🔥 Tips On How To Cook Goan Pork Vindaloo

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going to show you how to make goin pork

vindaloo this is a highly requested

recipe and I've been spending some time

perfecting it and the thing that I've

realized is that vindaloo is so easy to

make at home it's super duper flavorful

the meat gets so tender and it's just ah

so delicious but before we get started

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everything you need is there let's make

some vindaloo so the key to preparing a

vindaloo is to create an aromatic spice

paste to marinate the meat so we're

gonna start off by grinding a few dry

spices so typically for bindu lose dry

Kashmir chilies are used but I find that

Kashmir chili powder is so much easier

to find

it's milder than cayenne chili powder

but it does pack a punch with its heat

and prettiness we have some black

mustard seed earthy cumin some fenugreek

seeds I love adding cinnamon to the mix

a little bit of citrusy coriander some

black peppercorns which are going to add

another element of heat as well as some



so now that all of our dry spices are

ground up we're gonna work on our fresh

ingredients so I have a ton of garlic

here I'm gonna add some sliced up ginger

I have a long red chili here this is not

typical and going vindaloo however I

find that the fruitiness adds an amazing

dimension to the curry I'm gonna season

things up with a little bit of sugar a

touch of salt to taste and this is the

signature flavor in a Goan vindaloo and

that is the addition of vinegar

typically and traditionally coconut

vinegar is used but I find that apple

cider vinegar is a great slop


and now I'm gonna mix up the dry with

the wet to make an amazing paste that

we're gonna marinate our pork in and

look at that color it is absolutely

sensational I wish you could smell this

because it smells so good too now it's

ready for the pork our spice paste is

smelling was so fragrant and now it's

time for it to hit the pork of course if

you don't want to use pork in this

recipe you can use chicken or beef and

in it goes and then we're gonna give it

a nice stir so that all the flavors get

acquainted with one another


this pork smells so good and it hasn't

even been cooked yet at this point we

want to marinate it so pop it into the

fridge for a minimum of an hour to

overnight obviously the longer it sits

the more flavorful it will be and while

this is hanging out we're gonna chop up

some onions


all right so I have my onions scooped up

into this bowl there are a ton of them I

have my marinated pork and I have a pot

behind me let's go make this vindaloo so

I've added about a third of a cup of

canola oil to this pot and it's on

medium heat and go all my onions ooh

love that sizzle and we're using a

considerable amount of oil in this

recipe just because it helps all the

caramelization of the ingredients and

we're gonna cook these onions for a good

10 to 15 minutes until they're nice and

soft and brown my onions are beautifully

caramelized they smell so so good

now I'm gonna increase my heat to high

and we're gonna add in our marinated

pork and it goes and the key here is to

cook it for about five minutes on high

heat until it becomes nice and firm and

look at that color


so I've got a good sear on my meat now

I'm gonna add in my water and we go as

well as a little bit of salt to see them

there's already some in the marinade but

just a little bit more I'm gonna give

this a nice stir look at that

mmm and now I'm gonna let this come up

to the simmer I'm gonna put the lid on

and we're gonna let this cook for about

an hour and a half until the pork

becomes a fork tender and the curry

thickens up all right let's go for it

this piece looks oh it looks so good

it's already falling apart on my fork

let's give it a taste I think it's gonna

be a hot one here mmm mmm you guys the

pork melts in your mouth there's a

reason why I use pork butt for this it

has nice layers of fat as well as meat

and the fat just melts in your mouth the

meat is so so tender and that sort of

fiery combination between the vinegar

and the chili is such a winner this is

so good like my mouth is still watering

thinking about it I can't wait to dig in

but this is great paired with rice or

some hot chapatis or Piratas on the side

so so fantastic if you like it spicy

curry this one's for you and don't

forget you can make it with just about

any meat that you want I hope you guys

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