TIps On How To Make Double Chocolate Bread Pudding | Cooking Skills

double chocolate bread pudding I love

bread pudding love it but I gotta tell

you even if you're not into bread

pudding just if you are into chocolate

check in to the double chocolate bread

pudding hotel because it's really good

you should try it maybe you could tell

me if it's the best thing I ever made

when I get working on the really easy

custard here

it's a typical custard you've got your

eggs start adding in some love a little

bit of chocolate syrup a regular old

Hershey's this is double chocolate bread

pudding add a little pinch of salt kind

of brings out the sweetness some brown

sugar some cinnamon a little bit of

fresh nutmeg now it's time to add in the


and then let's just talk about the bread

part croissants and cinnamon raisin

bread usually bread pudding is made from

day-old whatever bread my recipe does

not require day-old bread because when I

want my double chocolate bread pudding I

want it now and I'm not gonna wait a day

every once in a while I order these

par-baked croissants and I leave them in

my freezer and croissants flaky buttery

perfect for a bread pudding cut them all

down to size into about one inch chunks


I'm using cinnamon raisin bread two

reasons one it was in the fridge at the

time and two it's got the raisins which

harkens me back to my favorite bread

pudding which is down at mothers in New

Orleans and it's got a swirl of cinnamon

so I'm getting like two ingredients in

one I'm gonna sprinkle over some of my

chocolate chips it's just chocolate

chocolate chocolate chocolate chocolate

which is good and this is the most

important part if you ask me it's not

pour and go it's pour press press pour

press press press let it soak up give it

like ten minutes it's time to make the

topping you cannot leave this soft

because it really adds lots of crunch

and flavor the topping is really easy

it's just flour butter

sugar pecans and now this is the kicker

this is flaky sea salt for texture and

for the salt content kind of squish

everything together just sprinkle it

over the top of the custard

get it into the oven

it's time to make some whipped cream

bourbon that is oh yeah you have to have

bourbon whipped cream I'm gonna add in

some heavy cream

I'm aerating it's gonna create volume

and that creates whipped cream add in a

little bit of sugar add in some bourbon

they say you're not supposed to cook

with it if you wouldn't drink it I need

a little bit more all right so there you

have it best thing I ever made

check deserves a red plate when I was

growing up we had one red plate to eat

off that one red plate you're pretty

special and when I do something good I

serve myself in red clay



it's just the toasted pecans smell and

the cinnamon like do a huge dollop of my

bourbon whipped cream right over the top

this is the best part when you eat it

fresh out of the oven you put that

whipped cream on it and the whipped

cream just starts to melt and cascade

over the side there it's so good