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today on America's Test Kitchen Bridget

and Julien unlock the secrets to a

foolproof chocolate cream pie Jack

challenges Bridget to a cocoa powder

tasty and L makes Julia the perfect dark

chocolate PUD sucks it's all coming up

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was lucky enough to go to a high school

located right across from a diner and

they made a mean chocolate cream pie

silky smooth lots of chocolate flavor

but it's pretty hard to replicate that

at home until now Julia is here and

she's gonna show us a perfect chocolate

cream pie from the crust up that's it

and before we get to the filling let's

talk about the crust okay I'm gonna show

you a new crust today that's a big deal

from us it's a huge job we made a lot of

pie crust we want it easy to roll out we

wanted it flaky and we wanted it

foolproof you run it at all I do and you

want it and I'm not ashamed to say it

all right starting with the most

important ingredient in a pie crust the

butter ten tablespoons of unsalted

butter and again we're just making a

single crust pie so what I'm gonna do is

I'm gonna take this stick of butter and

I'm just gonna make a mark on the two

tablespoon mark unwrap it okay I'm gonna

use the rest of the wrapping is a handle

and I'm gonna greet two tablespoons of

the butter cold butter is pretty key

here we're gonna grate some of the

butter put it in the freezer and fold it

in towards the end so we get the flavor

and the tenderness without making the

crust too wimpy there we go right to the

wrapper that last little piece now I'm

gonna put this in the freezer until we

need it so it stays nice and cold okay

for the rest of this butter it's gonna

unwrap it we're gonna cut it into half

inch chunks so I cut it lengthwise into

quarters and then you can just cut it

crosswise into nice even 1/2 inch chunks

so again that's ten tablespoons total to

got graded and eight tablespoons or cut

into chunks now it's time to go to the

food processor okay our favorite way of

making a pie dough sure is this is

something you've never seen before it's

not just one dough it's two dough's

mixed together when you think of it that

way this is gonna make total sense okay

okay so we're gonna make the first dough

and I have some of the flour weighing

the flour is pretty help

we'll hear when you're making pie to

certainly give you the weights so this

is 3/4 the cup of flour all-purpose

flour that weighs 3 and 3/4 ounces okay

to that I'm gonna add a tablespoon of

sugar just a little sweetness this is

half a teaspoon of salt I'm just gonna

pulse these together about two falses

now in goes the butter and this is where

things get pretty different from our

previous pie dough's normally we just

pulse this in two they made small

pea-sized pieces that's what I'm

expecting for this dough I'm just gonna

let her rip for about 30 seconds it's

gonna make a solid piece of dough and

that's good we're waterproofing the

flour at this point so all that flour

will be coated with butter and it won't

absorb the moisture that we add later so

we're just gonna let this rip for about

30 seconds till it makes a nice solid

dough there we go

can I just say we've spent the last 10

years telling people not to do exactly

what she just did

I know it's rebellion right here all

right so you can see this dough is

totally unlike a pie dough it's actually

more like a cookie dough if you think

about it kind of plastic this won't make

gluten this will be our very tender

dough all right oh so I'm just gonna

take this I'm gonna break it up into

little pieces around the blade and on

top of this dough we're gonna make dill

number two Oh so here's the tender dough

and now we're gonna build a second dough

on top of it that absorbs water to

create structure so here we have half a

cup of flour and again in weight this is

2 and 1/2 ounces we're gonna sprinkle

this over the top all right and we're

just gonna pulse this in about four or

five pulses just until it's incorporated

okay you can see that the flour has

really incorporated into that cookie

dough so it looks like crumbles again it

sure does and that's perfect that's what

we like to see in a pie dough yes yes

back to where we're comfortable right

all right so now we're gonna dump this

into a bowl now we're gonna go into the

freezer and get the frozen shredded

butter we're gonna add this and you can

see it's really nice and firm and again

when we added just 2 more tablespoons of

butter to that first dough it made it

much too mushy

really yeah but putting it in like this

it doesn't get in the way of the dough

structure it actually adds to the

flakiness that is

some crazy stuff last but not least

water we're not gonna hold back on the

water we're gonna add enough water so

this dough is really easy to roll out

because believe it or not we've made it

so tender we can add an extra tablespoon

or two we're gonna start with two

tablespoons and notice I'm using ice

water you want to keep the dough as cold

as possible so you don't want that

frozen butter to melt right it's gonna

stir that in we got to preserve those

frozen flakes as much as we can that was

two tablespoons now I'm gonna add

another two tablespoons

all right now this is gonna look

familiar just pressing with the spatula

to try to get it to form a nice dough

mmm oh that's perfect the outside of the

bowl it's nice and cold from that ice

water sighs yep all right so I'm gonna

do the rest of my forming on a nice

piece of plastic wrap okay just gonna

take this dough plop it on this right in

the center looks very hydrated at this

thing it's gonna be such a dream to roll

out all right what I like to do is just

take the sides of the plastic wrap and

my knuckle sort of through the plastic

wrap and just gently shape it into a

nice 5-inch round you want to get rid of

any of those fissures as best you can

little faultlines that will continue to

grow when you go to roll back that's


and then I like to do this really get it

nice and round if you get it nice and

round at this point it's much easier to

have it stay round as you roll it out

later wrap it up and you can see oh

those nice big flakes or cutter in there

yeah it's a interesting looking dough

and that's good so into the fridge this

goes for at least two hours before we

roll it out but you can make this up to

two days ahead of time okay all right

Brigitte I have something special for

you here what happen exactly kind of

looks moldy so what we did here is we

put a little food coloring blue food

coloring in the water to illustrate that

there are two dough's there's these big

pockets of brown dough that didn't

absorb any water right that's that first

oh we made that was waterproofed with

all that butter and then you can see

this dough in between that is very blue

that's the second day we made that we

didn't want to prove so it absorbed all

that water made gluten so here's your

tender bits of dough all the blue dough

is your structure dough when you mix

them together

like this that's how you get flaky

layers so this is the key to perfect pie

dough what looked so odd before no it's

beautiful to me yeah all right so let's

roll out our pie dough that's been

sitting out for about 10 minutes so it's

perfect to roll out I'm just gonna use a

well floured counter usually when you

roll out pie dough you don't want to add

any extra flour cuz you don't want to

dry it out exactly not with this dough

so we're gonna roll it out into a

12-inch circle you know over the years I

have come across different ways to roll

out a disc of dough like this and I've

landed on this one okay I put my rolling

pin down and I and lit on one side and I

just roll out one side at a time a

little turn roll it out little turn roll

it out I do something very similar yeah

yeah everybody has a different style my

whole thing is that if you get it to a


blushy doesn't matter how you got there

exactly truth be told we're gonna trim

off the edges anyway so even if it's an

ameba shape it's fine now what size are

we looking for we're looking for 12-inch

circle I'm even though you didn't die

that one blue I can still see those

little flakes of greeted frozen butter

in there I know isn't that great looking

like we're getting there that looks

perfect now for the hard part getting

the dough into the pie plate we're gonna

use a standard 9 inch pie plate just

drape it back over the pie plate easy as


all right so I'm just lifting the edge

of the dough so the dough can fall down

into the corner of the pie plate you

don't want to stretch it because that

corner is a structural Fault in a pie

you wanted to be sturdy all right that

looks pretty good

then we're gonna trim the overhanging

dough back to about half an inch okay

now we're just gonna fold the dough

under on the edge folding the dough edge

under just helps anchor it and gives

that Ridge just a slightly thicker edge

so we can make a nice crimp and it'll

hold I'm just gonna use two fingers and

a thumb so if it dough gets it all

sticky don't hesitate to reflow or your

fingers there we go

looking good beautiful now this has to

rest in the refrigerator for 30 minutes

before we can make it okay all right so

our pie crust is chilled and ready to be

perfect because we need to bake it

before we put the filling in so what

we're gonna do is we're gonna line it

with foil and then we're

fill it with highways now this is a lot

of pile sure is this is about a quart of

pie weights and one thing we figured out

over the years it's the more pie weights

the better now they sell them in small

containers that are about a pint so this

is about two containers of pie weights

spread them out nice and evenly in the

pie shell and again this will prevent

those sides from slipping down the sides

of the pie plate wall with our bacon

this is gonna go into a 350 degree oven

for 30 to 40 minutes but halfway through

I'm gonna take the pie weights out and

I'm gonna spin it around that way heat

can really Brown that bottom of the

crust so our pie crust is out and

cooling now it's time to focus on the

chocolate filling eggs we found really

mitigated the flavor of the chocolate we

want a strong chocolate flavor so we're

gonna make a pudding style but we're not

gonna use any eggs so it's in the

custard it's pudding diner style that's

it so we're gonna start with some sugar

this is 1/3 of a cup of white sugar now

we're gonna add our thickener quarter

cup of corn starch now here's our first

little head of chocolate this is 2

tablespoons of cocoa powder last but not

least just a little bit of salt this is

1/4 teaspoon of salt and before we have

the heat or just kind of whisk this

together make sure that cornstarch which

is the thickener is nice and evenly

distributed through the pot all right

now we're gonna add the liquid now this

is 3 cups of whole milk of course we

tested 2% milk that works pretty well

but when you started using 1% or skim

milk it was just too late so stay with

the full or the 2% the heats not on yet

I just want to whisk that all in make

sure there's no lumps of cornstarch get

into the corners now we're gonna put it

over a medium heat that's gonna take

about 8 to 10 minutes for this really to

come to a boil for that corn starch to

be activated I'm gonna stand here and

stir it a lot because we don't want it

to come

all right Bridget it's starting to boil

around the outside of your pan go-time

so I'm just gonna make sure I whisk it

constantly and I'm gonna let it boil for

a good 30 seconds make sure that all

that corn starch is activated before we

remove from the heat all right you can

see bubbles across the whole surface of

this pudding

good son that is perfection turn off the

heat and that's just cocoa in there

now's the time when we get to add the

chocolate this is six ounces of chopped

bittersweet chocolate we're gonna add to

some little butter 3 tablespoons just

whisking till all that butter and

chocolate is melted doesn't take much

time cuz this mixture is hot when it's

chilled down that butter is gonna reach

solidify help it set up alright last but

not least I'm gonna add 2 teaspoons of

vanilla extract you don't want to cook

the Manila because you want those flavor

compounds to stay in the mixture all

right so we're ready to put this into

our cooled pie shell oh yes

gorgeous alright so obviously we're

gonna need to let this cool for a bit

before we can eat it we have to let that

filling set up and we found that if you

just let it sit in the open air like


the top dries out and forms kind of a

rubbery skin the answer to that is the

pizza parchment paper i greased it with

some vegetable oil spray that will help

prevent it from sticking I'm just gonna

put this flush to the top of the pie

we're gonna let this cool on the counter

for about an hour okay and then we're

gonna put it in the refrigerator and let

it chill for about two and a half hours

until it's nice and firm alright it is

time to top that pie with some whipped

cream and get to eating it here I have a

cup of heavy cream and I'm just gonna

add to it 1 tablespoon of confectioner

sugar to make a whipped cream topping

I'm going to start the whipped cream on

low just for a minute just to get things

going and I'm gonna crank it to high for

a minute or two we're looking for sip


I always like to do the last few whisks

by hand because I feel like there's

always a puddle of cream the bottle it

never gets incorporated oh that is

perfect okay now I love this pot because

it's messy on purpose as are all cream

eyes you just kind of put whipped

topping right in the middle

mmm you really do have to top this pie

just before serving this whipped cream

doesn't last a long time so I'm just

gonna spread this whipped cream out to

the edges I'm not gonna cover up that

gorgeous crust though

mmm oh that's a beauty this is a snack

for later hey that's the snack for now

this is for now and the great thing is

you have to eat it right away nice

sizable slice for you look how the

filling really just set up look at that

pie crust

I know it's flaking already first bite

man that's good you know what it's not

too sweet

it's the perfect sweetness it is so key

it is smooth it's not gritty at all it's

almost like a flaky sugar cookie so good

mmm thank you so much

bringing us this beautiful pie and

beautiful crust well this luxurious pie

all starts with an all-butter crust

process flour sugar and salt with cube

butter to make a paste break into chunks

then holds in more flour tossin frozen

butter and water and chill roll out trim

and crimp then bake with and without I

waits for the filling was milk into

sugar cornstarch and cocoa and cook

until thickened add chocolate and butter

pour into the pie shell and chill top

with left silky whipped cream and enjoy

so from America's Test Kitchen to your

kitchen a

Blue Ribbon winning congratulations

chocolate cream pie it's outrageous


ask a dedicated Baker whether they

prefer natural or Dutch process cocoa

you're gonna get a serious answer

because there's a lot to consider about

this product Jax here and he's gonna

tell us which cocoa powder is best for

us baker's jack

yeah it's controversial mm-hmm people

who bake love cocoa powder because it

has the most chocolate flavor absolutely


so cocoa powder is unsweetened chocolate

that they've removed a lot of the fat

from what's left cocoa solids the thing

that gives you the oomph

it's the cocoa it's so why don't you

start tasting we did this tasting a lot

of different ways this is a chocolate

sugar cookie some of these are Dutch t'

some of them are natural terms of ducted

cocoa this was actually a process

invented by a Dutch chemist and

chocolatier in the 19th century where

they add an alkali to the cocoa to raise

its pH make it less acidic so basically

what you're doing is those astringent

notes kind of get hidden so you can

bring out the full chocolate flavor so a

lot of Baker's really prefer Dutch

process cocoa because it has a they

believe of rounder fuller flavor it also

changes the color so the cocoa powder

itself goes from what I would call light

brown or tawny to deep dark brown

devilish devilish if you add enough of

the alkali you almost get black cocoa

and that will translate over to baked

goods to things that we liked we like

dutching we also like fat so remember I

said that cocoa powder they're taking

out a fair amount of the fat but if they

take out too much fat you get a lot of

starch and the reason why starch is so

important is because starch can absorb

100% of its weight in moisture and that

of course will make a very dry cookie or

a dry crumbly cake our favorite Coco's

were Dutch high fat cocoa powders

touched high fat cocoa powder and now of

course that's not labeled we sent them

all out to labs had them analyzed and

the difference was pretty substantial

the top Coco's had 20 to 22 percent fat

content the lower rated ones were more

like 11 or 12 percent so basically twice

as much fat and so I have a little

experiment to bring this to life so

these are equal amounts of cocoa powder

equal amounts of water

180 degrees and then cooled this is our

top rated high fat low starch cocoa

powder you see it's very liquidy and

it's going to make a fudgy cake or a

chewy cookie this is a low-rated one Wow

with a lot of starch and very little fat

and it's basically well that's a brick

so I've given you way too much

information the whole point of all that

information was to confuse you mm-hmm

have I done that indubitably absolutely

you have first of all I want to thank

you they're all cookies made of

chocolate so I'm enjoying myself

definitely my favorite is this one

because I love the chewiness the

moisture in there and it has a very very

beautiful deep flavor so this is my

favorite okay come back in 20 minutes

I'll tell you about my second favorite

is I will say that although we found

very significant differences there

wasn't anything was bad no this one's a

little milky it's lighter in flavor okay

it's not bad but if this wasn't nearby

you know I'd still eat it these two I

could take or leave I would say the only

definitive thing I can say is this is my

favorite let's start with what you are

positive about all right my favorite and

the tasting panel's favorite this is

Droste it's a Dutch cocoa that is

actually from the Netherlands high fat

low starch and absolutely delicious I've

used that for years it's perfect every

single time all right I want to see what

this one is so this was the runner-up

yeah an American company

guitard it's also Dutch also high fat

thought it made very good cookies in

cakes really nice deep flour I'm gonna

go all the way to the other end here

this is called it milky mild it's sort

of familiar among the natural cocoa

powders it was our favorite although it

was not in the top all the top Coco's

were touched right right that is a

familiar flavor and this one equal

exchange was the one Dutch cocoa powder

that our tasters didn't like you weren't

really wild about it the problem here is

it's a very low fat cocoa powder so it's

got a lot of that starch the drying

effect that cookie is much more crumbly

rather than the chewier cookies your

blood there you go if you want to bake a

lot of chocolate cookies or maybe take

some home with you

or cakes or anything made of chocolate

you're gonna need a good cocoa so why

not by the winter it's just cocoa and

it's $9.99 for eight point eight ounces

chocolate fudge sauce did I get your


probably everybody loves this stuff but

unfortunately most store-bought jars

just don't taste very good they're

overly sweet they're too thick and I

have no chocolatey flavor but lucky for

us Elle is here today to show us how

easy it is to make a good one at home

that's right and we're decidedly out

with the old gloppy over sugared flesh

sauce but in with the new easily

portable and reheatable chocolate sauce

I like it and we're gonna start with

three ounces of unsweetened chocolate

unsweetened chocolate we've chosen

unsweetened because we want to control

the sugar content of the sauce that

makes sense we tried more than three

ounces a little less than three ounces

but three ounces gives us the perfect

flavor and texture

okie doke and we just need to chop this

chocolate with our serrated knife the

serrated parts go through the chocolate

more evenly than a straight edged blade

that looks great now that we've got our

chocolate taken care of we can start

making the base of this okay not a lot

of ingredients here I like that a good

fudge sauce doesn't need a whole lot of

ingredients we have 2/3 cup of whole


one and a quarter cup of sugar and a

quarter teaspoon of salt and we're gonna

put it over medium-low heat we tried

this recipe with granulated sugar

confectioners sugar brown sugar and even

corn syrup but we found that granulated

sugar just does the job and it has the

right texture yes so we're just gonna

whisk this until the sugar dissolves and

that'll take about five to six minutes

well know it's ready because it starts

to bubble around the edge of the pot

alright alright so it's been about five

minutes and as you can see it's bubbling

mm-hmm sugars dissolved at this point

we're gonna add 1/3 cup of sifted cocoa

powder now I know you're probably

thinking that's a lot of chocolate on

chocolate but this cocoa powder is gonna

add that depth of rich chocolate flavor

alright so sifted after you measure it

and why do you sift it

well we sifted because we want to get

all the lumps out we want to make sure

that it breaks down evenly in the milk

so 1/3 cup is the perfect amount because

any more than that would cause our

chocolate to have a

coffee flavor yeah cuz it's a dried and

gradient all right so I've taken this

off of the heat I'm just gonna add our

three ounces of chopped chocolate and

let it melt starting to melt I'm just

gonna keep stirring and the residual

heat in that liquid will melt the

chocolate perfectly mmm that looks good

yeah it's not quite done yet we have to

let it sit for three minutes

just to allow the flavors to meld that's

right okay so we've got our ice cream

out so let's finish the sauce I'm just

gonna give it a whisk to make sure that

chocolate is completely melted I'm gonna

add four tablespoons of chilled unsalted

butter I'm gonna emulsify this butter is

gonna disperse fat droplets throughout

the sauce it's gonna give it more body

and a nice texture and at the end of it

a little gloss so it's a win-win and

chilled is important if you want

emulsification to happen cuz it happens

slowly and finally for a little bit of

flavor one teaspoon of vanilla extract

what I like is that this makes a lot of

sauce because you said you could make it

ahead and reheat it yeah you can store

this in your fridge for up to a month

and just reheat it in the microwave

whoo-hoo I pledged to order easy-peasy

oh that looks beautiful all right you

ready for some ice cream am I shall I do

the honors please and don't hold back

okay I won't it's not overly thick it's

pourable it wings to the ice cream oh

wow it's so rich oh this is what hot

fudge sauce it'd be such a deep

chocolate flavor but it's not overly

sweet and it's not chewy do you ever

have those ones they're almost just a

candy you can chew through it yeah this

is like a proper sauce well done Thanks

to make the ultimate chocolate fudge

sauce start by heating sugar and milk on

the stovetop

then add cocoa and unsweetened chocolate

finish with butter and vanilla and bring

on the ice cream so from America's Test

Kitchen to your kitchen ultimate recipe

for dark chocolate fudge sauce

you can get this recipe and all the

recipes from this season along with our

tastings testings and selected episodes

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I think I'm gonna need just you all more

yeah I'll take it

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