Tips On How To Make Pork Tenderloin With Roasted Grapes

today I'm going to be making a seared

pork tenderloin with a grape sauce and

mashed sweet potatoes yes it's the sweet

sweet potatoes but we're gonna put big

crunchy bacon in there we're gonna put a

little brown sugar we're gonna put a

little cumin and a little cayenne my

pork tenderloin I am going to sear in

the bacon fat and then I'm going to dust

it with toasted ground fennel seeds so

that brings another sort of like very

very interesting flavor to the mix sweet

potatoes are gonna take us the longest

so we start them off in cold water and

it kind of equalizes the cooking speed

all the way around if we put the

potatoes in boiling water even when we

cut them into uniform sizes the outside

of the potato will be way overcooked by

the time the middle gets cooked at all

next I have bacon that I'm going to

render so I'm gonna take about four

strips of bacon and I'm gonna cut them

into large zones just a cross-section of

the bacon about a quarter of an inch so

my bacon I'm making sure that it's a

nice even layer on the bottom of my pan

so I'm going to toast our cumin and then

I'm going to grind them so it's a dry

saute pan with nothing in it if your

spices burn and throw away and start

over all right these guys are done so

you just grind it up till it's a nice

powder a fine mmm fennel seeds

all right my bacon doing nice things but

not quite where it needs to be yet

fennel seeds just about ready to be

toasted you're looking for a powder

really nice I know it really just brings

out the flavour so we are using a pork

filet mignon so we're gonna season these

guys up very generously Clark especially

pork tenderloins don't have a lot of fat

in them so they can dry out really

really quickly this is why we are going

to cook our pork in bacon fat so it's

gonna give it a nice big fat flavor so

if I crowd my pan instead of getting

nice and brown things will just seem

like that's starting to look really

delicious isn't it yeah so on all the

sides while these guys are finishing up

I'm just going to get my chives cut dust

with toasted ground fennel seed yeah

really good that on there so we are

gonna put these guys in the oven that

we're gonna go about like seven minutes

poke it maybe turn your tray round and

then seven more minutes okay so while

this is happening you guys can be dicing

a shallot shallots cuz they're like an

onion but a little bit sweeter so I'm

gonna give just a little squeeze of new

oil for my shallots in my pan I've got

this on like a medium-low heat I'm going

to season them with salt so I have port

and then I'm really just gonna use that

to scrape the crud and get all that

delicious flavor off the bottom alright

so I'm gonna let that reduce like cook

back down to almost dry in the meantime

I'm gonna add a whole bunch of grapes

what I want the grapes to do is kind of

like puff up and burst a little bit and

let out their lovely grape juices and

then look like the deflated now in the

meantime I'm going to finish my mashed

potatoes so hot cream and cold butter

helps set a beautiful texture of your


a little human in there a little tiny

pinch of cayenne now I'm gonna add just

a little bit of salt ooh I'm sorry I'm

gonna add just a tablespoon of your

light brown sugar to my potatoes as well

so the last thing I'm gonna add is the

bacon really developing good flavors

there and so keep an eye on this guy's

because the port has a lot of sugar in

it and sugar can burn really easily I'm

adding in chicken stock to come up about

halfway up the grapes and then I'm gonna

let it reduce and then I'm gonna add

some more it's a dance all right so

we're gonna let this guy rest all right

just so well my pork is resting I'm just

gonna taste my sauce to make sure that

amazing things are happening I really

like that now I'm going to plate my

potatoes first take a nice big table

looking scrape the end off and let it

just fall off your spoon board so on the

bias all right we're gonna lay this guy

right on top of there but like now

spread them out a little bit and just

boom my grapes out I don't want to like

threw the grapes around all uh you know

sort of all over the place it's gonna

finish with some chives go ahead and dig

it right you like the grapes when you

bite them it's like and it's like a warm

like flavor juicy yummy explosion so

okay we're we're doing savory things

like the pork with sweet stuff and then

we're doing sweet potatoes with savory

things like oh you can play around with

stuff like that