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hello everybody welcome to a special

edition of gearheads we are here in

Boston's historic Fenway neighborhood at

a new italian-american spot called

or Fano from famed chef and restaurateur

Tiffani Faison welcome guys it's so nice

to have you here thank you so much for

having yet to be here your heads in the

house alright we tell us a little bit

about our funnel where fun was our

newest restaurant took a bunch of

classics and thought about them pull

them apart put it back together and

built a room that feels kind of

old-school but a lot of new schools

gorgeous in here a lot of beautiful

ladies in this room one of the

trademarks of italian-american cuisine

are the incredible pasta dishes chef

Tiffany has agreed to take us into the

kitchen give us a first-hand rundown on

all the special pasta gear that she nor

the staff use to turn out beautiful

pasta dishes night after night you guys

ready to get into it all right I have

someone into the kitchen so this is the

Iroquois no kitchen is our pasta boiler

so looks a little bit like a fryer in

terms of just general shape and dropping

in and that's water we throw a good

amount of salt in it should taste like

the ocean and then this is our gas

component to it so we cook we kid it all

the way up on the gas so that it's

constantly boiling and then this is a

water so we have to make sure that we're

careful that the water doesn't evaporate

too low so we can't pick up pasta

especially when your chef is asking

where is the possible yeah it's

something to keep on top of so

essentially these are all of their own

colonies cylinders and Hollanders this

is a meat court it's not typical to use

this we use it in my kitchens and when

we're touring pasta to plate pasta and

make sure it's done really nicely I do

it when I sort of put in extremely pasta

and I'll make sure that it's not stuck

together and you're saying you like this

overtimes do I don't love tongs in the

kitchen I see Tongass being told and in

people's back pockets and I see food

being treated really poorly and hands of

Tong I just think it sometimes we get to

that habit so people use seafood

scissors at home these are kitchen

shears we all have them here they're

like little scissors they're very sharp

they're super powerful so this is what I

use to break down lobster this and like

a beat or knife essentially a beater

knife he said no not your favorite

exactly you want something that is

a knife you don't really care about it's

okay sure it's not super sharp this is

done then we use this for tasks that are

just need something a little bit more

blunt and a little less finesse hmm I'm

sure that I'm if I ever end up in hell

it's going to be like every lobster I've

ever broken down waiting for me you have

a high body count oh I know you hate me

so closed off first and then take the

tails off I'll save the bodies

honestly when we're cooking lobster in

the restaurant one of the things that

we'll do is we'll take their cause and

the tails off of the body first leave

this rock as we use this for stocks and

sauces I go right down the belly of this

guy and you like those little tiny ones

because you can get into a smaller place

there forever sighs yeah but these guys

I this is when my beater knife comes in

so you okay there oh yeah

feed that baby so that works better for

you than using a nutcracker or something

that people use at home it does for me

but that's an experience it's a lot of

reps all right so this is our pasta


it's an archival a notebook you can see

that the pasta mixes in here it's about

a 25-minute mix so all of the the

semolina and the AP that eggs have been

mixing already so now it's ready to be

extruded and there's a pasta die we have

several different dives that we can use

this specifically is our bucatini die

cuz then right it's in unless you don't

have time and it's really interior one

of the things that you love doing until

you have to do it really quickly and

then it's quite the pasta operation you

have here thank you it's been a lot of

fun showing you guys how we make pasta

here at our fan out any chance you guys

want to take me to the 80 K kitchen we

can make some lobster puffs to there but

she'd never asked let's head back to 80

K and we'll set you up with some pasta

gear right there awesome

all right we are back here at ATK

Tiffany we had a fabulous time in your

kitchen yesterday looking at all you've

your gorgeous equipment that's extruder

I have extruder on me extruder possum

boiler in me yeah we have an arsenal of

equipment you really do know we have our

awesome kit for the home pasta maker

here yeah each of these is our winning

product tested against others in the

similar category this is our favourite

pasta roller it's good for home cooks

pasta fork for stirring the pasta in the

pot and serving it

seafood scissors for breaking down

lobsters or shrimp or crabs or anything

and our favourite colander alrighty so

our ruler will save for later we can

measure our strands make sure we're all

really consistent and then I have a

little damp towel over the pasta this is

just to make sure it doesn't get a skin

should look like a baby but look like

nice around I have not used a ruler like

this in a very long time so this might

be kind of comical so like riding a

bicycle we'll find out they often fall

off basically alright so the first thing

we want to do is just take the piece of

pasta that's manageable again this is

probably about five ounces and roll it

into something that kind of maybe looks

a little bit like a rectangle this gets

smaller there's a knob on the side so

this is about this is a nine which is

the smallest that it gets

we don't want it quite that thin so

we're gonna give ourselves lots of room

to play because we're gonna work this

through several times so the style is

bringing those two rollers closer or

further together exact tarting widest

yep so this is this roller is great it's

a little guy but it's mighty it's a what

you want is really great wheels that

have good friction together and this is

great it's also you want something

that's gonna really attach to your

counter and not move around until feels

pretty secure yeah all right

speed so as we do this we're going to

just move those wheels together a little

bit how do you feel about the dial a

couple of the ones we tested the dial is

really janky it was hard to like settle

it at the right gotcha

settings so this definitely settles at

the right setting that's helpful okay so

we're here texture and thickness is

about what I want right so if we want 12

inches which is kind of what we're

looking at it's kind of dead it's close

to the middle yeah so we're good to go

so we'll just take the middle then okay

so now we have our beautiful oh my gosh

you cut it by hand cuz we have a cutter

here yeah that attachment I don't know I

like a hand-cut pasta so you can really

personalize the side you can who's next

yeah you know this is our favorite

rolling pin we tested a ton of them when

we loved this dowel shape it doesn't

have the handles that get your way we're

trying to roll a big shape it's a great

field of force it's also I sleep with a

rolling pin like that I mean this is

pretty easy to use it cranks smoothly I

will say if you're gonna for thinking

about starting to make pasta start here

start with this guy this is like 50

bucks I think yeah it's a lower

commitment it's a lower buy-in it's

old-school and so you'll get a lot of

reps of knowing how to actually roll

pasta out before you're buying an

extruder you know if you're gonna start

something new like don't buy all the

most expensive gear just like make sure

you like it make sure it's something

you're gonna give your time and

attention to before you give your wallet

to it look at you beautiful my job's not

safe this is bad news for me yeah these

are a little thicker than yours but yeah

I'll take a job yes

so next lobsters all right straight down

lobster all right so we have our

lobsters we have our seafood scissors

I'm very excited to use these this is

not something I'm familiar with using so

I'm psyched to give it a try please rip

right through these are no joke like

sometimes when you're using scissors you

don't really have to like give it some

push and they like flick to the side

yeah nobody's just rip right in the tail

Wow Yeah right I do color me impressed

they don't hurt your hands no you get in

there the blade is nice and curved

so I don't typically use those in

restaurant kitchens but I'm starting to

change my mind

which allows you to just I mean look at

that I'm cutting right through the pot

I'm super easy put these in my bag on

the way out

security well easy peasy just broke down

those lobsters alright let's go to boil

our pasta so we have boiling water you

want this at a really rolling boil like

no-compromise right you add or Fond or

showed us a meat for kind this is our

look you're right your viewer to the

parties because I this is I'm really

excited about it I like this this is a

new thing for me

you're into it yeah it's more old there

when it a little while Dante you

probably pull it yeah like a you just

grab the boiling pasta you're fine yeah

is it ready yes okay awesome here we go

going over to the sink I'm into that

colander yeah it's nice right it is okay

so one of the things we love about this

condor it's made of stainless steel

which does not heat up quickly so these

handles even after you just poured that

hot water through you can pick them up

with your bare hand awesome and it can

go right in there and rest in the pot

and standing someone very cool so this

is what I'm gonna serve to use my meat

for you know pasta once that comes out

of the water has a propensity to stick

so I'm gonna really overload this pan

it's not looking so professional from

where looks really delicious is what it

does so this is a great meat fork it has

a really nice like kind of grip on it

which I don't mind doesn't always have

that which just couldn't really makes it

easier to twirl which is nice yeah we

tested a bunch of different styles and

that was when we landed on this just

being a really good shape and nice

maneuverable feeling to it is super

maneuverable and now extra chunks of

lobster all of the lobster that's it

guys that is our meta teeny that looks

absolutely unbelievable all right guys

lunch yes lobster fettuccine dig in into

it okay it's insane there's always like

how the moment that I'm like oh

this is incredible thank you so much for

coming you guys thanks for having me in

the 8k kitchens awesome and all the cool

pasta tools that you showed me I don't

know I might grab a couple for myself

for more information on the products

that we showed you check out the links

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