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excited to share with you a raw pad thai

pad thai recipe as served at the Woodstock

fruit festival! Ohh baby I like it the raw

advantage likes it raw! Alright

guys I'm really excited to share this

recipe with you served a wide acclaim at

the Woodstock fruit festival last year

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But again this recipe was served there

and I've wanted to share for quite a

while is taking me a little bit and I

wanted to offer a slight tweak for you, you

guys you're gonna get two options now

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this recipe now the base of these

noodles are zucchini noodles, I love

zucchini noodles you could definitely

use cucumber noodles if you like or more

of the other noodles, we use zucchini

noodles. Now you have a lot of options

when you're making zucchini noodles my

favorite for this specific recipe is

actually the titan julienne peeler here

yes use it just like a regular peeler

but it makes beautiful flat noodles and

I'll just let you know I am an amazon

affiliate and I'm affiliate for some

other things so I'll have links below if

you want to grab some of these tools

that I absolutely love. So that's what I

used for this recipe otherwise of course

you could just use a grater you know you

could use a mandolin you can use any of

those things or you can use an electric

spiralizer this is a pretty epic one

thinkkitchen there's like 25 bucks and

then you can just put your zucchini in

there switch it on and then get doing

your sauce while you're doing other

stuff this works for a lot of thing but

again I like the thin black noodles that

are they're more pad thai ish so this

makes it a little bit more authentic

next we have some napa cabbage noodles

if you know what napa cabbage is it's

also known as Chinese cabbage it's

really nice and tender and delicious and

it's usually really inexpensive so we

just sliced that incredibly thinly into

noodles one of my favorite ways to make

noodles and we'll just add this to the

mix next we have beautiful bok choy one

of my absolute favorite greens as well

usually inexpensive soup or super

nutrient dense and we just slice that

thin into noodles as well we're gonna

add that on top

I also took a little bit of carrot and

use that same julienne peeler and just

made some nice little strands and last

but not least for this mixture we did a

little bit of red pepper matchsticks it

really bring a little bit of extra color

and just look and taste nice and juicy

now of course if you like you could add

anything else in there the Woodstock

fruit festival you actually had thinly

sliced shiitake mushrooms which are

delicious in there as well we had this

beautiful noodle base so we could just

mix this up and then we'll get to the


all right so getting into the sauce I

said I'd give you guys two versions and

you're lucky because I'm deliver it so

at the Woodstock fruit festival we have

an abundance of young coconuts tonnes

and sugarcane juice and so many other

amazing tropical fruits and vegetables

but you know back home here young

coconuts can be quite expensive and they

can be really hit and miss I do have one

your actually got a good deal on it but

that's a wood stock we used one cup of

coconut water to one half of a cup of

the young jelly the thinner young jelly

not the hard coconut meat so you just

chop this open pour the liquid in there

and then put

young coconut meat in there now today

I'm gonna give you another option

because again it's a little bit

expensive and sometimes hard to find

those in every single area so if you

haven't seen my video on the vitamix

versus the Flex ion vacuum blender

you're gonna want to check that out

above or below I used both a lot and I

do a really good versus video on that

but we're gonna use this one today and I

do like it quite a bit so we have the

beautiful blender and we're gonna start

by adding one cup of water instead of

the coconut water to replace that young

jelly we're gonna do 1/4 cup of hemp

seeds now these are lower water content

they cream up a lot more that's why it's

1/4 cup of this versus the half a cup of

the young coconut jello so quarter a cup

of hemp seeds here we have a hundred and

ten grams of dates now depending upon

the variety of dates you use it might be

like four medjool dates this is six of

these other soft varieties you want

pretty soft dates and make sure you pick

those the next really funny ingredient is

tamarind. Now this is what makes Pad Thai

Pad Thai ish it's very lemony and sour

but a really unique flavor in fact if

you can't find tamarind and it usually

comes in a block like this looking for

the sour tamarind rather than the sweet

you can also just replace it with about

two-thirds of the amount of apricots and

then a teaspoon of lime juice it'll give

you a similar flavor but this one from

that package it has some seeds in it

sometimes so I kind of squished and went

through it to try and make sure there

isn't any seeds because a seed although

there's a little bit here can kind of

wreck the dish when you she want

something hard so we're gonna throw that

tamarind in there next we have 20 grams

or about a quarter cup of sun-dried

tomatoes the bottoms of two green onions

reserving the tops 20 grams of fresh

ginger now I did to peel off a little

bit of the ball sackish looking bits but you

don't really need to have you have a

powerful blender like this or the

Vitamix just throw them right in there

and that's it we're gonna start with

this and blend it till some nice and

smooth so in the Flex ion you gotta

start the vacuum going we're gonna

put it on back in blend

so while that's going of course but

sweat off your brow

we dance

make pad thai tonight, you know whatever you want

to do but this guy's just sucking all

the air or the container right now so it

creates less oxidization and increases

the amount of antioxidant that is

left in the food and you're blending it

it really doesn't actually make a

different texture and taste I'm enjoying

it a lot but let's see how this does it

this is the first time I've actually

used this one on and if need be you can

add a little bit more water or you have

that coconut water and you can use the

coconut water

there because it's all done this is one

of my favorite things

suction cup to figure huh when you pull

this the air goes in there and you can

actually see the level change pretty

darn cool alright so now it's not quite

done what we're gonna do is add the

green onion tops as well as 20 grams of


now cilantro isn't completely

traditional pad thai but I just love

cilantro so you can choose to leave that

out if you like this is one place where

the Vitamix reign supreme if this does

have a hard time blending then you have

the tamper you just push it in the blade

so to make sure that this goes in there

I'm gonna push this in there already and

hope that we get at least a decent pulse

so we're gonna put this back on and

because we're just doing a couple pulses

I'm not gonna bother vacuuming at this

time see this may be one of those

conditions is the Vitamix or who's a

better idea for

we go looks like it's mixing in there

pretty good all right and their weight

happened not full disclaimer the Vitamix

would have been better for this part of

the sauce

hey there Didi face how are you huh how

are you beautiful Kitty

this here is Didi face and she's a

really really good one. And there

you have it guys all we got to do now is

mix this over the noodles and you'll

notice that the sauce is incredibly

thick and I did that on purpose because

when you put sauces on top especially if

they've a little bit of sodium in it

with sun-dried tomatoes or you know

regular tomatoes or anything like that

it pulls the moisture out of the noodles

that's why your noodles get really

watery right so I made a really extra

thick so that when you put it on here

you stirred up some of the liquid from

the noodles will actually kind of merge

into the sauce and it'll meet the exact

right texture

use a spatula to the rest of this

out oh my god that is so damn good I

really really hope you guys loved this

recipe if you liked it or if you like

what I'm doing and all the other recipes

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yeah and there we have it guys raw vegan

Pad Thai super delicious super

nutritious really nice and authentic

flavor I hope you guys absolutely love

it make sure you comment below let me

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