🔥The Right Way To Make Classic Fried Chicken At Home

all right we're gonna brine our chicken

first buttermilk salt and sugar this is

we're going up against Gillian who's got

some apparently dynamite fried chicken

we decided we want to do something

different this time so we came up with a

batter to get the fried chicken in flour

cornstarch equal parts and then we're

gonna add smoked paprika and some

cayenne some chile de arbol you're gonna

add too many spices oh hey Bobby you

need some help any time then I'm gonna

add some water to thin it out so wanted

to be too thin don't want to be too

thick are you making a batter yeah you

know we tried something new for you I'm

looking forward to it Gillian definitely

has the swagger of a chicken master I

don't crowd the pan I get that edge of

brown going I cook 1,100 1,200 pieces of

chicken a week

let's pat it dry and then I'm gonna

season it and we'll start frying do you

do a lot of fried chicken at home I do I

do fried chicken at home and the

restaurant okay Monday night at bar Mary

can is fried chicken night oh but it's

not this recipe will you consider

changing it based on the results of



everything's always a work in progress


after a dip in our batter we're able to

start frying some of our chicken but the

oil in most of our pots just isn't


we're almost at 3:40 I turned it off I

know dad oils too hot and that oil is

too cold it's really hard to deep-fry

like that that's very it's very

challenging parts for that to stay hot

this on what's not let me do it let me

do it please

nice try come on that side chicken cross

the road

but we've isolated the prop so we can

finally get frying if five pieces done

how many people here


we're gonna pull it together we always

do team play will prevail chef what are

you looking for in color and texture to

me that seems like a good color it's a

little crispy on the outside now the

question is is it cooked through

is it overcooked is it undercooked

hopefully it's just cooked I'm really

excited to take this fried chicken I'm

always on the quest for really good

fried chicken that I don't have to cook

we finally get into a groove looks good

but before we feed the masses it's time

to trade chickens and see if I stand a

chance no it's just so well seasoned

perfectly cooked this is very good too I

think I might have found the other fried


it's got a really light kind of crunchy


sorry tender and has a lot of juiciness

and I think it gives a better alcohol up