The Ultimate Tips For Making Taleggio Bacon and Apple Grilled Cheese & Chicken Soup

this is our first main dish challenge

cook we're going to talk about how to

make soup we are going to talk about the

art of a sandwich we are going to be

making my big fat chicken soup and a

grilled cheese with Taleggio bacon and

Honey Crisp apples

so for our chicken soup we are going to

use chicken legs and thighs now I'm

going to roast my chicken in the oven

until it gets nice and brown I'm going

to separate the leg and thigh of my

chicken you make a little bit of just

opening and we're looking a more like

where do we see the joint I'm looking I

could do this almost like with a butter

knife in the oven just till it's brown

so these are some basic ingredients in

our chicken soup all right so I have

onion scrape

we're gonna do carrots all right sticks

so I have onions done I have carrots

died I am gonna do some celery I'm going

to put some olive oil and bottle up my

pan and then I'm gonna turn my pan on to

a medium-high heat I'm going to put in

my carrots onions and celery turn the

burner on high just to get it

everything started salt turns the volume

up on flavor I'm also just for fun just

cuz I like it gonna add a little bit of

peach of red pepper garlic I'll let that

go for just another minute and then I'm

gonna add my garlic into there all right

I'm gonna just go get my chicken started

like a nice little brown situation so

except this the place where it's not

gonna burn anyone I'm not quite ready to

use it yet garlic garlic in there give

it a stir so I'm gonna start to put my

chicken I'm going to take chicken stock

all right I'm also gonna add water to my

soup and let's think about why why do

you tease adding is cooking time so it

allows everyone just to get to know each

other a lot better deglazing is adding

liquid to something to get the crud off

the bottom of your pan so I'm just gonna

take this is just water

it's great all right so I'm going to add

a lemon squeeze a lemon in I'm gonna add

a couple of bay leaves and then we're

going to add a tiny bundle I'm also just

gonna throw a potato in my soup so here

we go I like a brothy soup oh that's

Hardy that has a lot of stuff in it so

I'm going to start off with my sandwich

and I'm going to use bacon for bacon

especially I'm not crazy - rye bread

today I love a rye bread so I have my

Taleggio cheese this is kind of a stinky

Italian cheese and I kept it in the

fridge now our bacon we want to make

sure we take it out of the pan and off

the heat like one stage before we think

it's done in a meantime fish out the

chicken legs and thighs for my soup

because I want to take the bones out

right we don't want any bones in our

chicken to do it so look at my soup

boiling boiling here

yeah I'm gonna turn it down so we want

to see like a nice bubble map these are

not a violin table okay just about down

on our bacon


so I have a Honeycrisp apple one of my

favorite types apples

if I was not going to use this Apple

right away I would toss it in a little

bit of lemon juice or something like

that because the apples turn brown right

so I'm going to put a little mustard

inside my sandwich I don't have butter

that's soft today so I'm going to use

mayonnaise what butter back let's manage

that so it works the same way you know

you can just spread it on the outside of

your bread look at that and remember

it's the outside right so lay the manna

inside down now let's talk about how to

assemble our salad I have my cheese I'm

going to do a nice even thin layer of

cheese now I'm going to lay apples in

there and every bite is going to have

Apple so now look what I'm doing with my

bacon all right I'm like puzzle piece it

all together nice and delicious sweet

crunchy crispy right chicken thighs


I'm gonna stir this I'm gonna move all

right I have some corn this is just

frozen corn Chuck my sandwiches only you

these guys are done once they're nice

and brown on both sides

a little bit of cinnamon 1/2 a teaspoon

or so

oh yeah okay that's a Hardy policy no

it's mean my time bundle I can take out

out and use lemon guys I can take out

all right I want to make sure I get all

of the goodness in the soups nice big

chicken pieces some nice broth in there

finish this up it's a little like

cilantro leaf all right

my sandwich I'm going to cut like that

and there we go all right