Step By Step Tips On How To Make Tom Yum Mixed Seafood

on the KOA Channel give the ingredients

to make Tom Yum mixed seafood step by

step in detail and how to make Tom Yum

mix seafood mixed seafood Tom Yum has

the same taste - shrimp Tom Yum which is

spicy sour fragrant eaten with steamed

rice very tasty with seafood ingredients

prawns crabs fish and sea clams the

ingredients used to make mixed seafood

Tom Yum

one for lemon grass trees two for

shallots three five to six glasses cut

gallon go for four coriander roots

five kaffir lime leaves four to five six

six to eight straw mushroom seven to see

shrimp five mussels half a crab two

pieces of grouper fish eight three

tablespoons chili paste nine three

tablespoons fish sauce ten twenty fresh

chilies eleven three tablespoons fresh

milk 12 1/3 Cup tie celery parsley

thirteen three tablespoons lime 14 1/2

cup coconut milk 15 two to three heads

of garlic 16 1/2 cup water

the ingredients used to make mixed

seafood Tom Yum one bring lemongrass

kaffir lime leaves shallot coriander

root mushroom fang Thai coriander

parsley galangal to wash to lemongrass

is cut into pieces then lightly beaten

cut the gallon galindo slices

mushrooms in half cut the garlic and

shallot smash it lightly

3 fresh chilies cut into small pieces or

pounding a mortar without pounding for

heat the pot and add 1 bowl of water

close the lid and wait for the water to

boil 5 when the water is boiling add

garlic shallot lemongrass galangal smash

and cover wait 2 minutes 6 put the sea

shrimp mussels crab grouper fish into

the pot followed by mushrooms at chili

paste coconut milk fish sauce fresh milk

can wait until the shrimp is cooked 7

then add the kaffir lime leaves roasted

dried peppers turn off the heat add

lemon juice ready to eat the taste is

very delicious