Step By Step Guide On How To Cook Tandoori Fried Chicken | Cooking Recipe

hey you guys it's vijaya back at you

with another video and in this one I'm

going to show you how to make tandoori

fried chicken yes you heard right this

is my creation I took all the beautiful

spices of tandoori and merged it with

like KFC pretty much and then you get

this beautiful fried chicken with the

flavors of tundra it is so so good but

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let's make some tandoori fried chicken

we're gonna start by marinating our

chicken and today I have chicken thighs

and legs but what you can do also is get

a whole chicken break it down and use

every part of the chicken for this it's

gonna be fantastic no matter what now

into my chicken I'm gonna add some

buttermilk and buttermilk is amazing

because it tenderizes the chicken and

makes it nice and juicy up next I'm

gonna squeeze in the juice of one lime

that's gonna add a little bit of

brightness and then I'm gonna grate in a

little bit of garlic and a little bit of

ginger I'm gonna season things up with

some garam masala

I have a homemade blend that you can

find on my channel a little bit of salt

and some red food coloring which is

optional and now we're gonna mix all of

this together so that all the flavors

become one with one another and as you

can tell the chickens taking on this

beautiful red color because of the red

food coloring and that's so iconic of

tandoori one final stir and look at that

it looks absolutely gorgeous now what

I'm gonna do is I'm gonna pop it into

the fridge for about three hours to

overnight the longer you marinate it the

more juicy and flavorful it will be and

then we'll be ready to breath my chicken

is marinated and now it's time to work

on my flour coating and this is what's

gonna give our chicken mega crunch as

well as a second layer of flavor and the

way I like to do that is

a resealable plastic bag so I have a

little bit of all-purpose flour here and

we're gonna add a few spices to it so we

have my homemade blend of garm masala we

saw this in the marinade but I'm

reinforcing the flavour in the coating a

little bit of red food coloring which is

gonna give us that iconic tandoori red

some salt to season some kasoori methi

leaves which are also known as fenugreek

leaves nutmeg which is a secret spice

it's pairs so well with meat some red

chili powder for heat and some dry

ginger powder now I made sure that my

bag is nice and sealed you want to make

sure of this otherwise you'll have flour

flying all over the place and we're

gonna give it a shake and that'll just

distribute all the spices nice and

evenly and now we're ready to bread our

chicken now I'm gonna grab a piece of my

marinated chicken and we're gonna do

this one piece at a time I'm gonna drop

it into my bag cover it up and then give

it a nice shake to coat it and then I'm

just gonna touch it up with my fingers

shake off the excess coating and then

drop it onto my little baking sheet and

we'll do the same for the rest





my chicken is all coated and already

without even frying it and looks amazing

and I have a really great tip for you

guys if you want an extra crunchy

exterior you're gonna let this sit on

the counter for 15 minutes and what ends

up happening is the marinade melds up

with the coating it makes a crunchy

crispy crust that is the tip of the day

I have some oil behind me at 350 degrees

we're going to gently lower a few of

these guys in at a time ensuring not to

crowd the pan and cook them for about 15

minutes until they're nice and crispy

and crunchy on the outside and juicy and

cook here in the middle let's do it



so here's a little tip when you're

frying chicken to know when it's done so

you can see a lot of big bubbles that

are escaping from the chicken as soon as

you put it in the oil thus lower those

bubbles to come the closer you are to

the chicken being finished


these guys are fresh out of the fryer

they smell so gosh-darn good and they

look incredible they're glistening

they're crispy let's give it a taste I'm

gonna go for a drumstick mmm mmm I do

not expect that to happen in this

chicken is so juicy and the flavor is

concentrated right down to the bone and

that's because we marinated it overnight

and then that crispy crust in cases it's

so beautifully the combination of the

crunchy crispy coating with the tender

juicy interior is to die for this you

guys is my 10 Dory fried chicken and I

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