The Best Cornbread Recipes

today on taste test we're tasting five

Food Network Stars corn bread recipes

Jordan who do we have in front of us

today we have Bobby Gris Giada ina and

sunny really an all-star lineup today do

you have any guesses from your initial I

don't know I feel like this for some

reason screaming Bobby Flay Tamim so

this one the skillet is giving me some

vibes I'm real Pioneer Woman Pioneer


and this just from the looks it's like

cut like a focaccia which makes me think

of Gigi what are your thoughts on corn

bread I love corn bread but I'm a fan of

corn bread in its pure form like I don't

actually like pieces of corn in my corn

bread oh okay yeah this one I feel like

it's yeah this just skillet one's

looking good to me honestly I'm excited

about the muffins but before we get

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ones are most exciting to me they just

like look awesome what is that it's a

jelly put like what kind of jelly like

apricot it smells sweet but also like

there's some hot sauce involved a lot of

flavor in there definitely some jalapeno

I just got a little kick but it's not

overwhelming I'm gonna intuitively say

this is either sunny or Bobby's I keep

forgetting about sunny and I saw was the

curveball I never know what to expect

and she likes it like a weird hack and

like I'm imagining she like thought this

jelly and she's like wrote some jelly

then it's a whole crowd in the kitchen

goes wild I want to say sunny okay

that's that's where I'm going first I'm

gonna say sunny for this my preliminary

choice will be Bobby now you said that

you thought this would look like Giada

100% it really does suck like focaccia I

just have an Italian flavors will they

bill mmm Jill is a very odd choice dill

makes me think I not trying to think who

would use dill it's like an animove

doesn't taste a lot like corn bread it

just really taste the dill bread I love

it and it's 100% ina I think are we both

gonna say ina first for that one yeah

what are you thinking I'm thinking

iodine that's what I think too

it looks like a blueberry muffin it does

yeah I know that oh my that's got a lot

of pepper in there wait seriously why is

it blue on the inside with blue corn

it's Bobby oh yeah yep

multicolored blue and cyan that's

actually really beautiful it's really

beautiful okay I'm gonna think Bobby for

this one still I've been trying to get

one not as spicy as I was expecting I

like this a lot so actually this is my

favorite so far

okay what's your guess is Bobby I'm

sticking with Bobby I feel good about it

I'm sticking with sunny thing is like

I'm trying to say am I gonna

second-guess myself cuz sunny always

she's the curveball she's always a curve

off me I never know what she's making

and she's a big taste test fan we see

you sunny next we have the cornbread

skillet which right off the dream makes

me think great oh there's no surprise on

the bottom yeah there is whoa it is on

the bottom more peppers all right so

this has like caramelized onions which

I'm really into mmm the sausage and

peppers thing okay

I was 100% convinced until you it

over the peppers and onions just feels

like American Italian to me so I don't

know I'm sticking with rate for this


I'm not gonna call this one yet okay

what is that I know olives it looks like

a little which then makes me think the

bottom just turns like a pizza it's so

strange you're right

the first I thought it was like a cherry

like a well it's an olive I'm sorry I'm

so off that isn't all that was a green

olive and I'm just I love olive so amped

up olive bread does that make those

think that this might be more

southwestern Ian I was actually going

work for it Sonny

well I'm sorry to the gap Giada I don't

know I love this one but it's definitely

Giada yeah this is Sonny did I call so I

called Sonny for this one hmm this is a

disaster I feel confused we've ever been

ever been yeah okay working backwards

yeah definitely

let's just call this three and let's

call this ina do we think we agreed on

yeah oh yeah oh yeah

I just don't know I've never felt so

lost in my life I'm

face sunny China Bobby REE who's left

I don't know who Giada Giada bobby ina

Giada Reve sunny I don't know I'm just

gonna final answer that sunny and I

might not Bobby green

Giada yes we're gonna okay here we go

I've already know I said this is sunny

you said this is Bobby yeah I bet I'm

wrong oh okay so for number one we said

Sunny Anderson yes I feel so strongly

that this is ina we both said I they

both said ina

yes okay Wow okay so for number three we

said Bobby I'm saying Bobby I said Giada

okay I don't know I'm second-guessing

myself Bobby yeah you got it right I got

it right I almost changed it last minute

I was about to swap yes oh my god at

least we are crotch I know we both said

I think we're right the toss-up at first

but then once we had the olives in the

last one are you say four five right now

we nailed it Wow 100% right so who is

this by process of elimination

Giada Giada yes this is so exciting that

means number five with the olives yada

million dollars I feel like one single

dollar no I'm I'm shocked I'm very

excited it's been a roller coaster for

me because I was like do I like corn

bread do I not like corn bread enjoy I

even know who the Food Network Stars are

I can't remember their name

so then coming out on top so I'm excited

what was your favorite I've a toss-up

between these two this one is the most

iconic cornbread I mean it just tasted

pure cornbread yeah which is make sense

is that me is that your fave well this

one was my favorite in terms of if I

really was reaching for cornbread I'd go

for this one but then if I wanted some

spin on it I think

ina yeah I look so good honestly that

was in cream cheese that was so fun

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next time bye guys bye