❤ Step By Step Guide On How To Make Lemon Meringue Pie

who's had lemon meringue pie you've

never consumed a piece of lemon meringue

pie now in your life I'm really alarmed

by this you are going to make today a

tart it is basically like a lemon

meringue pie only a little lemon ear and

then also a cooked meringue on top first

thing you want to do is make the dough

for the crust and the reason for that is

because it is gonna need to rest for a

while in order for the flour granules to

hydrate a little bit so that the dough

will actually be rollable first thing

we're gonna start with 150 grams of

all-purpose flour and a mere 1/2

teaspoon of kosher salt okay I'm just

gonna take that for a quick spin just to

mix it just a few pulses I have here 110

grams of unsalted butter I don't want to

just turn this on and leave it on I want

to work in pulses because believe it or

not heat can Jenna be generated in here

very very quickly and the last thing I

want to do the last thing is to allow

that butter to melt ice water and I want

a quarter of a cup

plastic wrap cover your work bowl like

this let me change that take the blade

out trying to make this easy on you guys

cover with the plastic wrap hold it

flipping and what we want to do is

basically mash it into a ball from all

these crumbles then I'm gonna quickly

mash it into a disc in the refrigerator

for 15 minutes

parchment a little bit of flour now we

don't want to work any more flour into

the dough so don't go crazy on this

because if we do you're gonna end up

with a tough dough I want you to be

fairly gentle with it and I want you to

work really only in one direction and

then I want you to turn the dough a

quarter I will not rush this part of the

process it will only result in

heartbreak so I'm gonna go right out to

the edge push straight down okay give a

little bit of a twist scoop those guys

up now notice I'm kind of folding it up

dropping it down into the middle so that

it doesn't tear and then pushing it in

working quickly because I know my

fingers are warm now if you want to make

these super neat you can kind of cut off

the top of the dough and I'm gonna press

one lightly down into it to make kind of

a mold the second rolling I'm gonna only

roll it as much as I absolutely have to

now all of these I'm gonna put back in

the refrigerator I'd like to give them

about 15 minutes we're making the

filling first step is we need to

separate some eggs if your hands are

clean you can also just allow that white

to go down through your fingers yolk

this one white goes over here into a

medium sauce pans gonna go the rest of

our filling ingredients 280 grams of

sugar 50 grams of cornstarch a cup and a

half of water a quarter teaspoon salt

we're gonna bring this all the way to a

boil and an interesting thing is going

to happen not only is it gonna thicken

it's gonna turn transparent whisk often

it can burn around the edges

now before I introduce the eggs to the

party I'm gonna whisk them okay once

this bubbles like this that is not gonna

cook anymore I'm gonna pull that off so

now we're at the tempering step

at first I just load up the whisk now

that I've got about half of that in I go

back the other way and I'm whisking like

heck now 45 grams butter just drop it in

whisk in half a cup lemon juice a

tablespoon of lemon zest this mixture

must come to a boil and it must be held

there one full time if you do not do

that you won't have meringue floating on

soup now if you want her to strain this

now would be the time I'm gonna live

dangerously and not bother but I'm just

gonna set this on this bath to cool down

because I want it down to room

temperature as quickly as I can

but I don't want it to get any colder

than that to the oven upside down on the

rack another rack right under it half an

hour it shock down enough to where I'm

actually gonna take it out of the ice

let us talk about meringue does anybody

make meringue so we're gonna do what's

called a Swiss meringue which is a

meringue that is basically barely barely

cooked but it's cooked enough to

pasteurize the eggs and to make them

more stable so the ingredients very very

simple I've got my four egg whites I'm

gonna whip this up just a little bit 120

grams sugar half a teaspoon of the cream

of tartar and of course I'm gonna add a

little bit of kosher salt what I'm

looking for is I want to bring this to

165 degrees in order to have really good

stiff peaks

there we are lock the head into place

slowly bring the speed up to about

medium we don't want to overwork it much

like whipped cream it can be work too


almost stiff peaks not quite as stiff as

I want it so now I'm gonna give it

high speed nice and slowly control

that stinks

come with me I need to 400° we want to

rising up now I'm gonna flip all these

guys over gently as I can now we're

gonna remove the center panel oh they're

pretty okay make sure they're spaced a

bit and they're gonna go back in really

all I'm trying to do at this point is to

brown them now I am gonna go ahead and

load up a piping bag you do not have to

do this if you just want to spoon the

meringue on top of your tarts that spawn


I'm gonna go take a look and see if my

my tarts are browning so they're

relatively resilient given some time to

cool completely they'll set up pretty

crunchy and crisp I'm gonna use a bag

another pastry bag for the filling

simply because it's gonna be easier to

not break those shells if I do that

again you do not have to do this I don't

want to come up all the way to the edge

because I want some place for the

meringue to go and I want to make sure

that I seal the curd in like that here's

how I finish

then I turned them all to face out

meringue is flammable and I have set

some of these things on fire and once

they've been set on fire they don't

taste very good anymore lemon meringue


go ahead knock yourselves out