Recipes Of Tuna Pasta Puttanesca Ready in 10 mins

hey you guys it's the jab back at you

with another video you guys know how

much I like to show you how simple it is

to cook certain dishes right so

especially with curries and things like

that I know some people click onto the

video thinking oh this is going to be

complicated but then they leave thinking

wow this is so simple I didn't realize

that this was so easy to make at home

and so today I'm going to show you one

of my favorite lunch slash dinners to

make when I only have 10 minutes this is

gonna be my 10 minute pasta Puttanesca

with only 6 ingredients it is such a

hearty filling meal and it is so so

tasty you guys I can't let my mouth

waters when I just think about it and

I'm gonna show you from start to finish

how you prep the ingredients how you

toss everything in the pan and literally

your sauce is gonna cook at the same

time that your pasta cook they're gonna

be done at the same time you toss them

together and you have pasta magic but

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is there let's make tuna pasta

Puttanesca together ok so I have a few

of the ingredients that we're gonna prep

before we get going at the stove so I

have some tomatoes some kalamata olives

as well as some garlic garlic and pasta

go hand-in-hand as well as some italian

cured tuna in olive oil and i you like

using the brand rio Mar a this is not a

sponsored video but I wish it was I love

this tuna so much I have like stacks and

stacks and stacks of it in the cupboard

because it is so delicious in this past

diet and because I make it so often so

let's start by mincing our garlic

alright so the way I like to prep my

garlic is just to give it a gentle tap

oh that wasn't so gentle but like you

know what I mean you want to crush it a

little bit and then we're gonna give it

a rough chop and I don't mind if there

are slightly chunkier bits of garlic

that's fine we just want it to perfume

the oil and so if you're not fond of

garlic you can pick it out after like

the bigger chunks alright and that's


next up are the olives if you have

little kids this is where you get them

involved it's so fun actually I get a

kick out of doing this but you're just

gonna press down with your

and lift the seed out and discard it and

it's the easiest way to do it if you

find that your olive is a bit firm you

can use the back of your knife to press

down I'll show you how to do that as

well and actually you can do a few bits

of olive at the same time if you're

using that technique and again you just

pull this seed right out because the

worst thing that you could possibly do

is feed your friends and family pasta

with the seeds intact and then they

chomp down that is not a cute look okay

so we're going to continue doing that

for the rest


so my olives are currently whole

obviously I just want to give them a

rough chop not too fine cuz I like

piercing my pork into a big chunk of

olive I think it's just so good that way

so that's about good we're gonna set

that aside with our garlic next up our

tomatoes and you want to get the best

possible tomatoes that you can because

we're using so few ingredients in this

pasta so I have some cocktail Tomatoes

here which are nice and sweet and we're

just gonna chop them up Brock believe

roughly that's what I'm trying to say

that came out weird


so tomatoes are done they're nice and

juicy and ripe which is gonna be perfect

for this and they're gonna create just

the right amount of sauce to coat the

pasta there we go so I'm using three

cans of this tuna I'll leave the

specifics in terms of the quantity in

the recipe and it comes with this little

thing that you peel back and this is

what the tuna looks like on the inside

so you can see that it's packed in oil

you want to drain as much of that oil as

you possibly can because we're gonna be

using olive oil in the recipe and you

don't want it to get too greasy right so

three cans like that drained em and

they'll be good to go my ingredients are

prepped you guys saw that didn't take

too long at all and now we're gonna hit

the stove we're gonna put my pasta into

the water we're gonna start building the

sauce and everything is gonna come

together in under ten minutes

unbelievable so my water has come to a

rolling boil for the pasta and I'm just

gonna add enough salt so that it tastes

like the sea you want it to be nice and

seasoned up and today we're gonna be

cooking with linguine one of my favorite

pastas but of course you can use

anything you like spaghetti fettuccine

even small short pastas and we're gonna

go in with about half a pound and we're

gonna cook this until it's nice and al

dente and one of the things that I'll

point out is when we're cooking this

pasta about 3/4 of the way through just

before it's done we're gonna pull out a

little bit of that starchy cooking

liquid the pasta water and that's gonna

help thicken the sauce when we put

everything together all right so I have

my pan it's on medium heat I'm gonna go

in with a little bit of olive oil just

to get things going as well as my first

two ingredients my garlic as well as my

black olives and we're just gonna put

them in as you can tell the pan is not

SuperDuper hot just because I want to

sweat the garlic off I don't want it to

get much color but I want the life in

the olives to be released if that makes

any sense when it hits the heat they get

sort of crackly and shiny and all their

natural oils start to come out and

that's flavortown right there so we're

gonna talk to this off for about I would

say 20 to 30 seconds until everything

sort of softened up and all the flavors

are released I think a little pinch of

chili flake goes such a long way in this

so in that goes it's just gonna add a

trap heat not too much and again we want

to get that chili nice and toasty

because that makes it really flavorful

mmm smells so good already all right so

my olives are nice and crackly you can

really start to smell that garlic but it

hasn't colored at this point we're gonna

add our tomatoes right on it look at

those colors oh my goodness and what's

gonna happen now is over the next two

minutes or so those tomatoes are really

really gonna cook down and what's gonna

help with that is just adding a touch of

salt not too much because keep in mind

those olives are already very salty and

we're just gonna cook the tomatoes down

until they're nice and soft and jammy

and consistency


look at how those tomatoes have

transformed literally a couple of

minutes to get it to this state and now

we're gonna add our tuna in okay so our

tuna is obviously cooked through but we

just want to warm it through so we're

gonna heat it up for about 30 seconds oh

yeah bring it together and I don't like

to crush the tuna too much I like it to

be a little on the chunkier side but

again I can pierce my fork into it and

get a big chunk and look at how

beautiful you guys literally our sauce

is done we're gonna drain our pasta and

toss it all together alright so here's

my bubbly sizzly sauce here's my hot

pasta going in here's a little bit of

that starchy cooking liquid that's just

gonna bring the entire thing together

and now we're gonna do a nice beautiful

toss look at that and for me whenever I

make a pasta I just like to dress my

pasta the way I would a salad so you

don't want to go in with too much salad

dressing you just wanted to gently coat

each leaf and that's exactly the

methodology here with this past I use

the word methodology you guys that's

when you know I'm getting serious okay

and then last but not least a garnish

we're gonna do some fresh chopped

parsley and that's how you call it a day

when you're making a quick pasta that

you want to be filling and hearty and

comforting I mean look at but alright

it's ready you guys and the best time to

eat it is right away that's when all the

flavors are at their peak the pasta is

at the perfect texture and just look at

that a little bit of tuna I'm gonna grab

a few olives here well it's so good so

good let's swirl a few strands of this

linguini onto my fork shall we oh my

gosh that looks and smells so good mmm

ready let's do this

mMmmm I have a thing with like flipping

over skillets these days firstly pasta

is perfectly al dente

and then you get all the flavor is that

little bit of brightness and acidity

from the tomatoes the rich and fattiness

from the richness and fabulous of the

tuna and then the thing that puts this

over the top is the saltiness of those

olives that trio tuna tomato olive is

absolutely sensational and this is why I

have this pasture on a week-to-week

basis it's absolutely addictive it's so

so good I know you guys are gonna love

it too I hope you guys enjoyed this

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