Tips On How To Cook Chilli Chicken | Chinese Food

hey you guys it's rajaiah back at you

with another video and in this one I'm

gonna show you how to make chili chicken

so when I was a little kid my parents

would take us out to this one Hakka

Chinese restaurant called fed ryx okay

if you live in Scarborough or in Markham

you know exactly what I'm talking about

and it was the place to go to get Hakka

style Chinese with that Indian Chinese

food which is a little spicier than your

typical Chinese food and every time we

would go there we would sit down and I

literally had the entire menu memorized

and I would sit there and just order all

the things that we typically order off

the menu select my Korean chicken once

you're in chicken chow mein mantra and

shrimp chili chicken which is what we're

making today and when it would come out

it would be so glossy and it would have

tons of onion in it tons of green chili

and we would be sweating our faces off

but still continuing to eat because it

was so so good I'm gonna show you how to

make that exact dish today at home

really really simply and you're gonna

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do you like being spicy I like things

kind of spicy but let's see if we can

push the limit today let's go make some

chicken so of course for chili chicken

you need some chicken and we are

starting off with some chicken thighs

that I've cut up into bite-size pieces

now I prefer chicken thighs over chicken

breasts for something like this because

it remains succulent and tender and it

has much more of a meaty flavor which

pairs well with all the other

ingredients that are going into the dish

and we're gonna start off by grating a

little bit of fresh garlic into the mix


next up we have some fresh grated ginger

and we want a ton of this as well I

don't bother to peel my ginger because

the skins are really really fine and

it's just so much easier this way oh the

smell is so nice we're gonna season up

with a little bit of salt some black

pepper some dark soy sauce some Chinese

cooking wine which is gonna tenderize

the meat but also give it a great flavor

and we're gonna stir this all to mix now

that our chicken is nice and seasoned

I'm gonna go in with some cornstarch and

the cornstarch is what's going to give

our chicken major crunch when we fry it

up so give that a nice toss make sure

every last bit is coated and then we're

gonna be ready to hit the fryer so I

have a pot here that I filled with a

little bit of canola oil for deep frying

and I've preheated it to 375 degrees

because you want to get the chicken nice

and crispy and I'm just gonna lower in

each chunk gently and separating them

because you don't want to crowd the pan

too much and we're gonna cook them until

they're nice and crispy on the outside

and tender and juicy in the middle


the chicken is crunchy crispy and golden

I'm not gonna even lie when it came out

of the fryer I snuck a bite and it's so

so good so good to the point that we

thought okay let's just stop the recipe

here because we could just eat this

entire plate but we shall persist we

shall go on with the recipe and prep the

rest of the ingredients I'm gonna start

off with an onion which I'm in the

sliced thinly and I'm just gonna slice

it down the middle like this it's pretty

straightforward and we're just gonna do

slices lengthwise and then you just want

to make sure that you separate all the

slices because that'll make sure that

everything is evenly cooked next up I

have this huge honking clove of garlic I

mean where does this even come from

we're gonna tap it if it will and then

finely chop it up


and we're gonna grate up some fresh

ginger so we're mimicking the flavors

that went into the marinade of the

chicken that's perfect

and of course for this recipe we need

some Thai green chilies I love these

guys because they have like a really

super fresh bite to them they are

slightly spicy as well so use as few or

as many as you like but because we're

doing chili chicken today I'm gonna sort

of push the envelope a little bit for

myself and go in with five and we're

gonna chop them up finely


now it's time to make our sauce so in

this bowl I have a little bit of

cornstarch and cornstarch is gonna be

the thickener for the sauce because you

want the chicken to get a nice glossy

thick coating to dilute the cornstarch

I'm going to create a bit of a slurry

with a little bit of water and we're

gonna add a few more ingredients so in

with my water first and we're gonna take

the opportunity to really dissolve that

cornstarch make sure that there's no

lumps and it's gonna turn more or less

the color of milk would really get in

there and that looks great now I'm gonna

add in a little bit of chicken stock and

chicken stock is gonna add a lot of

chickeny type of flavor and because

we're using chicken today that's perfect

a little bit of dark soy some sugar to

sweeten things up some rice wine vinegar

which is going to just balance all of

the flavor and add a little bit of

brightness and a little pinch of salt

not too much because there's already

salt in the soy now our sauce is ready

to go so I'm going to start by adding a

little bit of canola oil to the base of

my pan and we are going to start by

frying off our chilies our ginger as

well as our garlic until they're

slightly fragrant so give that about 15

seconds and swirl it around in the pan

and that already smells so so good next

up are my onions I'm gonna crank the

heat up to high and we want to cook them

until they're tender but still slightly

crisp and have a gloss to them and

that'll take about 30 to 45 seconds so

my onions are tender crisp and now I'm

just gonna transfer them back to the

bowl and we're gonna get the pan ready

for the sauce so I've dropped my heat to

medium low now I'm just gonna whisk up

my sauce again just in case any

cornstarch has settled at the bottom cuz

you want the sauce to be nice and smooth

and into the pan it goes I'm gonna

increase the heat now because it's when

the sauce comes to a full boil that

we'll see it's full thickening potential

okay so we're gonna scrape off the


you want to get all those little bits of

garlic and ginger and chili in there as

well we're gonna let this come to the



so our sauce has reached its max

thickening potential you see how glossy

that is you can almost just run your

spoon in there and it leaves the line

behind that's exactly what we're looking

for in go our onions oh my gosh it's

coming together you guys in goes our

chicken well there's one trying to get

the rest in perfect and now we're gonna

give it a beautiful toss to coat every

little bit with that sauce this entire

kitchen smells so good right now you

guys all of those flavors the chicken is

crazy glossy I'm gonna get a little bit

of that onion in there as well got that

little chunk of chili there let's give

it a taste

I think it's gonna be spicy Frederick's

eat your heart out okay I figured out

the recipe you guys

chili chicken it's rich it's a little

sweet it's spicy its savory those

chicken chunks they're crispy on the

outside tender in the middle and then

with that little bit of onion that sort

of soft but still crisp paired with that

green chili oh my god you guys serve

this over hot rice and call it a day

it's one of the most epic Hakka Chinese

dishes that you can ever make it's so

simple and it's so tasty I hope you guys

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