Tips On How To Make Meatballs with Marinara | Cooking Skills

hi guys welcome back how are you all

feeling we're gonna be making meatballs

with a marinara sauce we are also going

to be making a ricotta cheese whoa

you're like what we're gonna make the

cheese we're the worst cooks in America

you guys are ready for your main dish


so what to get started with I'm going to

render some pancetta so I'm gonna take

about half my pancetta I'm going to

slice it sticks dices things like

pancetta and bacon much easier to cut

when they're cold so I'm gonna kind of

melt the fat out of there and then I'm

going to use that fat to saute my onions

in so I need onions for my sauce and for

my meatballs so what do you think I just

get cutting them all right now cutting

and cooking them and then I'm going to

split some of them off some for my

meatballs and some of my sauce look at

me multitasking and thinking ahead

alright so look at we have a nice

handful of fat my pancetta it's like a

nice little golden brown I have onions

for both my balls and my sauce I'm

adding a pinch of crushed red pepper so

I have my onions on like a medium-high

heat I'm going to let these sweat until

they're soft and translucent and very

aromatic in the meantime I'm going to

get my garlic ready I'm gonna do about

five folks garlic and I want like nice

big ones you know we're making meatballs

in tomato sauce you want to feel a nice

garlic presence in alright so I'm gonna

give this a little tiny bit more oil if

you don't have enough oil on here things

will just burn what we're cooking out

here is the water from our onion when

you cook water off what stays in the pan

is the flavor so what you're doing is

kind of concentrating the flavor

that right there is a chef facial let me

tell you all right so this is what we

call Italian flat-leaf parsley we just

want the leaves of these guys we don't

want the stems pulled all the stems like

flowers and then let's just give the

leaves a shape I get it into the very

smallest place that I can okay all right

so look at what we got going on here we

can see these are sweaty we're really on

the road to something delicious all

right so I'm going to take half of this

out because if I put these screamin hot

onions on top of the the gravity it

would sort of start to cook the meat and

then it would not stick together so

we're just gonna let this cool off a

little bit we're going to bounce back

over to here we're going to build the

sauce in this pan mm-hmm

rinse that water out in there get oh

that's like a restaurant country so I'm

just gonna give this a little bit of a

place my tomatoes I'm gonna add a bunch

of water to my sauce - so tomato sauce

working all right now I'm ready to put

my meatballs together we have three

different kinds of meat veal pork and

beef each one brings a different thing

to the party you have two eggs about 1/2

a cup of breadcrumbs my parsley I'm

going to start with about a half a cup

of Parmesan cheese onions and garlic

that are already ready already solved


yes you've got to keep put some moisture

in there the moisture is gonna cook out

so if I don't add any moisture in and it

cooks out then I'm gonna be left with a

tough drive off I'm just gonna cook my

tester patty I'm gonna go wash my hand

and then we're gonna get tasty now my

tomato sauce look I brought it to a boil

I'm gonna reduce it to a simmer tomatoes

are very very sweet so this is why

really need to taste them a lot because

they take a lot of salt so here we go

one more time you guys you feel the

darling salt turns the volume up on the

flavor while I'm waiting for my tester

patty I'm going to get this stuff

together for my ricotta I'm going to put

it on a burner and I bring to boil so

I'm gonna taste this guy

I've got pretty good but I'm gonna add a

little bit more cheese and a little bit

more salt

there's different schools of thought

about this next step there are some

people that say fry them which is a

great way but it takes a lot of time and

it's really really reading message what

do you think I'm gonna do I'm going to

bake them in the oven on a really high

temperature like five hundred degrees so

the protein firms up quickly and they

start to brown a little bit so I'm

getting like a two-for-one deal and a

clean kitchen all right

so when we're making cheese ricotta

basically what it is is cooked milk and

heavy cream and then we are going to add

some vinegar to this and what that is

going to do is gonna make the milk

solids in here krutov I am going to add

a little bit of salt to this and I'm

gonna add two tablespoons of vinegar

that's gonna make things to egg in it

we're just kind of gently pulling this

away from the sides alright and we're

not trying to bust up the curves we want

to keep those solid my ricotta is

draining we are going to garnish our

meatballs with dill pickles right

pickles and meatballs go together

beautifully when I have things that are

like tomatoes saucy and that kind of

stuff I like to have a little bread to

go with it

all right go grab my meatballs all right

guys just gonna brush my bread a little

Hollow now I'm just gonna get my chives

cut and then we are ready to plate just

a raw garlic clove rub right on there

all right let's plate luffy warm ricotta

put that right on top some pickles and

we're going to finish up with some

chives what do you guys think oh wow you

know it's just uh played on meatball