The Right Way To Make a Classic French Omelette | Cooking Skills

I'm gonna make a classic French omelet

with a little cheese very little cuz I

don't want to rack up the budget and a

salad a side salad okay okay I think

it's I think it's great for brunch for

lunch and for like late night with a

glass of champagne simple vinaigrette

sunny you're gonna make salt pepper

shallots vinegar and chives whisk and

leave okay all right seconds we have

eggs so how many I serving six four four

is six okay so I have one two three four

five six seven eight eight eggs these

aren't that expensive one of things

that's wonderful eggs is they've

actually gone down in price in the last

30 years it's kind of remarkable you

have a huge ability to choose the kind

of egg you want there's actually a chasm

of price right yeah you see a dozen of

eggs for one minute and another dozen of

eggs same size more than four bucks so

pay attention when you're buying around

okay so I'm just gonna here's that my

whisk I use yours you're just gonna

whisk these thing about eggs you'd like

a room-temperature when you're making an

omelet you're gonna add a little bit of

salt not too much and some pepper I love

that you salt the eggs from the get-go

yes so much about have to you got to get

that salt in there early it doesn't do

anything to affect it now there's a lot

of ways to make a omelet but a lot of

people add stuff like creme creme fresh

water nada okay not a pan butter

bubbling you're gonna take the eggs

preferably room temperature and put them

on the pan medium to low this is not a

egg scrambling demonstration of speed

it's just a slow process to this really

important you're gonna add some chopped

cold butter the reason why we do it

really really it's not it's just massive

the reason why I do it's not to be fancy

is helps to keep the protein soft so it

doesn't get hard so we have a really

soft omelet

because it smells generous we get eggs

you see I'm just using this a medium

heat scraping it down with a plastic

spatula in a good nonstick pan you want

to have a pan that's nonstick preferably

and some of the pans they don't last

very long so you just want to get one

that lasts or get a new one for this

particular demonstration now to the-- we

all give you a hard time for not being

the most but

friendly in your current life but that's

not exactly how you grew up I know that

you know how to make a dog we grew up

and my mother made leftovers probably

four times a week yeah to the point

where sometimes we didn't know what the

original dish was you know where he came

from but it was just delicious and yummy

like that pepper dish like brought me

back that was just yummy I love the way

you're really making a seed that an

omelet begins kind of the way a scramble

does yes you've got to cook the heart of

the eggs before you build that yeah so

I'm just moderating the heat you can see

the heat is not too high it's high

enough to cook but I'm really taking

care of the omelet to make sure it

doesn't get like all on the bottom and

stick so I'm just pushing it off pushing

it toward the center and now I'm making

it I could go either a scrambled egg or

an omelet at this point all right if I

was gonna go scrambled egg I would take

a whisk are you doing over there Sonny

I'm done okay I would take a whisk and

start to whisk these into like small

courage I'm not gonna be that with some

scramble and if you're gonna do a whisk

in a non-stick pan make sure it's a

plastic whisk

that's right okay now do you like I

taste that no what do you think I made

it salty like you wanted it to be salty

you ever eat like a loaded omelet

Jeffrey you know with like ten toppings

in it no I mean the egg is the beauty of

the omelet you know when you start

putting stuff in an omelet you lose the

omelet I agree you don't want to do that

so as you can see now we're starting to

get the foundation of the omelet and

again it's scrambled eggs at this time

so let's not forget it but you see how

soft it is that's because of the cold

butter that we added into it the butter

is really like the mediator for the

texture it almost stops the omelet from

not becoming service

so at this point you know you want to

tell okay do I want a soft omelet

buffers do I want a medium omelette

which is a little bit more cooked I like

it soft so at this point I'm gonna shut

the heat off that would add the cheese

this is Gruyere cheese you what we're

cheese it's not expensive cheese it's

not in that little area where they're

all blobs

look what I'm using I'm using probably

Geoffrey make it rain I love it an ounce

and a half beautiful

just a touch of pepper tiger just love

Swiss you know since whistle it taste

the pepper so I'm letting this sit just

here a second and I'm letting the

residual heat from the pan sort of come

up and like kiss it a bit more just to

finish the cooking and if you didn't

want to save money you could use

whatever cheese you got in your drawer

in your fridge yes of course so while

that's just sitting there I'm gonna take

my beautiful salad dressing sunny thank

you so much you're very wise is a really

good dressing and I tell people all the

times it's simple dressing we love

salads chive heavy and shallot heavy

because it's onions really that makes it

great so you can see this you see how

nice that is so French French make the

best salad that's a very expensive

conversation y'all happen okay so I'm

just gonna give this a general this is

bib or Boston but I see I just using the

lettuce I'm not cutting it up and I'm

not just damaging it I wanted to retain

its shape so when I put on the plate

it's sort of decorative okay memorize

this is like a it's like arranging

flowers so we're just gonna take that

here this is for the side and I think

when you bring the salad over to the

table it looks really beautiful I'm

hungry I want to eat it making me so

hungry forget the omelette forget the

omelette okay get it stacked up all

fancy beautiful you don't know you're on

a budget when you're presenting this I

mean I think you've actually having like

four or five leaves each so it's not

like can you take me you know you don't

have to flip it you have to throw it in

the air it's not a pizza should have to

take it like this okay it just roll it

so the heaviness of the omelet is gonna

its momentum it's gonna make itself you

see that

like a snowball rolling downhill nice it

isn't soft no brown no Brown never this

is my every chummy-chummy no brown brown

and then you just gonna take it like

this right lip it onto the shining

butter which is just soft butter Oh

being so that's at least 25 cents right

there yes but so with a little mortality

I love the way the cheese is 79.9%

melted but there's still the texture of

that okay that's yours and I'm gonna

check their rights are you ready yes

what was yours 15 30 1939 no way with

that cheese how did that happen with

that cheese and the chives and

everything one let's say this is worth

every penny you guys the Gruyere cheese

it has such a wonderful nuttiness to it

and the melty in it eggs are so

perfectly cooked and creamy I've gotten

the nut salad dressing the chive and

shallots that's what it's all about yeah

and it cuts the fat right and oh a great

lunch or late night that is fantastic