The Right Method To Froth Milk | Cooking Skills

I don't have a straw so I can't blow

bubbles into it

so today we're gonna froth milk what

what was the word frost mill across

America what even is frothy milk

what is that supposed to look like kind

of outline the bowl with some coffee

pour a little in oh let's do this

I need momentum I need speed right any

speed any momentum so I need to use this

thing Oh weren't there worth it worth it

worth it this is a great way to wake

everybody up in the morning this frost

that thing that's on like the edge of

rabid dogs mount why is this to turn it

like this

I like mason jars and maybe that'll help

me out I feel really good about this I

don't feel as confident even work so

this has some kind of electronic okay

this is so satisfying should I become a

barista I never know how to describe it

took a whirlpool in there oh my god milk

freaks me out so much up and down well

you don't want to frost it too much

because then it becomes cheese no that

did nothing

Oh something's happening weight went

away all the foam went away as soon as I

finished that so we're in a sad sad

state that's disgusting

I'm going to put in my coffee why not

yeah really does anyone have a

microscope we might be able to see some

froth here folks oh look it's so small

it's a very slight cloud no it's gone

well you just have to use your


I'm disappointed like a good love affair

doesn't last very long if you look at

some of the corners you squint your eyes

the remnants of what was once froth

phoneless coffee it looks like it's a

cup of coffee frankly what's the

difference just put the milk in the

coffee and call it a day people

something in my eye

it's probably the coffee all right let's

brought some milk it's warm milk it's

already warm perfect or the milk in here

I used to be a barista so this will be

really embarrassing if I don't get this

I know that this is a milk frother

it's a frother spins really fast yeah

okay that's it really fun yeah there we

go move through the milk kind of like go

up and down to get some more air into it

where the milk is between the foam and

the milk you want to establish a bit of

a warrior pool whole bunch a little

bubbles this whirlpool is really very

hypnotic can I open the Prophet find out

and I'm gonna find out how immersion

wonders working okay something's

happening the quantity looks like it's

larger because I'm beating air into the

milk I see bubbles well that's my cue

I don't think I have the strength to do

this for 20 minutes really need


Wow it says easy father I'm gonna start

using this little frother just pump to

hear so I'm gonna pour like milk do that

pop it twisted now that's frothy oh it's

very for anything I might have gone a

little longer than I needed to brought

them out of the mouth like a fox news

anchor I don't know I can hear the

bubbles popping so trust me it's nice

and frothy tilts this coffee a little

bit and just pour some of this froth on

milk in there oh oh ooh that foamed oh


oh yeah look at that

it does the thing yay it's like a mildly

shitty cappuccino oh I love it it's a

snowy landscape it's like espresso

cappuccino americano froth

oh it's so pretty look at it delightful

where a froth see the nice little line

tall froth

today we're going to froth milk for our

coffee drink here when you go to a

coffee shop they're gonna use a machine

that steams the milk it's really the

best method to get really nicely froth

the milk because it does two things it

forces that steam into the milk while

heating it at the same time but if

you're at home you can get a very

similar result by making sure that you

start with warm milk and then we're

gonna use a tool that's going to agitate

the milk in some way so that could be as

simple as a whisk but that's gonna take

you a really really long time we

actually have this milk frother right

here which works in the same way as a

whisk the milk has a protein structure

in it and that protein structure is

what's going to help trap the air inside

of the milk it doesn't necessarily

matter where we froth the milk all the

way down at the bottom or all the way up

here at the top except it can be a

little messy at the top and what I'm

looking for is the milk to start to grow

in size when I have that nice stable

foam structure then that's all there is

to it then we're just gonna gently pour

it into our coffee drink and we've got

our nice homemade lots of milk froth

this layer right here case you can tell

this layer the frothy layer that's the

product nope frost frost milk froth milk

fancy cup they will cappuccino I always

love with the milk like kind of goes in

with the coffee

I haven't had coffee today oh that's