The Ultimate Indian Snack-Cheese Stuffed Potato Bonda

hey you guys it's Vijaya and today we

are going to be talking potatoes because

I'm going to show you how to make a

really easy Indian appetizer called

potato bonda now banda is typically any

sort of vegetable that's coated in a

batter and deep fried today we're gonna

do spiced mashed potatoes but we're

gonna take it to the next level because

I love things that are a little extra

you know so today I'm gonna take cubes

of mozzarella cheese we're gonna step

them in the middle of the mashed spiced

potatoes deep fry all of that so that

when you break into it you have that

molten gooey cheese it's gonna be so

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who likes potatoes I like potatoes do

you like potatoes I know you like

potatoes so let's go make some potatoes

together so of course this recipe starts

off with some potatoes and I have a

couple of russet potatoes here that I've

peeled and sliced like this right and

you're probably wondering why didn't you

cube them well I find that the thinner

they are the faster that they boil up

and that makes a lot of sense if you're

trying to save on time anyhow I have

them in a little bit of cold water

they're gonna go into a pot we're gonna

bring it up to the simmer and cook them

cook them until they're nice and tender


ok so I have my hot potatoes which I've

drained they're nice and tender and now

we're going to put them through my handy

dandy right sir I love ricers there's

such an amazing kitchen tool when you

want to get your potatoes nice and

smooth for things like mashed potatoes

because they're absolutely no lumps when

you use a guy like this so we're gonna

step the ricer and then press down and

you'll see these beautiful strands of

potato for right so in they go stuff in

as many as you can but of course you can

do this in batches and then look we're

just gonna press down and look at that

look at that looks like potatoes no my

potatoes are good to go and now it's

time to season it up and this is the

most exciting part because we have a few

ingredients that are going to go in to

make it extra extra delicious and we're

starting with my good friend coriander

all right and we're gonna give this a

nice fine chop coriander cilantro

whatever you call it it is one and the

same I love the bright green color but

also that lovely citrusy flavor that it

adds to dishes so iconic and Indian

cuisine up next I have three tigrin

chilies these are spicy guys to use as

few or as many as you like three

typically gives you a mild kind of

flavor and we're gonna chop these up


next up I have a little bit of cumin and

that's gonna add some earthiness to the

dish next up we have um sure

I'm sure is dried green mango powder

it's gonna add a beautiful Tang and

we're gonna go in with a teaspoon and of

course we've got it season things up

with a little bit of salt and now we're

going to mix everything together until

it's nice and combined


so our spiced potato mixture is ready

and remember when I talked about cheese

cheese is the key for me with this one

and I have some pizza mozzarella here

that I've cut up into 1-inch cubes I

prefer using pizza mozzarella just

because it has a lot more pull it's

dramatic when you want that sort of

Instagram cheese pulled to happen so we

have them cut up here and we are gonna

stuff our potatoes with the cheese so

I'm gonna pinch off a little piece like

so and I think you want to make them

about like ping-pong sized ball sizes

ping some ping pong sized balls that's

what I'm trying to say Wow and then

you're gonna take a piece of cheese

you're gonna stuff it in the middle and

then you're gonna push the potatoes

around it to hide the cheese because no

one's gonna know that there's cheese in

it until they bite into it I'm all about

that and that's what your balls going to

look like you see that so the cheese is

encased with the potato you don't know

that it's there and that's also really

important because you when you deep fry

it you don't want it to sort of leach

out into the oil so that's perfect and

we're gonna keep going until we finish

all our potatoes all right so you're

gonna just pinch off again a piece

little bit of that potato we're gonna

take our cheese and stuff it in the

middle and then push the potato around

to encase the cheese

next up we're making the batter for the

bone des and they start off with basin

flour it's also known as chickpea flour

and we're gonna add a few more

ingredients so into my trick pea flour

I'm gonna sprinkle in some corn starch

and corn starch is gonna help get a nice

crunch on these fritters I'm gonna go in

with a quarter of a teaspoon of chili

powder for just a touch of heat a little

bit of turmeric which is gonna give the

batter a gorgeous golden hue and a touch

of salt to season things up and a little

bit of water to bring our batter

together and I'm just gonna keep

whisking until a nice smooth batter for



now I'm going to show you guys the

technique for dipping the potato balls

into the batter because this is

something that we're going to do fresh

at the stove one by one before they hit

the oil I'm gonna show you the technique

here it's quite easy okay so I'm just

gonna drop one ball inside and then use

a fork to cover it with the batter again

if you move the potato around too much

it's gonna break apart so you want to be

quite careful and then you're gonna lift

it out drain off any excess batter and

then it'll go right into the hot oil I

have a pot here with some oil for deep

frying I've preheated it to 350 degrees

and I'm gonna slowly very gently push my

potato ball in and we're gonna cook this

for about three to four minutes until it

gets nice and crispy and golden on the





I am so excited for these as they were

frying up the smell coming off the pan

was incredible so I've let them cool for

like a minute or so because if you eat

them right away they're literally molten

and they'll burn your mouth off that

these look like they're perfect and look

there's little bits of cheese that are

coming off already let's see if we can

get a nice cheese oh do you see that

Oh stringy cheese hot potato this looks

like it's still gonna be a hot bite so

bear with me let's do this mmm so good

mmm so good the potatoes are so creamy

and fluffy and then paired with the

cumin and the little bit of I'm sure

those that flavor pairing is so so good

a little bit of green chili in there but

the kicker for me is the contrast

between that gooey melty cheese in the

middle and that crisp crust on the

outside from the batter so so good I

mean this is the perfect treat to have

the next time you're having a dinner

party or friends over for like board

games I mean who does that I do that

sometimes sometime today but it's so

nice to have a nice like hot appetizer

like this because it's so indulgent so

tasty and it's just a beautiful reminder

of India cheese stuffed potato bone Dez

people I hope you guys enjoyed this a

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