Recipe Of Chestnut and Cranberry Stuffing |Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner

hey you guys it's the jab back at you

with another video and in this one I'm

going to show you how to make my

chestnut and cranberry stuffing for the

holidays Thanksgiving and Christmas are

both right around the corner and this is

one of my favorite dishes to prepare

personally bread who doesn't love bread

but the combination of the nutty

chestnuts with the sweet tart

cranberries is so so fantastic so

addictive so much so that I have it for

breakfast the very next morning as well

but before we get started don't forget

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that you need for the recipe is there

that being said let's get started so

we're gonna start by preparing a few

ingredients I've already chopped up

three strips of bacon and now we have a

celery and onion and a few herbs to chop

up so let's do it so we're gonna finely

chop up the celery and I like cutting my

celery into little batons like this and

then cutting along this way and then

giving it a fine chop next up we're

gonna finely chop up our onions I like

to go across like this and we're gonna

create almost a hash hash the back then

straight down and then across next up

I'm gonna strip off some rosemary right

off the stem like so it's so fragrant it

has this pine like aroma to it which

reminds me of the holidays we're gonna

give it a rough chop next up I have some

thyme which pairs so well with rosemary

I'm gonna pull that off the stem as well

and then we're gonna give it a rough


so all my veggies are chopped up and now

let's talk about the stars of the show I

love this flavor pairing so much I have

some chestnuts here as well as some

dried cranberries and the chestnuts come

in a little bag like this at the grocery

store you can also buy chestnuts fresh

and roast them off yourself I just find

that these are really great in a pinch

especially around the holidays when you

don't have a lot of time on your hands

they're sweet they're perfectly cooked

and all you have to do is open the bag

and toss them in so I love that in this

pot I have a little bit of olive oil and

to that I'm going to add a touch of


ooh I love when butter melts in like

that and gonna add in my chopped bacon

as well and we're going to saute the

bacon until it renders off most of its

fat and gets a little crispy


so my bacon is now nice and golden and

crispy and go my veggies and herbs and

we're gonna saute these off until

they're nice and soft the kitchen smells

so good right now I wish we had


now I'm gonna crumble in my chestnuts

and you want them to be kind of chunky I

like to be able to stick a fork in them

so they're gonna be a few tiny pieces a

few whole pieces but they're creamy

they're nutty they're such a great

addition and now in go my cranberry is

dried cranberries are gonna add a little

bitterness a little bit of sweetness and

we're gonna plump these up in the fat

that's in the pan so this is just gonna

bring the cranberries and the chestnuts

back to life and as you can tell they're

already getting super glossy sarena give

this a couple of minutes to get things

nice and toasty before we add our bread

all right so I'm gonna turn the heat off

at this point my chestnuts are a little

toasty my cranberries nice and plump and

now is when we add our stale bread in so

let's see if I can get it all in one go

perfection and I'm gonna season off with

a little bit of salt some black pepper

and then we're gonna go in with our

chicken stock so in goes my chicken

stock side giving you guys an

approximate measurement but different

breads yield different absorption rates

absorption rates so the here's the key

with the chicken stock you want to add

enough that the bread becomes moist but

not wet so you want to slightly be

crispy on the edges but still soft in

the middle and then as I bakes up the

flavor of the chicken stock mixed in

with the bread it becomes nice and

tender but then crispy on the edges it's

so good I'm gonna sprinkle in a little

bit of parsley I love the way that this

is looking the beautiful emerald green

of the parsley paired with the Ruby of

the cranberries so gorgeous and now I'm

going to show you the texture of the

bread that you're looking for so it's

slightly moist but firm in the middle


exactly what you're looking for and now

we're going to transfer this entire

mixture into a baking pan and because

I'm a little extra bougie and I like

things indulgent I am going to dot the

top with a little bit of butter and when

you get that chunk that is completely

soaked and butter trust me it's like

hitting the jackpot it's so so good and

it's just gonna melt through all the way

into the bottom and that's that now

we're gonna pop it into a 400 degree

oven and we're gonna bake it for about

20 to 25 minutes until it's nice and

golden on top okay you guys I just

pulled the stuffing out of the oven the

entire house smells like the holidays

which is a win-win for me everything is

nice and toasty on top and it's a matter

of just tucking in I'm ready so I'm just

gonna do a big scoop for me off so much

steam so many chestnuts and cranberries

oh my goodness and let's give it a taste

so I'm gonna get a little bit of

chestnut some cranberry a lot of bread I

have a feeling that this is going to be

a hot bite but we shall see my heart hmm

there is a reason why I make this

stuffing every Thanksgiving every

Christmas for the last gajillion years

it is so so good you get that flavor of

the rosemary paired with the chestnut so

it's as if you went like hunting or like

foraging one day and you're like hey I

saw a pig let's make some bacon and then

use a chestnut tree and you collected

the chestnuts and you collected that

herbs it has like a very hunter e vibe

to it the pairing of the smoky bacon the

creaminess of the chestnuts the tartness

of the cranberries in there and then the

butteriness of the bread it just brings

everything together if you're

celebrating Thanksgiving or Christmas

and even if you're not be sure to

slather this bad boy with a ton of gravy

as well it's so so good they

two guys is my chestnut and cranberry

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will see you all later happy holidays