🔥 The Best Party Dessert | Party-Sized Baked Alaska

one of the reasons that I like older

classical desserts as they tend to

surprise people which has led me to this

kind of showstopper dessert that I do

that is Baked Alaska the amount of work

that goes into it an amount of flash and

satisfaction you get this is the best

party dessert that I know of


Baked Alaska of course American dessert

that is nothing more than cake ice cream

and meringue that's cooked and it fell

out of fashion because it was overdone

you certainly during the 50s and 60s a

lot of people did it they did badly

because it requires very shall we say

aggressive application of high levels of

heat when you're making a party version

of this it's really a lot tougher unless

you've got a very very big convection

oven or a secret weapon so here in my

kitchen and this is how Baked Alaska

goes I like to do two different ice

creams this is strawberry we're gonna

start with that one so into the mixer I

like to make my own bases because I like

to make my own bases but I have made

this dish with melted ice cream that I

have simply returned with other stuff in

it and then refreeze the ice cream you

know cheating yes I don't really have a

problem with that no obviously that will

not turn into ice cream all by itself

but with the introduction of a little

liquid nitrogen I think you will see

that will change very very quickly

please when you're handling this at home

use some kind of protective mitt and

protective eyewear I'm not going to

because I'm a risk taker and I'm a

professional the very good insurance

because I live near a hospital there are

a lot of gas places around where you can

buy stuff like liquid nitrogen and the

nice thing about having liquid nitrogen

around is you can make ice cream

instantly with nothing but a mixer you

can do this in a regular ice-cream

machine but that wouldn't be nearly as

much fun now what that took what like 30

seconds whatever you do do not put your

tongue on that bowl it's tempting I know

because I told you not don't do it it

will stick and you'll rip all the flesh

off of your tongue all right into pan

number one and straight into the freezer

I would simply repeat with the same

amount of chocolate those ice creams get

frozen and standard 13 inch baking pans

you bake up a chiffon cake or a sheet

cake but I'll be really honest with you

you can make this from cake

at the market and there's absolutely no

reason not to and you freeze it so

everything's getting really really cold

then you make the Italian meringue which

means that it's basically egg whites

that are whipped and it's stabilized

with a boiled and sermon that is built

on eight ounces of sugar four of corn

syrup two ounces of water cooked to 240

degrees Fahrenheit that will make for a

tasty and stable meringue while you're

whipping the eggs pour it in let it

thicken put it in a piping bags and

leave them in the fridge so you take

your favorite cutting board you put your

cake right in the middle ice cream ice

cream you pipe on the meringue

then flame on most of you are not in

possession of a super awesome

red dragon like this and if you're not

that's okay you can finish this off

under your broiler on high or you can

use a regular hardware store

blowtorch it's just gonna take a little

bit longer the outside of the ring is

crispy brown caramelized right you got

the soft gooey stickiness of the

meringue itself which is almost like a

marshmallow then you hit the cold

sweetness of the ice cream and then you

move into the the soft pillow like

texture of the cake is pretty much the

best is where you've ever ate ever