didn't take very well I appreciate

that so big thing here that you want to

be looking for is first of all sugar

level mm-hmm so those percentages that

are listed on the package the cacao

basically the balance of sugar so it

says 60% cacao that means it's roughly

40% sugar there may be a little bit of

an emulsifier lecithin a little bit of

vanilla but that's get one maybe two

percent at most and the balance is going

to be sugar no surprise we thought that

the brands with less sugar add more

chocolate flavor so that's a good thing

second thing that you want to be

thinking about is what is that chocolate

flavor you know during the processing

manufacturers can bring out routine oats

black cherry mmm vanilla sort of you

know tropical things they could also

bring out espresso smoke whether it's

almost like wine it is almost like wine

and people are very serious about

chocolate all kinds of chocolate

including the chocolate chip to any

impressions of the four samples that are

here um this one tastes remarkably

familiar to me

and I'm wondering if this isn't what I

grew up with which is Nestle's

semi-sweet chocolate so that's my first

impression okay this one was very fruity

and you're talking about fruit at the

time I was tasting it so maybe I was

influenced but it reminded me of some

really bitter fruity chocolates that I'm

actually not a huge fan of I appreciate

it but not the biggest fan

these are delicious I could just sit

here and snack on these all day so I'm

in love with these these these are

pretty good I have to say their size is

kind of the classic size I grew up with

but they have a better flavor than these

so if I were to rate them I think these

you are actually by the way it's

supposed to rate them I would put these

as first these are second these are good

they're a different style than I like

but I appreciate the quality and these

would be last okay I should say that the

differences in size here these did not

impact the cookies as long as it had the

round classic teardrop shape it didn't

cause any problems with the cookies in

terms of distribution of the chocolate

so small chip big chip it's really

personal preference alright so let's

start with my favorite so you chose

Nestle's newer more expensive sort of

more upscale products this is their

bittersweet chip so we probably both

grew up on semi-sweet morsels their

sugar content is about 57% sugar content

here is really closer about 38% much

much lower and so you get more chocolate

flavor they're also a little bigger

which I think has a psychological impact

and you think more chocolate it's a

bigger chip all right now let's go with

these which I kind of recognizes having

a fancier flavour they're fancier I'm

surprised you didn't like it that was

the tasters favorite ah so that's from

Kara deli that is their 60% now they

also make a semi sweet which we did not

like nearly as much this is actually the

exact same formula as our winning bar

chocolate Ghirardelli 60% bar chocolate

is our favorite we actually called after

the tasting they're like yeah they're

the exact same thing we just put them in

two different bowls

wow that's new yeah that is new we like

this it sounded like you wanted a more

classic flavor

I did but I do appreciate the flavor

profile in here and I know it's very

popular so we're really wanna go next

this one which I also really enjoy your

back and you're eight years old again

I am I agree with you and most things

I'm gonna disagree with you here things

are too sweet

they are only 43% cacao

and I want more chocolate okay you can

have your sugar okay I'm taking the

chocolate I like that and these which

actually I in my head thought were the

original what are these they're from a

company called guitard yeah who's the

runner up again sort of hi cacao this

was our favorite of all the different

guitar products I'm again we thought

just a lot of chocolate flavor and

personality alright so there you have it

I guess I'm a classic girl but if you

want to buy the best chip on the market

reach for the Ghirardelli sixty percent

premium baking chip at about four

dollars of 39 cents per bag


not all liquids behave like this water

which pours exactly the same every

single time some liquids change

drastically depending on what we do to

them go Joe Joe is running on top of a

mixture of cornstarch and water it's a

liquid but it acts like a solid when we

apply force to it if Joe stops moving

he'll sink right in stop Joe that is an

example of a shear thickening liquid

because it gets thicker when we apply

force to it in the kitchen we deal with

lots of shear thinning liquids like

these in front of me I have mayonnaise

oyster sauce mustard hoisin and ketchup

they go from a semi solid to a liquid

when we apply force let's check out this

ketchup when I turn the bottle upside

down nothing happens when I tap on the

side it suddenly starts to flow because

it changes based on outside force you

often end up with a lot more ketchup

than you bargained for so if you've ever

struggled to get ketchup out of a glass

bottle remember to tap gently and just

wait for it to thin on the other hand if

you ever find yourself in a vat of

cornstarch and water keep running


hi I'm here into the Test Kitchen today

with Sayla she's 9 years old and we are

testing oven mitts designed for kids we

you decided to test oven mitts as

opposed to pot holders because you

really want the whole hand covered we

always recommend that a parent be

standing by wearing their own oven mitts

so that you can supervise to make sure

that nobody gets burned and first we

started out by saying like our grown-up

of admit would that work for kids so why

don't you try that on how's it feel way

too big way too big yeah your hand is

like lost in there no I feel like you're

gonna stop it yeah that would not be

good so that's why we went and looked at

ones that are scaled down for kids let's

try some of these on how about this guy

okay this is the way - oh wait you small

yeah maybe for super tiny kids who are

playing but it probably won't fit the

size of someone who's like at the

appropriate age for cooking totally


she's small yeah right yeah we found

that - try this little guy with the

polka dots too small too small you want

this guys I can't get it right here so

it's like to pick it up yeah you can't

make it your yeah girls like you have no

thumb right we tried this one made from

neoprene which is what they use for

wetsuits it's really not flexible I

can't even pick it up and then pulling

it off not so much fun either so this

one was kind of yeah we don't like that

one either

and this one if you put that on it comes

up your arm a little bit so this one

gives you a little bit more protection

than some of these other ones that are

really short it fits very well yeah I

feel like you have a good grip on it

yes and that much fabric is there a

pastor he answers it sticking out too

much or does it feel good feel this is

our favorite for kids and it's called

the William Sonoma junior chef of admit

it's 795 each we recommend that you buy

two of them so you have both hands


most recipes for oven fries are

downright terrible they turn out a

little something like this they're

mostly pale except on the ends where

they're incredibly tough and burnt

they're very flabby and on the inside

they're just really mealy and starchy so

today we're gonna solve the oven fry

problem once and for all because lawns

here and she cooked over 10 pounds of

potatoes every day for over three weeks

in order to get it just right and by my

estimation that's a lot of potatoes sure

is and most of them pretty bad oh really

oh yes but we're not gonna do that today

we figured out how to make them taste

great have that perfect texture and be

nice and fluffy on the enzymes moan tall

order yes we're going to start with the

flavor so the key to french fry flavor

is to get the oil to oxidize slightly

that's what happens when you fry since

we're not frying in the oven we have to

find a way around that mm-hmm I'm

starting with baking spray and I'm just

gonna coat this pan generously and then

for the oil flavor I have three

tablespoons of vegetable oil

okay so baking spray then vegetable oil

is the key right what we're doing here

isn't just preventing the fries from

sticking the cooking sprays can help the

vegetable oil stay spread out across the

surface of the pan and that's how we

ensure that every fry has just that

right amount of flavor well because

that's not a lot of oil no no you see a

lot of recipes that call for 1/3 to 1/2

a cup of oil and you end up with kind of

greasy fries and sometimes the smoking

oven and that was I've done that so now

I'm just tilting the pan to make sure

it's evenly distributed so the reason we

coated that baking sheet with cooking

spray before adding the vegetable oil is

because it allows us to use less oil

overall well how does that work well

comes down to the lecithin in the baking


see lecithin is a special molecule it

has two sides one side that's generally

sticky and the other side that's

attracted to oil so when you spray it on

the baking sheet the sticky side sticks

to the metal the side that likes the oil

is facing up so when you pour the oil on

top of it it disperses evenly over the

baking sheet making a nice thin layer so

we can get away with using just three

tablespoons looks great okay next up the

fries I have Yukon Gold potatoes here

hmm and we're using Yukons because they

have a nice thin skin and we don't have

to peel them so I'm just gonna cut them

first in half lengthwise alright so you

went through the thin part of the potato

yes that just means we'll get more fries

per potato and I'm trimming a tiny

sliver off the long side of each half

instead of cutting the traditional wedge

shape or even the matchstick we're gonna

go with planks that ensures two flat

sides for nice browning and crisp eNOS

and we don't have to flip them as often

ah very clever that's it this is 2

pounds of Yukon Golds okay next if I

were to take those potatoes and just

dump them on this sheet pan pop them in

the oven they're not gonna crisp up I've

done that it doesn't work now what we

can do is put something on the outside

that we know will crisp up and that

ingredient is corn starch I've got three

tablespoons here and instead of just

sprinkling this on the potatoes which

will make the fries end up being a

little dusty we're gonna mix it with

some water 3/4 of a cup but you can't

put the potatoes in this either no that

looks pretty watering yeah nothing's

gonna stick what we're gonna do is pop

this in the microwave that's gonna cook

the corn starch just a little bit we'll

end up with something that's a little

pudding like but it'll be thick enough

to coat the planks really nicely it's

gonna take anywhere between one to three

minutes and I'll be stirring every 20

seconds so here we go it really

transforms for those few minutes in the

microwave yeah so it's pretty warm but

not too thick not too thin if you do

overdo it a little bit you can just add

a couple tablespoons of water maybe a

little at a time whisk it in thin it out

so it brings it right back yeah thank

you so I'm just gonna add these potatoes

plonk right and I like to get in there

with my hands it's a little hard to get

them to separate sometimes if you're

using a spatula so what I'm looking for

here is to make sure the potatoes are

each lightly coated with this goo once

they are we're gonna transfer them to

the baking sheet so long I gotta tell

you this looks really weird feels really

weird too and I got some weird looks in

the kitchen when I was doing this but

it's totally worth it all right so these

look great they look right I'm trusting

you at this point they look right

there's just a thin coating on here

let's get them on the baking

all right I just want to make sure

there's a tiny bit of space in between

each plank so that they're not touching

each other or getting glued to each

other yeah they're actually pretty well

spread out on that baking sheet yeah I

found that if you crowd the baking sheet

they don't Brown as quickly and it's not

as satisfying okay so one last thing to

do we're gonna cover these guys with

aluminum foil this has been greased

we're covering them so that they steam

in the oven that'll take about 12

minutes in 425 degree oven the very

lowest rack of the oven and then I'll

remove that foil and let them brown on

the first side and that'll take anywhere

between 10 to 18 minutes

whew they smell like fries

they look like fries or they will when I

flip them right the cornstarch coating

is mostly disappeared which is great and

I'm just gonna flip these over whoa I

was not expecting them to look like that

when she flipped him over and all of

that with just three tablespoons of oil

that's a real feat yes this looks great

this is ideal the center ones are

usually less Brown they'll darken a tiny

bit in the oven as they continue to

brown all right back in the end they go

yes they're gonna go in for another 10

to 18 minutes to brown that second side

and we're using the very lowest rack of

the oven because then the fries are

right up against the heating element

makes sense my goodness

that is quite a transformation right

don't they smell great they smell


it went from really weird-looking to

really amazing looking you wouldn't know

if they had looked weird earlier right

so first things first we're gonna season

them just like with all fries you want

to get the salt on while the potatoes

are hot I've got a half a teaspoon of

table salt here and it might sound like

a lot but you'll notice a ton of this is

sticking to the pan so don't worry I'm

just gonna give them a quick toss one of

the things that makes french fries taste

like fries is that salt and we want to

make sure it's getting on early enough

that it sticks boy they surprise really

make a sound on that baking sheet they

sound crisp they are he says the most

beautiful of a fries I've ever seen

so let's get these off we want to make

sure they're blotted so they're not

greasy I'm just gonna give them a quick

little tap get rid of this paper so you

ready for price am I ready for fries I

see you have some ketchup here I'm all

about the condiments are you yeah mmm

it has such a crisp exterior tasting

rice right it tastes like a fried you

can see that nice creamy interior that's

hard to get on any fried much less an

oven fry I mean look at this that's a

gorgeous fry no matter what kind of fry

it is much less than it came out of an

oven the only three tablespoons of oil

long these are oven fry perfection so if

you want to make the ultimate oven fries

start with a rimmed baking sheet and

spray it with cooking spray men

vegetable oil cut Yukon Gold potatoes

into evenly thick planks and make a

cornstarch slurry by cooking water and

cornstarch together in the microwave

after tossing the fries with the slurry

and arranging them on the baking sheet

roast them on the lowest draft of a

425-degree oven covering them with foil

at the beginning and flipping them over

a part way through cooking you know

forget to season them with salt while

they're still hot from America's Test

Kitchen to your kitchen killer recipe

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this recipe and all the recipes from

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