Secret Avocado Toast Recipes| Smoked Salmon Or Fresno Chiles

so we're gonna make three different

versions of an avocado toast I'm gonna

start by making the avocado base just a

few ingredients some avocados some

scallions lime juice cilantro and then

we can pump up the flavor and the

creativity with lots of different

combinations of ingredients first of all

let's make the avocado base a little

squeeze of lime so I'm gonna add some

green onions to this I love the flavor

of green onions I love the pungency of

it all I want those bold flavors

cilantro salt and pepper if you notice

I'm just going to kind of mix it once or

crush at one time because we want that

nice chunky texture that's just my

preference I was the kid that when you

were picking the peanut butter

I was always crunchy always so that's

good let's make some toast all right

we're gonna start making our egg salad

for our first avocado toast I have some

hard-boiled eggs here I'm gonna grate

the eggs you can actually chop them if

you want but if you just use the cheese

grater it goes really quickly and I

actually like the texture of it that way

we're gonna add some Dijon mustard and

some creme fraiche and some shallots so

if you John is a little spicy the creme

fraiche is nice and creamy and a little

bit tart and the shallots gonna give it

a little bit of crunch

a little salt and pepper a little bit of

fresh dill it's got such great flavor

it's one of the things I like about like

Eastern European food and Greek food

just gonna mix this up I'm gonna use the

pumpernickel for this which has a little

molasses in there just lightly brush the

olive oil on top I'm gonna broil our


now you can toast your bread in lots of

different ways I'm actually using my

broiler you can grill your bread outside

on a grill or in a grill pan or you can

actually just put in a toaster okay


I'm gonna put the rest of the toast

boiler as we make our first avocado

toast okay we can start the avocado

toast parade and what I like to do is

just put a very thin layer of avocado

think of it almost like butter then I'm

gonna take a little bit ridicu

you'll see it in lots of Italian and

Mediterranean cuisine this is gonna give

it a little bit of that peppery flavor

let me take some of our egg salad so

pretty and then just gonna put a little

bit of dill right on top of the egg

salad and it really it looks beautiful

on that pumpernickel bread too so this

is gonna be smoked salmon a little bit

of dill with the avocado so again very

thin layer of the avocado and then a

little bit of smoked salmon so you have

like thin slices of smoked salmon you

just kind of let it drop onto the

avocado don't push it down paper-thin



I'm going to add a little bit of creme

fraiche right on top of this as well


Mikado smoked salmon and dill and we

have one more to do who knew avocados

could be so much fun right we're just

gonna take some Fresno chili looks like

a red jalapeno just drop some chilies

right on top a little bit of lime zest

and then a little bit of extra cilantro

what you want to hear you want to hear

that crunch ever it is the parade of

avocado toast